Mods & Mods Upgrades Guide 2

Due to the character limit, I am not able to post more on the old topic, so here I am continuing here.

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Stats Explanation

Normal Crit: The normal crit stat increases the chance of your attacks that do Normal Damage will result in a critical strike. Each point of Normal Crit you have above an enemy’s level increases your chance of doing twice as much damage, up to a 100% chance.

Well basically, let me explain if the normal crit of hero is 234 at skill level 170, so in order to have 100% of critical damage ( 2x damage ) you need normal crit at skill level + 100, so if normal crit is at 270 & if in order to have 100% chance of super crit you need normal crit stat at skill level +200

The same thing will be with fantastic crit against fantastic damage

Li Shang - 175 R8




  • Armor - 85278
  • Reality - 69716
  • Normal Crit - 226

Li Shang is one of the best support toons who heals, provides armor & reality & also basic damage, plus he also does decent damage with white skill & basic attack.

Now, he does not need armor, reality as he gains them from his stances, also no need of starting shield.

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Jumba - 175 R8



  • Armor - 71993
  • Reality - 51236
  • Normal Crit - 226
  • Crit Damage - 233

Jumba with a great tenacity, forgot disable & crit damage is also good so he can do more damage 1% more damage above hero level, so he can do 233 - 175 = 58, 58% more damage

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Wasabi - 175 R8




  • Basic Damage - 176625
  • Armor - 64493
  • Reality - 51236
  • Normal Crit - 226

Wasabi damage is orange & more interestingly it is True Damage & PB confirmed that true damage cannot be Crit.

Now if you see his Basic damage is good & it is always normal damage unless mentioned fantastic, so if you will give him normal crit mod he will crit with basic….

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Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker - 175 R8




  • Armor - 72863
  • Reality - 102159
  • Reality Negation - 251
  • Normal Crit - 213
  • Fantastic Crit - 262
  • Evasion - 273

Beaker is already a good damage toon & you can make him freaking OP with mods. Now, you see his damage is Orange ( white skill ) so BD mod will definitely be good.

His reality is quite high as he also gets it from red skill, so no need for reality here but…

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Hades - 175 R8

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  • Armor - 70151
  • Reality - 54556
  • Armor Negation - 178
  • Normal Crit - 268

Hades is useful in-game in two ways, one is to prevent a quick win bonus in challenger once if the red skill has been unlocked which makes him invincible two times as he gets revived with purple skill, other use of hades is in DOT team with meg disc….

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Dr. Drakken - 175 R8




  • Armor - 53983
  • Reality - 40474
  • Reality Negation - 214
  • Normal Crit - 208
  • Fantastic Crit - 237
  • Tenacity - 272

Drakken does good fantastic damage from Blue Skill & his fantastic crit is good even also Y0, so he can nuke with blue skill with crit. You only need 275 - 237 = +38 to do crit damage & to Super crit +138.

Even, at Y0 you only need +25, so The First Mod should be BD Mod with Fantastic Crit upgrade.

So, let’s say you have sufficient resources, I would suggest to max one mod & by this way you will have a 94% chance of crit attack, a decent % for me.

He charms with his green skill which can be evaded or reduced which can be solved by giving a green skill upgrade but it’s not worth it as it will only charm only 1 enemy, so I suggest not give a green skill mod.

Now, his armor & reality is low at the current level so you have to provide protection, Second & Third Mod should be HP mod with 1 Armor Piece & 1 Reality Piece.

Also, pair him with armor & reality givers like Li Shang or Timon for longer survivability.

Now, I would suggest giving him Fourth Mod as Skill Power mod with Blue Skill upgrade, so that damage can be increased.

Mod Matrix

Drakken - With enough resources

HP HP Basic Damage Skill Power
Armor Reality Fan. Crit +32 Blue Skill +40

Drakken - if you want a 100% chance of crit & low fan crit pieces

HP HP Basic Damage Basic Damage
Armor Reality Fan. Crit +24 Fan. Crit +24/12

Note: +24 if you want 100%, with +12 you have a 98% chance of crit

Drakken - Damage Booster

Basic Damage Basic Damage Basic Damage Basic Damage
Fan. Crit +32 Fan. Crit +32 Fan. Crit +32 Fan. Crit +32

Note: 90% chance of Super Crit - 3x damage - you can try this out if you have resources.

Kermit - 175 R8




  • Armor - 73384
  • Reality - 90306
  • Normal Crit - 190
  • Fantastic Crit - 184
  • Evasion - 263

Kermit is a great toon with buff duplication on all allies which is kind of unique & OP, so you need to take him out soon before he starts duplicati……

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LSB - 175 R8




  • Armor - 33501
  • Reality - 70510
  • Normal Crit - 126
  • Fantastic Crit - 252
  • Evasion - 236

LSB straight does fantastic damage from basic attacks as mentioned in white skill. Also, they reduce evasion & tenacity with every 4th Crit attack with purple skill. Their Fan crit is also good & you need only +23 at R8 - 175 level, even at Y0 you need +48, which is also doable at that stage of the game.

LSB is tricky & their mods totally depend on the team setup you are using, if you are using disable toons like elsa, minnie, kristoff then Evasion makes sense if you facing toons with high evasion, else it will be a waste of mods, I will give different mod table at the end.

So, First Mod should be a BD mod with Fantastic Crit upgrade & faster they are faster they can do basic attacks so yeah Second Mod should be a BD mod with Attack Boost upgrade.

Now, an interesting thing is a disc, if you are using Oogie disc, then pair them with scare toon or scare can also be applied from green skill & Evasion will get reduced by 100 for the scared toon.

