Modern world alchemy (WOM concept)

Alchemist Frankenbeans

Stars: :star:
Role: Control
Position: Backline
Trial team: Red


A man of science in a world of alchemy, this evil alchemist uses his knowledge to support his allies and hex enemies with his mad alchemy


Entrance: a large colorful explosion occurs which then clears up to reveal alchemist frankenbeans who is laughing maniacally

Victory: alchemist frankenbeans laughs while rubbing his palms together

Defeat: one of alchemist frankenbeans potions explodes which covers him in soot

Basic attack: Alchemist Frankenbeans throws a titration potion at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage.


White: Enfeebling Elixir

Passive: Each basic attack increases the movement speed of the weakest ally by 10% per each basic attack.

Active: Frankenbeans adds a dangerous ingredient into a concoction and throws the dangerous concoction into the enemy team, dealing X damage to all enemies and decreasing their armor and basic damage by 20% and having a 50% chance to hex all enemies for 6 seconds.

Green: Noxious vaper

A machine drops down and sprays the enemy team with a noxious red vaper inflicting all enemies with “noxious” for 10 seconds. Enemies with “noxious” now have 15% of their movement speed reduced whenever they use either their green or blue skills.

If each target enemy has been hexed by any source, the enemy effected by “noxious” now has 20% more speed reduced off of them for as long as they are still here.

Blue: Dreadful discovery

Alchemist Frankenbeans sprays his dreadful discovery onto his allies, healing all allies for X amount plus an extra X amount per each hexed enemies on the field and decreasing the remaining cooldown of his green skill by 100%

Purple: Bubbling beakers

All hexes against enemies now decreases their max HP by 60%

Red: Man of alchemy

Whenever a buff is duplicated on an enemy, that enemy’s duplicated buff gets flipped into a debuff, the enemy also gets hexed for 7 seconds.

All hexes towards enemies now decreases their fantastic crit by 50% until the hex wears off.
+X damage to “Enfeebling Elixir”
+X skill power
+X reality


Alchemist Frankenbeans/Yzma
Power potion
longer hexes

Hexes against enemies lasts 1 second longer per each buff on the target enemy.

Alchemist Frankenbeans/Hank and dory
Ink-stained concoction
More decreased speed

The decreased speed from “noxious” enemies is now increased by 15%.

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