Special Edition: Hero Q&A!

We have a special edition of Dev Q&A focused on Heroes! We have 2 members of our team who work on kit design and the implementation of the heroes in the game, respectively. Here are some questions for you, and feel free to post your questions for us.

We’ll be doing a live chat Thursday, March 19, 3:00 - 4:00 PM CT

Here’s the team involved in this session:

  • Polaris, Senior Community Manager
  • Leaf, Senior Producer
  • DoubleBeans, Hero Designer
  • Vegapunk, Hero Engineer (not trains)


  1. Who is your all time favorite hero? Why?
  2. Who is the most powerful hero? Why?
  3. Who is the most underrated hero? Why?
  4. What makes you most excited about a new hero? Why?


  1. Which 2 heroes are the most powerful together? Which 5?
  2. Which heroes are good counters to powerful heroes?
  3. What do you do if you are having trouble defeating an enemy lineup?
  4. Who is your favorite hero for Invasion? City Watch? Campaign?

Hero Refreshes

  1. Which hero refresh has been the most effective? Least effective? Why?

Red Skills

  1. Which Red Skill given to an old hero is the most interesting? Why?
  2. Which Red Skill given to an old hero is the most powerful? Why?


The Q&A’s are nice to see again. And sooner than the last one.


Oh yeah, why are they not a regular?


Oh this week! And it’s pretty late in the day so I can see it live even tho I like to sleep in!

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I just want to say I love the effort Perblue is putting in to make sure that the game is just right for the players. While I was happy to see that we would Quarterly Q&As it seems we will get specific ones more often than Quarterly, and that is a very good thing!


So what’s their favorite bean?

Kidney bean? Lima bean? Pinto bean? Bean sprouts? Beanie babies? Bean bag chair?

But seriously, I can’t wait to meet some of the other PB Fam soon!


Also I was looking and saw March 19 is National Let’s Laugh Day!

So Thursday will be a very fun day!

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I hope new characters are coming soon.i really hope goliath joins the game.hes a disney classic


Polaris,do you think there is a possibility of kermit joining the game?


Nick Wilde is my favorite. I love the movie Zootopia and he’s a really good hero. :fox_face::paw_prints:


El héroe que más me gusta y es más poderoso para mí es Peter pan ya que esquiva mucho y hace muy buen daño Peter y Elsa son los mejores héroes para mi


Will there be any other way to get Gerald, Marlin and Nemo in the future other than contests?

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Mickey mouse is my fav because he is cute and nice


I use Mr.Incredible for Invasion Breakers and Bosses. Want him more beasty with a Red Skill, tho.

I sincerely hope Phineas and Ferb and National Treasure characters are at least in the back of PerBlue and Disney’s heads.
I need Ben Gates searching for treasure. And Agent P’s moves.

Randall is still super meta because of how much invisible he is.


Why their is no update on friendship mission?

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Scrooge McDuck


Mi héroe favorito es Hiro Hamada y espero que tenga una habilidad roja muy pronto :pleading_face:
Yo diría que Shank sería poderosa si es que le dieran buff a su habilidad blanca, junto con alegría de apoyo podría llegar a ser un buen tanque. Lástima que Randall acaba con ella muy rápido.

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Will you guys ever rework Vanellope? In her current state she’s okay for PvE but not really PvP which leaves a lot to be desired. Also will you guys ever consider making City Watch just AI bots again that are randomly thrown together? I know I’m probably not the only one who struggles to complete even an easy let alone Epic to earn chips for red skill. Which brings me to my next question why not just make red skills the same as every other one?


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My stongest hero is mickey and Moana

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