Future Features: March 2021

This section has 2 parts - feature ideas that sound useful and interesting. The design team is brainstorming future features and wants your input on the direction we take. Vote in the poll and feel free to comment with feedback!

Which of these features sounds the most useful to you?

Saved Lineup improvements

  • A collection of improvements that might include things like:
    • Naming lineups
    • Mode specific lineups
    • Access to saved lineups from the main Hero List screen

Favorite Heroes

  • Mark heroes as “favorites” in your list and increase the chance of items related to those heroes dropping or appearing more frequently in rewards, crates and shops

Hero Test Drive

  • Add a newly released hero to your team and use them in certain modes for a limited amount of time

Community Rated Heroes

  • Rate multiple aspects of heroes like:
    • Effectiveness within specific modes
    • Mod / Memory Disk preferences
Which one sound most useful?
  • Saved Lineup Improvements
  • Favorite Heroes
  • Hero Test Drive
  • Community Rated Heroes

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Which of these features sounds the most interesting to you?

Promotion Bonuses

  • Earn an in-game currency each time you promote a hero
  • Spend the currency to apply stat bonuses to your entire hero collection

Team / Role Mods

  • Interchangeable Mods that apply a specific stat bonus to all the heroes in your collection who belong to a specific role or team

Lineup Mods

  • Interchangeable Mods that can be equipped before battle to your lineup
  • Some Mods might only apply to specific modes or uses (e.g. Heist, Arena/Coliseum defense, etc.)

Tower Trial

  • Fight your way through multiple tower levels while earning rewards and competing against other players
  • Tower levels are unlocked with specific combinations of heroes and accessories
Which one sounds most interesting?
  • Promotion Bonuses
  • Team/Role Mods
  • Lineup Mods
  • Tower Trial

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Wait… accessories?


That actually sounds pretty interesting to me…

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Wow, these all sound so good. I feel like Test Drive could be exploitable, so they should be unavailable in Arena, Coli, War, and Campaigns.

Oh, and what if PerBlue could implement something so we can test disks out?

I would be most interested in this, but I really hope this ties into the promotion bonuses.


I do not have any preferences because these are all great. Would all of these be added eventually?


That would be amazing because these are all so good ideas.

I’ll vote for the one I want now so we can get to the rest soon.


Was gonna go for testing in lineups but this made me change my mind. This would be SOO good




Both of those sounds so cool! Really excited for potential new game mode.

Promotion bonuses also sounds great, good for f2p players :wink:


Yes, that sounds good.

This is going to be very nice for those of us who are obsessed with certain heroes. Though, I’ll still wait to see how high the chance increase is, and what the catch to this is.

I’d have to know which modes, and whether they’ll be made more difficult to compensate.

Ten seconds in global chat says this is going to be a joke.

Send that thing back to Pay-2-Win hell where it belongs.

Ooh, a new way to put Nick on steroids! I’ll take it. :+1:

Sounds interesting, but that would depend on whether they’re as effective as mod upgrades or war car stat bonuses.

Not going to lie, after the name and first sentence, I was upset that you’d add something so overused. But if it’s actually a challenge mode, then that sounds neat.

Just don’t abuse it by making it limited-time, locked under max rarity, or only new heroes.


Improvements are desperately needed and both naming and mode specific lineups would be good. However, the thing that is needed most is the ability to lock the friendship disc to the saved lineup. I should be able to select a saved lineup with specific discs, then change to another lineup that includes one or more of the same hero but with different friendship discs. E.g. I want to use King Louie (Pe) for invasion bots and King Louie (An) for the breaker quests. It would make things much easier if I could just select a different lineup rather than having to change discs all the time.


I have an idea that I am hoping I can bring across nicely:

Similar to friendships, heroes could have an “enemy”, and this hero will deal more damage to this enemy if it is in the opposite line.
It shouldnt be as complex as friendships with disks, disk power and stories. But would like it to be more like a collection / challenge to unlock this, with no upgrades or anything.
Each hero should only have one “enemy” as well.

Buzz is Zurg’s enemy, so to unlock the 1% increased damage that Zurg inflicts to Buzz, you need to kill Buzz 100 times with Zurg on your team.
Zurg then could be Bo-Peep’s enemy, similar story.
Bo-Peep is Sadness’ enemy
Sandess is Sully&Boo

And so it goes on, No hero should be the enemy of more than one hero (compared to Woody for example who is the friend of 4 Heroes, while Tron is no one’s friend)

These challenges could be released weekly, and only one challenge should be in progress at a time in order to keep it going and for newer heroes to be paired against older heroes.

Just a thought :slight_smile:


Usefullness of this feature depends on how many heroes can be your favourite. Can someone elaborate on this?

I would prefer a kind of training centre were you can test all heroes (not only new ones), but this would be a little step in that right direction.

In the second part I like a new game mode like Tower Trails (although I’m worried about special heroes being needed) and promotion bonusses


XD Both of my picks were in last place!

Tower Trial sounds like City Watch and Invasion had a kid.


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Well it’ll probably be a few, but tbh even one would help. You choose a character you need resources for, once you’re done with them you change to another character


Glad to see that my chosen options also seems to be the most popular :slight_smile: they would be cool additions!

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We dont need another pvp mode.
Make an pve Mode, and it would be great

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It is PVE…

The competition most likely ends on leaderboard.
And we really need ANY new game mode, it’s getting very boring.


Now this will be a challenge to complete in the game

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They are so nice!

Its is going to be nice.
Finally in a century!
We have gotten a chicken menchuri!
New Game Mode!!

I cannot tell how happy i am.And also am glad to see my choices are on a lead!
Eventually if everything of the above are brought,The game will havemore fame then!

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