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  1. Which 2 heroes are the most powerful together? Which 5?
  2. Which heroes are good counters to powerful heroes?
  3. What do you do if you are having trouble defeating an enemy lineup?
  4. Who is your favorite hero for Invasion? City Watch? Campaign?
  1. Which 2 heroes are the most powerful together? Which 5?

Randall and Captain Hook. If I had to say 5, it would be Randall, Captain Hook, Donald, Animal, and either Timon & Pumbaa or Joy. Even with the recent change to Donald’s “Short Tempered”, I feel as if he is still able to absorb more than the limit of debuffs during combat. Which only lets Randall and Captain Hook destroy my team all the faster without much I can do to leave a dent.

  1. Which heroes are good counters to powerful heroes?

With the latest heroes at this time being Tigger, Pooh, and Eeyore, I feel Pooh has become a very excellent counter to Randall with both his Hunny status and the bees from “Rumbly Tummy”. Their portrayal in this game from such an unassuming series is really well-thought out and inspiring to see, since it shows us for the future what even Winnie the Pooh is possible to defend the City.

  1. What do you do if you are having trouble defeating an enemy lineup?

If I lose once against an enemy lineup, I try again with the same team or a different team depending on how well it went. If said lineup is in City Watch for example, and multiple attempts won’t work without me losing one of the specific heroes I was hoping to get Epic City Watch chips with, then I would wait until I have a City Watch refresh available and start over, hopefully with an easier run.

Lineups like that usually have a combination of: Randall, Captain Hook-Ba, Animal-Go, The Beast, Miss Piggy-Ga, Peter Pan, Oogie Boogie, Joy-Ol, Timon & Pumbaa, Sally, Ducky & Bunny, and Megavolt.

  1. Who is your favorite hero for Invasion? City Watch? Campaign?

It depends on the Invasion (Red, Blue, Yellow), but what I like to do personally when making teams for Invasion is to find someone to take the hits from Mama Bot (like someone Invincible for example) and let everyone else do the damage. It’s much harder to do with Blue Team out of every Invasion, since I feel the options are more limited. And the lack of someone being able to reliably heal my party during Breaker Quests which includes the healer healing themselves.

City Watch is tricky since if I would wish for Epic City Watch chips for a specific hero, I have to limit the number of Red Skill available heroes for each battle. The more I end up using would dampen my chances of getting the specific hero I had been grinding for.

I don’t have any specific favorites for Campaign, just whoever works strong enough as a team for me to help clear a path to victory.

  1. I know who even strong when he is one. Beast and Randall are toooo strong
  2. Don’t sure
  3. I have few teams with my strongest heroes. In arena I try to beat enemy each of these teams. In campaign I just try to win in auto, if I can’t, I use manual mode.
  4. Invasion - Barbossa . His slowing on boss is cool.
    CW - Nick and Zurg always was kings of CW, but now they are too weak for resist new heroes((
    Campaign - many of them. Campaign don’t have any otherness which needs special skills

Randall and Magica. I dont use either of them but I have to face them so many times in War, Arena, Coli, Surge, CW and Invasion, which all are horrible

Magica is supposed to be Randall’s counter, and if you put those 2 together,… just a nightmare… simply as that

Top 5: Randall, Magica, Joy, Timon and Meg. This lineup literally gives Randall 3 lives and I doubt it will be easy to defeat

There are some cases I can defeat them but that’s only in Invasion or CW, or maybe Surge. In war, I stand no chance. And If I somehow win, that’s because I get lucky

I win it once using Freeze team (Olaf, Elsa and Merinda), just so you know ;)))

In Invasion, I use all available buffs to fight them. If I lose, I will try again, the same way. And after 1 or 2 times, I can get over them. Sometimes, I need to sacrifice my whole team to do it though

In CW, I unleash all my heroes’ white skills the minute battle begins. And I will try again and again until I win it without losing any hero or If I have no other choice, I would let go of some replaceable one(s) to move on

In Surge, I’ll raid If I have enough power

For Invasion:

  1. Red: Scrooge, Peter Pan, Goofy and Mickey. They make such a consistent team. Boosting others speed, damage, especially Scrooge with his red skill along with Goofy’s white one. It’s just phenomenal

  2. Yellow: Beast and Nick. Beast becomes my undying shield while Nick keeps calling his lemmings over and over again

  3. Blue: It used to be Bo Peep. But after her adjustment on Woody’s disc, she is not anymore. I don’t even know how to put up a strong Blue week team. Right now, I use Bo, Herc, Bunny, Alice and Meg and I can’t get far :frowning: They really need a healer, now.