So, the attack speed won’t make a good choice, so there will be a different mod setup which I will list in the table.

Reality is okayish & armor is low, so survival is the issue with LSB, they get armor with red skill a pretty decent amount. So, Third Mod should be HP mod with Reality mod upgrade. You should also pair them up with Hades (meg) so that DOT can be boosted from green skill. The last choice should be skill power mod with green skill upgrade to boost damage

Mod Matrix

LSB - If using with Disable Toons with Cheshire Disc

Skill Power HP Basic Damage Basic Damage
Green Skill +40 Reality Attack Speed Fan Crit +24

If you can provide LSB reality from other toons, you can also give another attack speed instead of HP to boost the speed

LSB - If using with Disable Toons with Oogie

Skill Power Skill Power HP Basic Damage
Green Skill +40 Green Skill +40 Reality Fan Crit +24

Evasion will be handled from disc, if you can provide LSB reality from other toons, you can also give green skill instead of HP to boost damage

Jim Hawkins - 175 R8




  • Armor - 86878
  • Reality - 35380
  • Normal Crit - 254

Jim is a very good toon & can be paired with most of the toons plus quite good in various setups. Hi….

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Rapunzel - 175 R8




  • Armor - 60154
  • Reality - 73716
  • Normal Crit - 207

Rapunzel is a decent support toon who does healing & gives hardy & reality to allies. She does damage only from the white skill that’s not much damage, to be honest.

She works very well in hardy setup especially with Belle due to attack boost & good against toons who can disable.

Her armor & reality is also decent, but due to low HP she dies quickly, so First Mod should be HP mod with Armor Piece upgrade, as she gets reality from red skill.

Now, one issue is that her skill animations are a little longer, so takes time in completing her skills. So, her attack speed will definitely be a plus. She can gain speed when paired with Remy & Belle but with conditions, like with Belle for 2 hardy her speed will get boosted & when she loses hardy she will gain speed if Remy is there with a miss piggy disc. See, the speed boost is situational, therefore the Second Mod & the Third Mod should be BD mod with Attack Boost Upgrade.

Now, giving skill mods doesn’t make sense as Blue Skill is only one time, purple is also tied with blue skill & Green skill does healing but not much.

So, Fourth Mod should be HP mod with Reality Upgrade as the current state of the game require reality due to more fantastic damage toons

Mod Matrix


HP HP Basic Damage Basic Damage
Reality/Armor Armor Attack Speed Attack Speed

Jessie - 175 R8




  • Armor - 70499
  • Reality - 86080
  • Normal Crit - 182
  • Fantastic Crit - 207
  • Crit Damage - 246

She is an old toon but with stats & buzz disc she can 1 toon the whole team. She starts a fight with +1000 energy with a 5 star disc, so you should start building her disc soon. She will start white skill & kicks all enemies & stealing buffs also.

Now, see her Crit Damage, 246, very good stat, let me explain this stat first. Crit Damage basically increases the damage done from Critical Damage by 1% for each 1 stat, above enemy toon level.

Example: Let’s say the enemy toon’s level is 175, so whenever Jessie will hit a critical strike, she will do extra = 246 - 175 = 71 % damage.

Now, she is a damage booster with this stat & you need her to crit every time to get benefit of crit damage. Her damage is also Orange from white so BD mod will be perfect for her.

Her normal crit is 182, quite low & to have a 100% chance of critical strike you need +93.

So, based on the above facts you should give 4 BD mod to her with 3 Normal Crit upgrade & 1 Attack Boost Upgrade

Mod Matrix


Basic Damage Basic Damage Basic Damage Basic Damage
Normal Crit +32 Normal Crit +32 Normal Crit +32 Attack Speed

Jessie - if low on resources

Basic Damage Basic Damage Basic Damage Basic Damage
Normal Crit +24 Normal Crit +24 Normal Crit +24 Normal Crit +24

Jessie - if you have resources

Basic Damage Basic Damage Basic Damage Basic Damage
Normal Crit +32 Normal Crit +32 Normal Crit +32 Normal Crit +32

This configuration will also have a 35% chance of super crit


Have you been able to confirm why a toon (like Jumba) has a normal crit stat and a crit stat? As the crit stat applies to both normal and fantastic. And you use the crit stat in your example ignoring the normal. Is it only the better of the two that applies? My initial impression is that the normal crit stat is there so if one so chooses to apply a normal crit upgrade they have a solid starting point (in Jumba’s case)

First, Thanks for the support. So, Basically, Crit Damage does more damage when a hero does a Crit attack ( irrespective of normal crit or fantastic crit ). Jumba’s crit stat is 233, which means whenever Jumba will do crit, he will do more damage = 233 - 175 = 58% more damage.

Now, what I understand from your question is that you have confusion on when & which crit stat to use, see if the skill does normal damage then go for normal crit, when the stat is high, if the skill does fantastic damage then go with fantastic crit.
if you have some other question or doubt you can DM or mention in comment as well, if you want me to do a guide for another toon so that you can understand in a better way, let me know.

Are there useful places for a Yellow SP mod with purple skill (level 30), or a Yellow HP mod with shield (level 100) attached? I made them before understanding mods and don’t know where to use them.

Alternatively, can they be changed?

Thanks for the guide.

Well at current stat yellow hp mod with a shield will be perfect for Mulan as shield raises her crit by 100 & the yellow purple skill mod should be good for Nick, what you can do is DM me your red yellow toons, so that I can recommend better.

Nick is the best one to pile on.
Joy too! As shes frgile i would say Nick.
Hes the King :wink:

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