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@DroneIX yus you have a talent!


@Prince_Aamir Nice job on them but the Bomb makes me think of a B-omb from Mario XD


What’s your favorite minion on this topic? Mine is tenticoilis


I really like the bomb honestly. It would make destroying the minion more stun for 6 seconds could be dangerous to your characters.


Thank u @Champion_David. U too. :smile: Also really good concepts @Prince_Aamir. :+1:


The Frostbite creep is really well done! Gotta be my fav. I don’t want to say the ones I made should be one of my fav. I really want to choose someone else’s work.


Why don’t I join in on the fun

Creep: Techie

Postition: Back-line

Attack: Sends pixels flying towards an enemy

Ability: Every 5 seconds the Techie will either increase an allies attack speed by 50% or lower an enemies attack speed by 50%

(Picture coming soon)


Glad u made it @CowardWhisper8. :grin:


Creep: Silhouette

Position: Back-line

Attack: The Silhouette goes into the ground and appears behind an enemy, punching them and then going back into the ground and gets back into position.

Ability: The Silhouette goes into the ground and controls the enemy from behind them for 4 seconds, when it is doing this, it can still be attacked but it will only get half the damage.

(Picture coming soon)


Ooh So sillhoette is like a possessive shadow? Nice!


Not being rude at all. There definitely seems to be a lil hypersensitivity on these forums if you even slightly disagree.


Alright sorry then. :no_mouth:


Creep: ?

Position: ?

Attack: ?

Ability: In the beginning of the wave, ? will copy one of the enemies and transform into them, it will do the same amount of power and be at the same level as its allies.


XD! I thought of this! I was gonna call it…Imitator. However will his position remain the same? Will he deal the same exact damage the hero would???


Yeah I thought about that too, I made some changes to it to hopefully make it more clear


Dis is really cool! Great job @CowardWhisper8! :+1:


Next Concept everyone! :grin:

Creep: Zombie

Position: Front

Attack: Swings both arms with a growl

Ability: the Zombie comes in as a group of 3 & basic attacks will drain health for 2 seconds


Nice drawings @DroneIX


Thank u @Prince_Aamir. :grin:


Alright! elemental power! :grin:

Creep: Water Elemental
Basic attack: shoots a spray of water
Special: This creep can only be killed with true damage. Or by a charmed Fire Elemental
Health: Very low.

Creep: Fire Elemental
Basic attack: throws a fire ball
Special: Has a 25% chance to inflict burn which deals 1,000 damage per second of burn (lasts for 3 seconds).
Health: Average

Creep: Earth Elemental
Basic attack: throws a chunk of earth
Special: Each attack deals AOE damage
Health: High
Immune to Normal Damage.

Creep: Air Elemental
Basic attack: Shoots a miniature tornado
Special: This attack has a 50% chance to spin the target around stunning them for .5 of a second and if it does this, the character attacks a different character than they were before.
Health: Low