Memory Disks Overview


Memory Disks Overview

What are Memory Disks?

Disks are special items that heroes can equip and upgrade. Each disk is designed to enhance key traits of the hero who equips it.

Obtaining Disks

Whenver you complete a friend campaign, you will unlock a memory disk for the primary hero in the friendship. A memory disk is a permanent momento of the heroes’ friendship!

If a hero has more than one friend, that means that hero can unlock more than one memory disk. But each hero can only equip one memory disk at a time.

Upgrading Disks

Like a hero, a memory disk has both a level and star rating. Both can be upgraded to unlock the full power of the disk.

Upgrading disk level requires disk power. Disk power can be earned by completing missions, clearing infected levels in the normal campaign and completing stages in City Watch hard mode. Higher disk levels increase the bonus to one of the hero’s key stats.

Upgrading disk stars requires memories. Memories can be earned by completing missions. Additional stars increase the power of whatever unique ability the disk provides the hero.

Update 0.2 Patch Notes

Is it possible to un equip them, every since I have my Mrs incredible her van disk and she aims for the back row, Mr.incredible has been destroying me


Hey there! Unfortunately the only way to currently unequip a Memory Disk is by equipping a different one. However, I’ve passed along this feedback to the devs!


What is the max level for the memory disks?


I don’t know what the answer is but can tell you what I know. The only disk I have right now is for Ralph with Vanellope. I still need Ralph to be purple before I can use the disk. But the max level seems to depend on Vanellope’s level. She needs to be level 49 for the disk to be level 9. And every additional level for the disk needs her to be 1 level higher. So if that continues to the max level and is the same for other heroes then the max disk level is always 40 less than the max hero level.


Yes I think the max level depends on the friend the disk is with and how high their level is above 40.

i have my elastigirl disk for mr incredible and i can not upgrade the disk past level 15 since i need her at level 56 to get to level 16.

So I am thinking that disks are like purple skills that have a maximum level of the friends level that the disk is connected to.


Does anybody knows how to Get the friendship between Sully And Woody?


It unlocks @ lv74 (which is only available on S1 atm).

You can find information on all available - or upcoming, if you’re on any other server - friendships on this site: