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Sooooo I was thinking of the several topics on creating heroes and I said to myself “You know what this game needs?” And then i answered myself " Yes I do we need to come up with minion ideas! "

So I am doing it right now… :grin:

Soo yah if this works out we can create Minions for Perblue to use if they want to. A way for imaginations to run wild on creatures that will never be usable by the player. Idk how many forum users will be interested in this topic but imma do it anyway. Not completely sure how to do this yet so plz someone with more intelligence come and show me how it is done :grin:

So lemme start it off by creating a minion :upside_down_face: :grin:

Minion name: Tentecoils

Basic position: Front

Basic attacks: thows out vine like a whip and hits first character behind the front row. If there is only front rows thwn it will hit them.

Special attack: Wraps vines around the hero dealing the most damage stunning them for five seconds. After 2 of these seconds is up, it begins constricting them multiplying the damage done by the same number for 7 seconds.

Example: Elastigirl is being attacked by its basic attack. Nick Wilde uses his white skill as this uses its speicial attack.
Nick Wilde is stunned without taking damage for Two seconds before being constricted for 7 seconds. During this time he is unable to attack. But the damage is doubled as it progresses. (Deals 2 damage at first then 4 then 8 then 16 then 32 and so on) increasing once per second. If this is killed then the vines disappear immediately.

Defense: Low
Bonus Damage: Burn Damage deals 150% to these minions.

I think that is it… Hmmmm Love to have your guys thoughts on this one as well as to see your own ideas! :grin:

From incredibles

I give that idea a giant thumbs down.


Don’t be rude, @Champion_David is just having some fun.


@Real_Big_Fear ok you don’t like that is fine. This is a place for anyone who Does care. If you don’t that is fine. :grin:


Just want to know @Champion_David, but r these minions gonna be creeps?


I give this idea two gigantic thumbs up! I like it bro

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:+1::+1::+1::ok_hand::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::grinning: nice ideas david


@DroneIX Yus the name is creeps! I just couldn’t remember the name! All though…their are two kinds of creeps minion creeps and hero creeps. But yah these would be creeps.

@Meatsqueezer and @Prince_Aamir thank you! :grin:


Alright then, Its time to brainstorm becuase some of the creeps are pretty lit.


Alright! Got a concept

Creep: Detective

Position: Front

Attack: takes out a pocket knife & stabes enemy

Ability: Basic attacks steal 30 energy

Heres a Draw out of the creep so u guy know how he should look like


Dat is Memetastic my dude.


Yeah it is!

(20 characters)

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Thxs @Champion_David & @Mr_Meme. I really liked how it turned out. Gonna brainstorm more ideas.


Got another Concept

Creep: Witch

Position: Back

Attack: throws a potion

Ability: every tenth attack, the witch will throw a special potion into the middle of the enemy team & the enemy team will loose health over time for 10 seconds while the witch’s team heals over time for 10 seconds.


Wow, I just really like making these creeps.


3rd Concept

Creep: Mannequin

Position: Front

Attack: Swings its right arm with a slap

Ability: At the beginning of the wave, the Mannequin gives a Shield to all its allies


Nice! @DroneIX did you draw thwse too?


Here is my second one then.

Name: Hypnotosis

Position: back row

Looks: A larger insect like thing with two very long antenna.

Basic attack: shoots electricity from its antennas.

Special attack: Charms a random hero for 10 seconds granting them an additional 15 skill power (scales with its lvl)

Defense: Average

Resistances: Fantastic damage deals 50% less damage.

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Yup! Drew dem myself. Pretty cool right?


Here’s some ideas

Frostbite (and yes i made the name up)

Position: mid

He’d look like a snowman with glowing blue eyes with a top hat

Attack: sends a icy blast from it’s hat

Ability: every 3rd attack freezes enemies for 3 seconds

Rockcrusher (made up name)

Position: front

He’d look like a monster with boulder hands

Attack: slams his hands on a enemy

Ability: grants allies 25% attack power for 5 seconds at the beginning of the wave.


Position: back

He’d look like a bomb with arms and legs

Attack: slaps an enemy

Ability: after 15 seconds, if still alive, bomb self detonates stuns enemies for 3 seconds.

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