For CW: I use around 10 heroes each time and switch them between battles to help charge up their energy. Miss Piggy, Bo, Beast, Joy, Timon, Peter,… and Sulley is a must as he keeps healing my team :slight_smile:

I find that Miss Piggy and Randal make an incredible pair. As for 5… well my generally strategy has been heavy damage (Currently Miss Piggy and Randal), A solid Healing driven support (Currently Joy), A control how gives out negative statuses liberally (Currently Yzma) And a beefy but good with damage tank (Currently Sally).

I think any 2 frontline damage heroes (Though I generally use Miss Piggy and Randal) are pretty good at taking out just about any one but Specifically Randal paired with Miss Piggy are very good at taking out The Beast before he activates his White Skill.

Cry. Nah just kidding.
I’ve been in the same spot in Arena and Coliseum (Both near the top of Platinum 1) for a few months (Give or take a few demotions).
But in Campaigns generally I make sure everyone is at Max Skill. Then try and level them up a bit more, and see if it helps.

I’m not going to touch Invasion. Because it needs a serious rework, and I don’t have a favorite hero to use there. I hate using them all in Invasion equally.
But for City Watch I like to hire a guild mates Beast. It helps a lot. As far as Campaign goes I go with the flow and I enjoy the story a lot. But I don’t really have a favorite hero to use in Campaign. But I would like take this time to say I love seeing new creeps, any chance we get a new one soon?

  1. Which 2 heroes are the most powerful together? Which 5?

Randall and Beast. Randall is still a menace in all game modes. Beast is also on the same level as Randall but much more annoying. He received one major buff to his white skill that made it harder to interrupt. 5 heroes that go together, like many people have already stated, are Randall, Hook, Donald, Animal and Joy. This team does everything.

  1. Which heroes are good counters to powerful heroes?

I feel that Winnie the Pooh will be the next meta hero. Even at Red +0 and one star he’s locking down opposing Beasts and Randalls to great effect when I use him in arena. Pair him up with Animal and you can pretty much control time itself at that point.

  1. What do you do if you are having trouble defeating an enemy lineup?

Well for City Watch I usually prepare during the first couple levels making sure all my top heroes have full energy and swap them around accordingly during certain matchups. If I have to, I’ll sacrifice 5 heroes to heavily weaken a lineup before trying again with my main team. For the other modes theres not much you can do because people are always changing their lineups or someone stronger takes their place.

  1. Who is your favorite hero for Invasion? City Watch? Campaign?

I’ve only been using him today but Winnie the Pooh is quickly becoming my favorite for invasion. He slows Mama bots to a crawl to the point where its literally not moving at all during some points. It’s so slow that it will never use its laser attack because it prioritizes sending out creeps over shooting its lasers. Because it’s so slow, the animation is longer then the moves cooldown, so it will keep sending out creeps and never shoot its lasers meaning none of your heroes can get koed. For other modes I typically use the five heroes mentioned in question one.

Basically Animal and Joy, with any other strong character. I feel like Randall wouldn’t be meta without Animal, since I usually take him down easily, even if paired with the likes of Beast, Donald, or Jasmine. But with Animal (Go) fighting him is much harder.

As I stated above, my current team (Peter Pan, Donald, Hiro, Miguel and Meg) does great against meta heroes, except Animal. But I’ve seen many other combos working just as good.

Try different combos. I have around 15 heroes in an usable state bc of coliseum, so I can swap out a character and add another one if I need to specifically counter a lineup.

Honestly, I don’t know. All I can say is that the main reason I find CW pretty easy, unlike most players, is that I use Hiro (Da). Activating his bot at the start, between him and Peter enemies (ANY combo) are taken down easily.

  • 2: Animal & Joy
  • 5: The popular team at the moment seems to be some version of Randall, Hook, Donald, Animal, Joy - with maybe 1-2 heroes difference. This will surely change once more people have more of the newer heroes levelled up
  • Stitch[Ma]
  • Freeze teams
  • Beast (if he gets active skill)
  • The same heroes, but stronger
  • Newer heroes

Try different teams :man_shrugging:

  • Invasion:
    – Red: It was Dash[Vi] for a long time, but he’s now fallen down my roster due to PVP weakness. Hiro is nice, as is Goofy[Je]. Bob[El] can make some nice armour-shred combos with eg. Merida.
    – Blue: Stitch[Ma] is the Blue invasion king (or invasion king overall?! Note - this is not a cue to nerf slow on mama bots). Bo Peep[Wo] was great for a long time, but she’s now much less useful. Meg is obviously crucial if you don’t have Stitch & don’t want to take out shares in revives.
    – Yellow: Beast, because he makes revives & healers essentially redundant. Nick contributes well, especially with his Red skill. Randall on the other hand is surprisingly poor.

  • CW: Duke & Nick. Not much can stand up to these 2 at max charge / lemming, even the meta-est of meta. Joy is obviously the best support when there’s not a healing ward, followed by Animal for overkill damage.

