This is my unlikely entry for @Imagineer_V ’s contest

Ethan Hunt
:star: Mid-line Control
Team: Red
Source: Mission Impossible: Fallout

“What’s done is done when I say it’s done.”

The top member of the Impossible Mission Federation, Ethan Hunt uses his various equipment and espionage techniques


Entrance: Gets lowered in from the ceiling on a cord, then snaps off the cord and gets into position

Victory: Nods

Defeat: Holds a wound on his side


Basic Attack: Shoots an enemy with his gun

White Skill: Master Of Disguise

Ethan puts on a mask, increasing his armor by X. He also transforms into a random ally and uses their active, then returning to normal.

Green Skill: Mission Impossible

Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
Ethan pulls out a pair of sunglasses and puts them on to receive a mission, studying the Most Wanted enemy for 12 seconds. He then throws the glasses into the fray and they explode, dealing X Damage to nearby enemies.

Blue Skill: Brazilian Arts

Normal Damage :fist:
Ethan uses Capoeira on the closest enemy, dealing X Damage, knocking them back, and stunning them for 9 seconds.

Purple Skill: Impossible Mission Federation

Every 7 seconds, a random enemy is studied for 8 seconds and has their Armor reduced by X.

Red Skill: Tactical Advantage

Each time a studied enemy takes Fantastic Damage, the duration of their study is increased by 3 seconds.

Each time an enemy is studied, Ethan’s Skill Power is increased by X.

+X Armor
+Y Max HP
+Z Tenacity


Ethan Hunt and Kim Possible
Campaign: Mission: Kimpossible
Disk: Super Sitch - Whenever an enemy is studied, they are also stunned for 3 seconds plus 1 second per star.
+X Basic Damage
Description: Kim Possible and Ethan team up on a mission.
Allies: Darkwing Duck, Mr. Incredible, Basil of Baker Street

Ethan Hunt and Flynn Rider
Campaign: A Thief for a Thief
Disk: Diamond Chase - When Ethan uses “Brazilian Arts, his Attack Speed is increased by 30% plus 10% per star and his Tenacity is increased by 35.
+X Basic Damage
Description: Ethan needs the help from Flynn’s thieving expertise
Allies: Violet, Randall, Aladdin

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Feedback is appreciated

I’m quite busy rn so I can’t review the full concept but I wanted to say

10/10 for originality.

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