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In this corner, you can talk whatever about films
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For the sake of Disney, I’d go for the ORIGINAL “Mulan” and “Coco”.


I don’t like live action remakes of animated movies or live action adaptions of comics, 97% of the time, they mess them up so badly.

I had been looking forward to live action Lilo&Stitch, but given the failures that preceded it, I made the choice to never watch the movie when eventually released.


I do agree about the good movie part. Speaking of disney, it wasn’t even my childhood lol. But to be honest, it has indeed produced great movies in the past

One of my personal favourite is Glory Road (a disney film btw). It’s based on a true story and it’s mainly about basketball.

I honestly love Encanto, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Moana. All have really good stories, and have amazing songs.


Does anyone love Big Hero 6
If you like it, like this comment

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Just comment down below which movie do you love the most
(Movie of any kind + any languages are welcomed)

I feel so cold here lol

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Toy Story 3, Tangled, Zootopia

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Tangled is my #1 favorite and one of the last good Disney films to me.

I did enjoy Coco overall, but it left me with lots of questions. For one, don’t the authorities running the afterlife watch the living? Wouldn’t they know how Hector died, and inform both him and his family about it? And if Ernesto committed murder, then why was he not in Hell for it? And didn’t anybody wonder where Hector was, after he died? That’s usually how murder victims are discovered. He was a famous performer, after all, so for him to suddenly disappear, would be kind of a big deal. And why were they skeletons, instead of ghosts?

I also wanted to enjoy Incredibles 2, but there’s a five part youtube video on how terrible it is, which I can only agree to.

Same for Wreck it Ralph 2, which basically undid the events of the previous film and proved King Candy was right all along. The only things I actually enjoyed about it were Shank and the ad blocker scene.

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Why was Raya and the Last Dragon so liked? It’s a pretty subpar movie with some of the worst Disney characters (sisu) and a plot you really could just not care about

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Now, don’t hate me, but does anyone else feel that the film “Turning Red” is even a smidgen overrated?


Also, I really love “The Emperor’s New Groove,” “ Moana,” “Frozen,” and “Frozen 2”

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I don’t know so much about “overrated”, per se, since I don’t know what the general public’s overall opinion of the movie really is, but I honestly wasn’t the biggest fan of it myself.

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I agree. The plot was a little confusing, and I still felt that something was missing at the end. I also felt that I couldn’t connect to the characters at any degree.

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I could be wrong but I don’t think you were the main target demographic.

My favorite Pixar movie is Luca. It’s very rewatchable. And I love it. The dream sequences and score are very nice.

True, true

I frankly couldn’t even finish a trailer for it, since the animation just looks so terrible to me - especially when compared to other Disney works that make humans look so much better.

I don’t know, I personally think the baby was the worst character. I can believe that a child can be a good cook, but a baby knowing martial arts is just not possible. At that young an age, her brain wouldn’t be developed enough for her to even understand moves like that - let alone master them. It’s also dumb that she can completely understand what others say to her, but can’t speak herself.

I do agree that the movie was a bit overrated though. A good concept, but probably could’ve been executed better.

I liked Raya and the Last Dragon a lot.
If you don’t understand what it is about, it’s a movie about the power of friendship.
That being said, I find Noi (the baby) completely unrealistic.
Even with the Ongis taking care of her, she should have been more realistic.

I lost interest in Disney movies after Raya, to me, it felt like they went down a self-destructive path and nothing else was as good.

Turning Red was the worst of these so far, or so I have read, since I don’t dare watch it.

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