[Fun and Games!] Forum Heroes! (v1.2.1)

Alice grows enormously to stomp on the creep

Jack Sparrow attacks the creep out of frustration


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Angelica does her snap damaging the creep

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Mary Poppins confuses the creep with the biggest word you ever heard and this is how it goes

giphy (4)

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Confused Creep is attacked by Grandma Duck

Puts Several Links To My Concepts In One Sentence To Damage The Creep

Every word is a link, please click them :wink:

(One of them definitely isn’t a rickroll)

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The creep tries pronouncing this:

dealing damage

Two hours of silence deals damage

23 minutes of silence damage the creep

3 minutes of silence damages the creep

A few seconds of silence damage the creep

Darkwing Duck swings at the creep

Followed by Launchpad

Followed by his plane

Followed by the rat catcher

The inactiveness damages the creep

Green and I have been eliminated in this round and I haven’t had a chance yet but I have to get a new one for the rest of the week so we can fail the river

Story damages the creep

Sounds like something from an object show lol.


Quoting damages the creep

Idents to damage the creep
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