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So why isn’t Scrooge, Huey, Dewey & Louie, and Chip & Dale not in Mickey And Friends Collection?

I can understand why Darkwing Duck, Launchpad, Powerline, Gidget, Magica, Megavolt, Quackerjack are not as they’re all part of spin-off materials, but the others have all been a part of Mickey’s circle of friends. And they’ve been around much longer than their spin-off shows.

I’m also not saying that they have to be included, I’m just curious as to why they got left out.

Then you can understand why Scrooge, HDL, nor Chip & Dale are not in the collection.

The Scrooge and HDL in-game are from their DuckTales counterparts, while the Chip & Dale in-game are from their Rescue Rangers counterparts


Than what about Goofy and Pete, are they not from their Goof Troop counterparts?

No, because they’re from their Mickey & Friends counterparts


Then what about Powerline?

I’m pretty sure it’s Disney who decides the collection roster, not PerBlue. Just as it happened with the Princess collection before with similar discussions.


If he’s in the collection then I dunno

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He is not in the collection. Only Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Pete (and soon Daisy?)

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Is this version of Pete a cat or a dog?

…in what version is Pete a dog?

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Goof Troop. Pre-Disney he was a bear.

Doesn’t his outfit in-game contrast that of the one from Goof Troop?

But, uh, yeah, the Pete in-game is most definitely a cat.

This pretty much sums the whole game.

I could be wrong, I though I read somewhere that Pete was supposed to be a dog in Goof Troop, but I am unable to find this now.

Also, doesn’t the bowling suggest Goof Troop. In An Extremely Goofy Movie, Pete was wanting to turn P.J.'s room into a bowling alley.

I’m not denying this to be true, but wouldn’t it be more likely for the other Mickey characters to have been included since Disney recognizes them as Mickey & Friends characters. Don’t they also recognize the spin-off characters as part of the larger Mickey & Friends universe.

Also, why would Chip & Dale and Gidget have been put on an entirely different team than the rest of the Mickey & Friends characters.

I could propose that since they already had a DuckTales collection, they may have just decided to not reuse the DuckTales characters in the new collection, and they may have left off Chip & Dale and Gidget because they are on a different team.

However, unless PerBlue or @Loutre can confirm, it’s all speculation.

That doesn’t quite work as Donald belongs to both.
I think Scrooge, the triplets, and Chip and Dale really should have been included in the collection, as they appear with the rest of the Mickey and friends crew long before their respective shows and have continued to be associated as “original” characters.

Mickey and Friends collection is just the main crew. We can’t stick everyone Mickey is friends with in there that’d be pretty chaotic since he’s friends with basically everyone.


@Loutre I’m just curious, why were Chip & Dale and Gidget put on a different team than the rest of the Mickey & Friends characters?

I’m not trying to make a big deal out of them not being on the same team, as mentioned earlier, just curious.

Also what’s your take on Jungle Book vs TaleSpin? Even though they have characters of the same species with the same name, I personally have never thought of them as being the same thing, just TaleSpin having been heavily influenced by Jungle Book.

Quite understandable, I think most of us are mostly just confused about Scrooge, the triplets, and Chip and Dale as they appear celebrating holidays together in shorts and cartoons several times as well as often just living side by side. The same cannot be said for say Launchpad, Gizmoduck, etc.

But if the collection is as Disney says, I guess we live with it.

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