Moonwind (Soul Hero Concept)


Moonwind, dweller of the zone and one with the Astral Plane, jumps into action with his sign-twirling skills and clear mindedness.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Backline Support
Stars: :star:
Quote: “You know, lost souls are not that different from those in the zone. The zone is enjoyable, but when that joy becomes an obsession, one becomes disconnected from life.”

Entrance: Moonwind walks into the battlefield, and his sign falls from the sky into his hands.
Victory: Moonwind cheers frantically.
KO: Moonwind salutes.

Basic Attack: Moonwind twirls his sign, giving himself X HP.

White Skill - Mystics Without Borders - Fantastic Damage
Moonwind’s soul leaves his body. He joins Windstar, Dancerstar, and Dreamerwind in playing the tune that opens a gateway beneath his entire ally lineup, granting allies the following boosts.

  • X additional max HP
  • X energy
  • 30% attack speed increase for 9 seconds
  • X reality

Green Skill - Orcus Moves In
Moonwind plays his bongos, inspiring allies and increasing their Skill Power to X for the rest of a wave.

Blue Skill - Sign Spinner Spectacular
Moonwind twirls his sign in all sorts of ways, granting the two allies with the least HP X armor, then he twirls his sign in the direction of the enemy lineup, dealing X damage and knocking enemies into the backline.

Purple Skill - Astral Transmigration Displacement
Each time Moonwind performs his “Mystics Without Borders” skill, he steals X energy from the backmost enemy and gives it to the strongest ally. His Green Skill Power is increased to X.

Red Skill - Another Lost Soul Saved
Moonwind removes X reality from all enemies for 8 seconds using his “Sign Spinner Spectacular” skill.

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X damage to Orcus Moves In

Moonwind + Fred
Campaign: Turn Up the Heat - Fred and Moonwind compete in a sign-twirling contest; only the best will win! Both eager for the gold medal, they go to extreme measures to win, with Fred setting his signs aflame, and Moonwind calling forth the power of the Astral Plane!
Disk: One Way Street Show
Disk Memory: Moonwind grants allies X HP each time he performs his “Sign Spinner Spectacular” skill.
Disk Power: Z evasion, Z energy gain
Allies: Baloo, Launchpad McQuack, Linguini & Remy

Moonwind + Lock, Shock, & Barrel
Campaign: Maddening the Mystic - Moonwind spots Lock, Shock, and Barrel roaming the City, and asks them to help out with his spiritual transcendence as he travels to the zone. However, the trouble-making trio begin to goof around, unknowingly setting a bunch of lost souls loose around the City. The only ones capable of handling this kind of foe are Moonwind and his three incompetent compatriots.
Disk: Lost Soul Catchers
Disk Memory: While twirling his sign, Moonwind deflects all damage and/or debuffs back to the enemy that attempted to apply it to him.
Disk Power: Z HP gain, Z Blue Skill power
Allies: Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo, Flynn Rider, Randall Boggs


Wow! I like this concept, even though I don’t think much of the movie. Good job! :+1:

Almost as good as the movie. This concept is very groovey. But the movie is very swiftly cool

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