My Humble Opinion!

I’ve been playing this game for over 3 years and I would like the developers to change some things, make the game more attractive and challenging in addition to motivating to play, little has changed since it was made, they add improvements in skills but they forget to do more challenges than make us play almost all day, it gets really boring when you only have to do what is daily and then there’s nothing else to do in the game, Create challenges, different championships, different tournaments and give players great gifts , don’t let this game fall into routine and discouragement, I love this game and I wanted changes a new face to the game that makes you play all day with good daily challenges and rewards!!


I feel similar as I want Disney Heroes to be a more interesting game again, like implementing more things mentioned in these polls:

I am not sure, but I think maybe Tower Trial became the Trial events we have now, still we haven’t really seen any of the other things listed in the game.

I think the reasons why Disney Heroes are getting less updates than before are due to PerBlue trying to develop new games, so they have less staff on Disney Heroes compared to before. Or at least less full time likely on Disney Heroes even if still involved.

I have noticed that PerBlue’s Portal Quest game is soon going to shutdown, so yeah while really sad one can hope it boost Disney Heroes some. Still really sad that Portal Quest is shutting down for those who enjoyed the game.

But yeah, I don’t know everything going on behind the scenes as that’s not something I don’t try to either, but yeah notice things here and there so yeah it seems like PerBlue are trying to develop new games.

We will see on how it goes, but yeah hope this clarifies some for you TheRelaxingEnding :-).

(Please don’t hide my comment PerBlue for trying to help other people and for actually caring about how it goes for PerBlue. I just really care about you at PerBlue’s wellbeing and PerBlue as a company).


I understand friend, we as players want evolution in the games, I feel that this is missing here because I’ve been playing since it was made, I understand your vision this may be the motivation for being a little stopped the game, I love the game it’s nostalgic it’s for having more than 3 years was supposed to have a novelty in relation to what was said here, if they are seeing this comment I hope they make the effort to offer us news and changes mainly, in all aspects, improvements in skills and characters are good, but other changes in the game in challenges and etc, would be very good too!! like any player I want this game to bring me even more motivation!!!

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Well, apart from the badges getting more and more expensive… once in a month trial event… I don´t really see the game as much different compared to the situation 2 years ago.

But yeah I would rather have the badge costs only 1.5x higher than Y4 rather than well… 2x on some and 10x on others :man_shrugging:

I will write a “Testament to PerBlue” likely on Tuesday.


Wait, when you say Testament do you mean you are quitting soon?

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Well, there is another meaning of that word in English…

“something that serves as a sign or evidence of a specified fact, event, or quality”


Ah I see and thanks for clarifying Numi :-).

Was a bit unsure at first on what you meant.

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I have that badge map we did for R19 and I´ve been trying to update it ever since. With Y20 I just can´t be quiet anymore. 2 years ago, at R14, I didn´t think it could come to this.

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Ah I see, so yeah something needs to said and especially done.

I am not sure how safe I feel talking here about this after PerBlue hid my comment for just asking the question in regards to how many people work on Disney Heroes. I definitely didn’t expect an actual answer necessarily, but yeah after they hid my comment I admit I fear posting more so in terms of things in terms or PerBlue here.

So yeah, we can rather continue this chat in the Discord server or in DM.

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these challenges of specific dates like this one for halloween could be done weekly not only on specific dates, just use creativity and create content, that make you feel good in the game that you spend your time especially, there shouldn’t be specific dates for events specific, it’s supposed to be weekly, Tournaments different from the traditional ones and that give a good gift to the players, I say again it’s a good game, it’s not difficult to create something different, just have a meeting and set everything you need to do to win more players and don’t miss it, because a lot of people give up the same thing every year, you can’t keep pushing it anymore!!!

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