Hollywood Studios Concept Contest!

Good, I’m gonna release my likely submission this weekend

Fine by me @Imagineer_V . I’ll wait for you. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Has Dumbo won any awards or made a lot of money at the box office?

I don’t know that’s why I’m asking

It won an Academy Award/Oscar for Best Scoring of a Musical Picture. That qualifies it

Thanks for reminding me :sweat_smile:

Here is my unlikely entry

It also saved Disney from financial debt with movies so I would say so

Ahhh, I keep forgetting

My 7-month-old entry

Here’s my submission for Snow White!

does it have to be a new concept or can you submit ones already made?

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Oh, ok.

(Ten whole Noodles)

I cannot even be active on the day it is due, so I will change it to the 28th at Midnight in your time zone.

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This is my Unlikely submission: Legolas Concept

Here’s my unlikely concept: Wonder Woman

Reminder to all that you have a little more than 24 hours to get your submissions in, at least from my time zone.

Submissions are due at Midnight on 2/28/2021 YOUR TIME!

Looking forward to the vote and who wins the fabulous prize!


Here is my unlikely entry

Scarlet Overkill

My likely entry is finished!

Still waiting for some food. Ready when you are @Imagineer_V. :slightly_smiling_face:image

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