Mod Upgrades

Mod Upgrades

Some servers now have the option to upgrade mods to give them secondary effects in combat. The types of upgrades available depend on the shape of the mod. Upgrading a mod requires new mod upgrade pieces.

Choosing Upgrades

Once a mod reaches level 30, you now have 3 different upgrades you can pick. Collect 15 mod upgrade pieces for the upgrade that you want and then use them to upgrade the mod.

Improving Upgrades

Once a mod reaches level 40, it can be upgraded again by spending 40 more mod upgrade pieces of the same type. Each mod can have only one type of upgrade.

Upgrade Types

The shape of the mod determines which 3 upgrades a mod can potentially have. The color of the mod doesn’t affect upgrades.

Earning Mod Upgrade Pieces

Mod Upgrade Pieces can be earned from Invasion, starting the week after the 1.11 update (July 15). Only 3 types of Mod Upgrade Pieces will be available in Invasion to start: Armor, Purple Skill Levels, and Normal Crit. Only one type will be available each week. The other types will be coming soon.


So like my Stitch has all three types of blue mod (the square, circle, diamond). If I wanna upgrade the square one, I can choose from attack slows, normal crit, or fantastic? And will we be able to add more than just one to a square mod in the future?

But this sounds nice! Stronger heroes!


Yes, with square mods, you choose one from attack speed, normal cit, or fantastic crit.
Just one upgrade per mod, so once you choose an upgrade, you can’t change it to a different one.


Ok good to know! Thanks! So quick and helpful as always!


@Polaris Thank you polaris

Sweet! I was thinking about suggesting something along these lines, except the secondary effect being based on color and covering that trial team’s weakness.


Now I just need to collect two more of each mod so I can have all three upgrades.

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Why is server 18 the only one that can’t upgrade mods now?

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It’s available only on S1.

I thought many servers could upgrade? In server 8 I can upgrade mods from +2 to a +3.

Advancing and upgrading mods are two different things.

That’s advancing.
Upgrading is new feature, only on s1.

Upgrading screen of HP mods.

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Thanks for clarifying didnt understand upgrade and advancement were separate things.

Armour HP mods will make zurg a overpowered beast. I hope server 16 gets these mod upgrades soon.

Huh? I dont get it

You can now add buffs to mods so that the hero who is equipped with a level 30 or higher mod can have this bonus in battle.

Oh I’m in sever 10 and 19 and I have mods in all of my main 3 teams but my Ralph has 2 mods at level 30 and I can’t level it up more but my Barbosa had a level 34 mod