Mufasa- Hero Concept

:star: Mid-line Support
Team: Red

“Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures.“

The former king of the pride lands supports his people as any good leader would do.


Entrance: Walks out
Victory: Laughs
Defeat: Falls down


Basic attack: Scratches the enemy

White skill: Mighty King of The Wild


Normal Damage :fist:

Mufasa pounces at the enemy with the most HP, dealing X damage to them.

Green Skill: Circle of Life


When an ally loses a buff, another random ally has a 40% chance to receive the same buff and heal for X.

Blue Skill: Nobody Messes With Dad


When an ally gets attacked, Mufasa jumps in front of the ally and roars. This scares the enemy for 7 seconds.

Purple Skill: King Of The Past


The first time Mufasa is KO’d, he revives and appears as a spirit with X HP. Sprit Mufasa can not deal damage or gain energy. As long as Spirit Mufasa is on the field, all allies gain one of these effects depending on their role:

Tank- Take 20% less damage from all sources.
Damage- Deal 20% more damage.
Support- Increased healing by 20%.
Control- dealt debuffs and disables last 20% longer.

This skill is less effective if the ally is above level X.

Red Skill: To Be King

When Mufasa or an Ally KO’s an enemy, that hero gains a shield with X HP that lasts 8 seconds. Mighty King of The Wild now scares the hit enemy for 7 seconds.

+X Reality
+Y Max HP
+Z Damage from Mighty King Of The Wild


Mufasa and Simba & Nala
Campaign: Learning To Rule
Disk: Royal Lessons- Scares last 2 seconds longer per star.
+X Armor
Description: Mufasa teaches Simba and Nala what they need to know to rule.
Allies: Rafiki, Merlin, King Louie

Mufasa and Basil
Campaign: The Lion and The Mouse
Disk: Scavenger Hunt- Deals 10% more damage to scared enemies per star.
Description: Mufasa and Basil try to solve Simba & Nala’s disappearance
Allies: Merida, Cheshire Cat, Scar

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Feedback is Appreciated

Great concept

Also is that render from kingdom hearts?

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That’s redundant. A buff is always positive.

Why not silence?

That’s a bad thing…

How about grating SP?

You mean disables and debuffs

This is the disk’s description? At this sentence to the disk’s status effects and make a different description

And in the end, all they found was his remains…

Remove “figure”

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It’s an awesome Concept but the last Skill Icon is way too big and the others are very big too… But I really love it! :grinning::kissing_heart:


Very good concept, I love it!

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Don’t you mean “20% less damage from all sources” and “Disables last 20% longer”?

Other than that, this concept is good!

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  1. Yes, @Defender_Momo_LV it is and thank you.

  2. Thank you for the feedback @Filadae_Djaq and @Tragic-Magic, fixed it .

  3. Thank you @Irrer-Minnie and @Heros_Porcinet_XCIX

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