Meilin Lee (Turning Red Hero Concept)

Meilin Lee

At the blossom of any strong emotion, Mei poofs into the form of a giant red panda. She may seem adorable and cuddly, but when the City needs her power more than ever, she’ll answer the call.
Trial Team: Yellow
Role: Midline Support
Stars: :star:
Quote: “I’m Meilin Lee, and ever since I turned 13, life’s been… a lot. People still talk about ‘Pandapocalyse 2002;’ Mom and I just call it ‘growing pains.’”

Entrance: Mei lands into the battlefield in a poof of pink smoke.
Victory: Mei poses like a member of 4*Town.
KO: Mei sobs, poofing into the red panda and trying to calm down by brushing her face.

Basic Attack: Mei throws dodgeballs at enemies.

White Skill - Panda Pop - Fantastic Damage
Mei gets herself excited and poofs into the red panda, with the pink smoke both granting allies X HP and knocking back enemies and dealing X damage to them.


Green Skill - Fuzzy Fury
If Mei loses 25% her max HP, she becomes furious, poofing into the red panda and chucking a dodgeball at the strongest enemy, dealing X damage, removing X armor and reality, and stunning them for 10 seconds.

Other enemies take X damage from the dodgeball’s impact blast.

Blue Skill - Look the Part
Mei poofs into the red panda and dances to inspire her allies, granting them X additional Skill Power and accelerating their HP gain by 40%.

Purple Skill - Red Monster
Each time Mei performs her “Panda Pop” skill, allies gain X energy and have their reality increased to X. Her armor and max HP are increased to X.

Red Skill - All About That Hustle
Mei’s “Fuzzy Fury” skill steals X HP from enemies and makes her immune to debuffs for 15 seconds.

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X damage to Look the Part

Meilin Lee + Powerline
Campaign: the Fun Has Begun - 4*Town may not have landed in the City just yet, but Mei finds a close second when attending one of Powerline’s concerts. When creeps try to crash the show, Mei turns into the red panda and saves the concert, granting herself Powerline’s gratitude.
Disk: Standing Out
Disk Memory: Mei’s “Look the Part” skill also grants allies X HP.
Disk Power: Z energy gain
Allies: Captain Barbossa, Barley Lightfoot, Belle

Meilin Lee + the Beast
Campaign: For Better or Curse - Mei learns that the Beast was placed under a curse similar to her own, and tries to show him the upside of being a tall, intimidating monster. The first idea that comes to her mind is merchandise.
Disk: Beast Mode
Disk Memory: Mei gains X armor each time she performs her “Panda Pop” skill.
Disk Power: Z Basic Skill power
Allies: Mike Wazowski, Rex, Olaf


Turning Red just got released yesterday😮

Is that a problem? If people have already watched it, nothing’s stopping them from making a concept about it.


No, but did you watch anyways

That campaign with Beast made me rofl. Great concept!

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Melon lee has got added maybe you could do the father or mother or her fire ds

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