Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head (Toy Story Hero Concept)

Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head

The Potato Heads have joined the crew! With their assortment of pieces, they take on the creeps in many forms, including One-Eyed Bart and One-Eyed Betty!
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Frontline Damage
Stars: :star:
Quote: “Prepare to meet Mr. Angry Eyes!”

Entrance: the Potato Heads waddle into the battlefield.
Victory: the Potato Heads turn into One-Eyed Bart and Betty, cheering maniacally.
KO: the Potato Heads trip and fall apart.

Basic Attack: Mrs. Potato Head swings her purse at enemies.

White Skill - Dynamite Blast - True Damage
the Potato Heads turn into One-Eyed Bart and Betty and use a remote to detonate a stack of dynamite, dealing X damage to enemies and stunning them for 8 seconds.

Green Skill - Angry Eyes
Mr. Potato Head replaces his eyes with an extra pair of shoes and charges through enemies, dealing X damage to each enemy hit.

Blue Skill - Hats Off
the Potato Heads throw their hats at enemies, dealing X damage. The hats will return to them like boomerangs, again dealing X damage to enemies.

Purple Skill - Renegade Ride
At the start of each wave, the Potato Heads drive past enemies in a car driven by the three green aliens, dealing X damage and stealing X armor. Their energy gain is increased to X.

Red Skill - Eternally Grateful
the Potato Heads’ “Dynamite Blast” skill removes X armor from each enemy in range of the explosion.

  • +X max HP
  • +X Basic damage
  • +X damage to Hats Off

Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head + Hamm
Campaign: Emphasis on the Mister - Hamm and the Potato Heads are challenged by a Mama Bot to battle after they are mistaken for One-Eyed Bart, One-Eyed Betty, and Evil Dr. Porkchop. In a desperate need for survival, they acquire assistance from some of the resident mad scientists living in the City.
Disk: Crime Doesn’t Pay
Disk Memory: Enemies lose X reality each time they are hit by the Potato Heads’ “Angry Eyes” skill.
Disk Power: Z Basic Skill power
Allies: Dr. Drakken, Megavolt, Jumba

Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head + Slinky Dog
Campaign: Hunker Down - Slinky and the Potato Heads are trapped by a swarm of creeps, and the only thing protecting them is Slinky’s force field. However, Slinky can’t hold it up forever, so they try to find people who can easily take down their assailants.
Disk: Toy Protective Services
Disk Memory: the Potato Heads’ “Hats Off” skill steals X HP from enemies.
Disk Power: Z HP gain, Z tenacity
Allies: Chief Bogo, Anger, Baymax

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