  • Campaign: I can usually chuck together any team of my top few heroes and not have trouble in the campaign.


I don’t play the meta, so I have no real answers for the first two. I find slavishly following the meta to be worse than not playing (every bit as boring, but much more frustrating).

If I’m having trouble with a line in City Watch or Invasion, I’ll try to throw a suicide line of Elsa (Fr), Calhoun (Vi), Mickey (Ja), Elastigirl (Ja) and Quorra (Ev) at it and see if I can at least pick off the hero or villain that is causing the most trouble. In City Watch or Surge, if I can hire a stronger version of one of my heroes, I’ll try that. In Invasion, I will burn consumables. But most of the time, if a challenge is too hard for my roster, I just move on to the next thing.

My favorites for Invasion are Quorra, Felix & Sullivan. I build my teams around those three.

In the campaign, I normally run Quorra (Ev), Felix (Ra), Sullivan (Ra), Skellington (MH) and Mickey (Ja). The team’s balance and synergy are questionable, but those are the two highest heroes from red & yellow and the highest from blue.


Мне не нравится дисбаланс в Колизее и арене.Против меня ставятся соперники на 22 уровня выше меня.Это не нормально.я не знаю как тут писать своё сообщение,поэтому написал в первую попавшуюся строку

Damage wise Randall and Beast are the best since they can sustain themselves throughout the majority if the matches.
In support Joy and Animal. Fast heals, attack speed and damage. Very valuable in any team.

For the 5 heroes I’ll just go from what I’ve seen in top teams, because pvp is not my field and I don’t play often.
4 of them are Randall, Timon&Pumba, Joy and Animal. Last one anything can fit since Randall gets the job done. My main pick goes to Captain hook to deal and support Randall in the damage department. Other wise Megara is another perfect choice making Randall last longer inside the match.

I find heroes with freeze abilities usefull latelly.
Some charms like Jafar to stop a few team sweapers like Beast.
Unique stun like Ursula to prevent white skill activation can be sometimes usefull.
Using the same heroes like the enemy in the match as long the player has the upper hand in power.

Trying different combinations I guess. There is not much can be done and said.

My favourite hero for all 3 modes is Nick Wilde easily. He was already strong, but now with the Red skill, he boosts allies skill power with high raw damage such as Ducky and Bunny and clears everything easy.

Got a few more favourites.
Invasion. Beast for main Tank is everything you need.

City watch. Sulley. He heals at the end of every wave leaving allies with full health ready for the next fight and able to scare enemies to increase Nick’s fantastic damage even more.
In the lasts waves his scare can fail more often because of the enemies absurd high level.

Goofy is also great to speed allies and himself at the start of every wave.

Megara with Shank Disk can be a life saver to maintain a hero that is always dying and you need to keep that hero alive for last waves.

Animal with Joy are a great double team to replace Sulley.

In the campaign even Nick beeing my favourite, I don’t use use him all the time in order to overcome a challenge.
Ducky and Bunny, Nala and Simba, Baymax, Goofy, Judy, Jack Sparrow, Elsa, Mickey and Beast are other I use and like.
But its subjective, I always love to try and give every hero an opportunity.

1 : as a stall out, Beast and Meg, especially with her invincibility disk outright guaranteeing Beast will be able to rage. Powerwise, it’ll be Randall and Hook, with Meg and Duke being a close second. For a 5, I’d say Randall, Hook, Meg, Duke and Animal.

2 : not really 1 hero, but a go-to tactic has been tk use Meg and a lot of healing to keep whatever damage dealer I’m using (usually Dash) in the game long enough to win. Dash does actually work well against an animal line, but that’s mostly due to the fairly weak starting shield.

3 : mostly keep throwing random lineups till i manage to win (okay, more thought goes into it than that, but still, whether or not it works doesn’t always seem to follow reason)

4 : contextual. For invasion, its Dash, Bo and Nick for their teams. For CW its meg, mostly to keep a key player around. And for campaign its Dash, moatly because the differculty is so comparatively low it doesn’t matter who I pick.

Hmm… this is a hard one. I’d say Animal (Go) and Randall. Animal can speed Randall up to a whole new level, and Randall can easily defeat enemies.

  • Pooh (Ti)
  • Randall (Yz)
  • Scrooge (Hu)
  • Linguini & Remy (Mi)
  • Animal (Go)

This is my opinion. Animal is obviously overpowered with that disk of his. This could help Pooh apply more stacks of “Hunny” to slow others down. And Scrooge here can deal a lot of damage, along with some attack speed boosts after using his active with his red skill unlocked. L&R can make the whole team unstoppable, and apply multiple stacks of “Hardy” with Animal. And last, but not least, Randall. His Yzma disk is able to counter teams with Animal (Go) if it has all five stars.

