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Because dragons are…?

At least they are trying to come up with new ideas instead of relying solely on sequels and remakes.

Think about it. Disney’s time intervals between sequels was longer then anybody else ever since John Lassiter shut down DisneyToon Studios. Take Frozen for instance. The first film came out in 2013 with the sequel coming out 6 years later. Toy Story came out in 1995 with it first sequel coming out 4 years later, it’s second 11 years after that, and the third 9 years after that. Fantasia holds the record of longest hiatus for a non-DisneyToon sequel with a whopping 60 years.

This tells me that Disney is good to their word and favors creativity over quanity of one franchise in specific regardless of how well they did in the box office.

Even then, this wasn’t an original concept.

I said new, I never said it had to be original. Besides, all fairy tales, The Snow Queen included, are in the public domain.

If you were to travel back to before Frozen was made (to before any Disney storybook adaption was made for that matter), if you weren’t into fairy tales (or reading in general) or not a literature major, nobody would have never known that The Snow Queen even existed.

After all, it is a Disney movie. However, the baby is very unrealistic. Dragons are understanble and seen as unrealistic in the actual film, but the baby is seen as a figure that could actually be alive in the real world.

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Mowgli and Tarzan are nothing?

John Lasseter no longer works for Disney, he’s now employed with a new company called Skydance Animation, who recently made a movie called Luck.

Luck is an awesome movie, even comes with the obligatory Ratzenberger voiced guest character.

Skydance’s next movie is Spellbound, due to be released in 2023.
There’s two more movies scheduled after that.
Only the second one has confirmed info, it’s by Brad Bird about a detective set in a world inspired by the 30s/art deco era and intergalactic civilizations.

To be candid, there’s not much of the Snow Queen remaining in Frozen, so it could be considered a mostly original film.

I wish they’d stop making sequels unless they get them as good, preferably better then the original.
Frozen 2 did not impress me at all.
Most sequels failed to achieve this, I think the only one I like is Incredibles 2.

This surprised me, I honestly think Incredibles 2 is one of the worst Pixar sequels. Bob pretty much resents his own wife because she left him with the kids to do all the kid stuff. The villain is so unbelievably idiotic, why is her brother even a character (he’s better simply because he looks like Saul from Breaking Bad), why do Edna and Frozone basically not exist anymore?? I think a plus to this movie and really the only thing keeping it from me saying Cars 2 is a smidge better is that Jack Jack was actually really funny in this movie.

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It’s more about a movie about trusting others, but its message is actually handled really poorly. I won’t go into depth, as others have already made entire videos covering the problems with Raya and it’s themes of trust.

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It’s the same actor, he voices that character

Cars would be my second preference for best sequels.

If we are talking non-Disney, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was a good sequel.
Hoping Sonic 3 adds Amy, at the moment, it feels like a boys only treehouse.


Aren’t there only 3 of the CGI characters so far? I haven’t seen either movies, but it looks that way.

Technically there are 4, but ones a spoiler so I won’t say.

YES The Emperor’s New Groove is so funny. I also like the original Toy Story and the Star Wars Prequels. This thread said any movie was welcome, so I might as well mention the new Mario movie coming out this April. I have high hopes for it.

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That movie is one of worst ever. Ruined Pixar’s name.

The Incredibles 2 is superior to that.

What was so bad about Cars 2? It was a great movie. Including the spies made it even better.

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Cars 2 was a very, very long jump from racing to 007-like. I think it didn’t really make sense to make Cars about racing, Cars 2 about a spy mission, and then jump back to racing in Cars 3. The whole spy scenario was just out of the blue and very unexpected.

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Not really. There was still the whole grand prix going on, so the whole thing wasn’t about spies. It was a seamless transition from the first movie.

It wasn’t.
It was really bad.

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Could you tell me what you dislike about it?

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