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the time master.

Basic attack:throws a ticking time bomb

Special:turns the time to 5:15 p.m., slowing enemies


Immune to fantastic damage

Note:a screenshot,sorry if it is sideways

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Middle-line,mostly seen in heist.

Excuse my terrible art skills.


:black_small_square:Basic Attack: Sprays green fog from his long rod, dealing poison damage over six seconds.
:black_small_square:Abilities: DoT attacks heal him instead of damaging him.


Basic Attack: Heavy punch to closest enemy.
Ability: Invincible when stunned.

Interesting ideas. Thhe time master seems kinda…not a master of time? But he looks cool!

As for these other two, wow they look pretty cool. Nice work both of you! :+1:


What if in the end (if there will ever be end), the final battle is a Boss, like in the old games.

Too lazy to do concept but he is super strong and powerful and hard to kill and is probably guarding the Inventor or something

Or…the Inventor is the final boss??

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Basic attack:throws a head(kicks it) towards the enemies

Ability:three heads do a pinball act, hitting all enemies

High health

Mostly seen:Mushu and
Tia’s friend campaign(@Champion_David’s idea inspired me)

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Originality!! :+1:

Well done!!!

Thank you(20 characters)


Main attack(basic):puts a storm on an enemy,dealing Z damage.

Ability:puts a raincloud puddle on 2 random enemies,then strikes lightning,stunning them.(she also has a chance to be invincible)

Health:very high

example fight:(sorry for the doodles)

Frontline Attack
Basic Attack: Triclops whacks the nearest hero with his club three times.
Special: Triclops is immune to stuns and debuffs


Blaztor(Blaze x Raptor) Creep

Position: Front

Basic Attack: Runs to an enemy and bites them.

Special Attack: Overrun all of its enemies(like Dash’s white skill)

Status Effect: Can cause the burn status effect for X seconds.


Noice! Love the drawing!

Creep ideas! Good idea

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Don’t you just love reanimating dead topics?

Creep: Assassin
-Appearance: A ninja creep in a hunter uniform, with a bow and arrow and a gray hood.
-Attack: Snipes a hero with his bow.
-Abilities: Invisible for a short time when a hero crits against him, his basic attack instantly KO’s enemies under 20% HP.