Randall (Yz) counters The Beast. How? Randall can tame the Beast.

If they are too strong or just too defensive

I’d probably swap out one of the heroes I fought with with another hero that may help even more.

Animal. He is very flexible, and can be used in any invasion as long as he lives.

Zurg and Duke Caboom. With their active in the beginning of the wave, they can become unstoppable

Hard to say… maybe Pooh.


I’ll just reply to the Invasion part.

Red team was somewhat balanced comp. I got Mr. Incredible, Scrooge, Pan and T and P. I’m still deciding between Goofy and Scar, but I chose the latter. I used last invasion is Goofy but I want to try Scar for now.

Blue team has the strongest heroes but they have no sustain when battling with higher level. Need some healer support (not Felix, lol) to provide some.

Yellow team is my favorite in Invasion. I don’t need tanks because I have Joy and Nic Wilde (with JH disc). I lack of Yellow team heroes but with my current comp (plus Moana, Finnick and Anger), I can reach up to Tier 30.

1 randall y duky y buny
2 los de apoyo y curativos
3 no e tuvido una pero se que tengo que mejorar a los héroes para que no me pase esto
4 no tengo una pero la de campaña son mucho pero diré los que si hoy a utilizar este momento de la campaña es nick,judy,Mr. Increíble, sully y bo y powerline para la campaña y saber mas de inventor

For a powerful pairing, it’s hard to beat Megara(Sh) and Miss Piggy; those two, combined with a situational mix of three other support/control/damage heroes, have enabled me to frequently beat lines of 1M power when my own line is somewhere around 650k. For a full team of 5, I’d have to go with Animal(Go), Donald, Joy(Ol), and any two of Randall, Captain Hook, or Peter Pan, though I suspect the addition of Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore is going to change that answer.

Stitch, with his powerful slows and decent offense, is an effective counter to quite a few top-tier heroes. Maleficent, Magica, and Merlin are all good counters to Beast; add on her Megavolt disk, and Magica is a decent counter to Randall as well. Jafar(Sc) is still best countered by the pairing of Baymax(Ol) and Woody(Je), although Gonzo can at least stop that opening whirlwind, which is usually enough of a counter. Bogo(Ca) is a good counter to a lot of fast-starting frontline heroes, like Goofy and Ducky & Bunny; on the flip side, Woody(Je) is a great counter to a lot of powerful-but-squishy backline heroes, like Joy and Maleficent.

If I notice one of my heroes isn’t doing what I put them in the lineup to do, I’ll try replacing them with someone else. Otherwise, I’ll just throw together 4 of my top damage heroes along with an appropriate support (usually Joy(Ol), sometimes Timon & Pumbaa(St)) and try that out.

Now that I’ve gotten Stitch’s Maui disk to five stars, he may become my all-around favorite Invasion hero. Otherwise, it’s Nick for yellow, Dash for red, and Miss Piggy (Mama bots) and Felix (breakers) for blue. For City Watch, as much as I rely on Miss Piggy and Nick to provide the bulk of the offense and Joy to provide healing, I’d have to say my favorites are Jasmine and Randall, since I can use them to attack any one opposing hero at the start of battle, disrupting whatever they were about to do. For Campaign, Merlin is my favorite; not only is squirreling an effective strategy against most Campaign enemies, it’s just plain fun.

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I found that heroes that have skills that passively boost armor are amazing for Invasion.

For Yellow that means Kida. Along with the armor from her blue skill she also has a 400% armor boost while her white skill is active plus a self-heal making her extremely resistant to the Mama bot. The added fantastic damage also helps to deal with Brutes. Not only that, but her passive energy boost for the team is excellent for this mode. Along with her I use Nick to decimate spawned creeps and Robin Hood to launch nukes on the Mama.

For Blue that means Shank. Her armor boost skill has the highest growth, making her an impenetrable wall from the Mama. But she doesn’t contribute much with damage. I use her with Ducky & Bunny for their amazing damage and to deal with Brutes along with Woody (Bu) for a consistent speed boost (I don’t have Animal leveled up yet).

For Red that means Mr. Incredible. Along with the new armor boost from his refresh, he also has a great health boost so he can tank a lot of hits. His Super Duper also gives him a bit of self heal when things get dire. Using his Elastigirl disk opens up great damage potential for Merida. I use Mickey to further increase their damage and to provide helpful heals and an energy boost. I use Gizmo, but he comes with his drawbacks. His basic damage boost is great for Merida and his Armor boost makes Incredible even bulkier, but his Powerful Pull tends to drag the Mama past Incredible into the squishy backline.
(Note that all heroes listed are O0 through O6 for me)

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