My idea for a Disney Smash Bros. game

As a massive fan of both Disney and the Super Smash Bros. series, I always hope that one day, we get a game that plays similar to Smash Bros., but with Disney characters being playable. Since sometime in 2021, I’ve been making concepts of my own fan-made idea of a game that plays like that. In the end, I’ve made a game that consists of a total of a whopping 144 playable characters, with 18 DLC characters (released in six waves of three characters each) also being a part of it. I’ve made a full-on Smash Bros. style moveset (special moves, trophy description, taunts, victory/losing animations, how they feel to play) of all 144 base game characters, and I’m working on trying to complete the DLC movesets.

Below is a list of all 162 characters in my fan-made idea, with the characters who are DLC being noted.

101 Dalmatians - Cruella De Vil

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad - Ichabod Crane

Aladdin - Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Jafar

Alice in Wonderland - Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat (DLC), Queen of Hearts

Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Kida, Vinny, Mole (DLC)

Beauty and the Beast - Belle, Beast, Gaston

Big Hero 6 - Hiro, Baymax

The Black Cauldron - Horned King

Bolt - Bolt

Brave - Merida

Brother Bear - Kenai and Koda

A Bug’s Life - Flik, Heimlich (DLC), Hopper

Chicken Little - Chicken Little

Cinderella - Cinderella, Fairy Godmother

Coco - Miguel

Dumbo - Dumbo and Timothy

The Emperor’s New Groove - Kuzco (DLC), Pacha, Yzma, Kronk

Finding Nemo/Dory - Bruce (DLC), Hank and Dory

The Fox and the Hound - Tod and Copper

Frozen - Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff

Fun and Fancy Free - Willie the Giant

A Goofy Movie - Max (DLC)

The Great Mouse Detective - Basil, Ratigan

Hercules - Hercules, Phil, Zeus, Hades

Hocus Pocus - Winifred Sanderson

The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Quasimodo, Esmeralda, Frollo

The Incredibles - Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, Jack Jack, Frozone, Syndrome

Inside Out - Joy, Sadness, Anger

The Jungle Book - Baloo, Bagheera, King Louie, Shere Khan (DLC)

Lilo and Stitch - Lilo, Stitch, Jumba

The Lion King - Simba and Nala, Timon and Pumbaa, Rafiki, Scar

The Little Mermaid - Ariel, Prince Eric (DLC), King Triton, Ursula

Meet the Robinsons - Bowler Hat Guy

Mickey Mouse - Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pete, Huey/Dewey/Louie, Scrooge McDuck

Moana - Moana, Maui

Monsters Inc. - Sulley and Boo, Mike Wazowksi, Randall

Mulan - Mulan, Mushu, Shan Yu

National Treasure - Ben Gates

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack Skellington, Sally, Oogie Boogie

Oliver and Company - Dodger and Oliver, Sykes (DLC)

Onward - Ian Lightfoot, Barley Lightfoot

Peter Pan - Peter Pan, Wendy (DLC), Captain Hook

Pete’s Dragon - Elliott

Pinocchio - Pinocchio, Stromboli (DLC)

Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbossa, Davy Jones

Pocahontas - Pocahontas

The Princess and the Frog - Tiana, Mama Odie (DLC), Dr. Facilier

Ratatouille - Linguini and Remy, Colette (DLC)

The Rescuers - Penny/Bernard/Bianca, Madame Medusa, Percival C. McLeach (DLC)

Robin Hood - Robin Hood, Little John, Prince John (DLC), Sheriff of Nottingham

The Rocketeer - Rocketeer

Sleeping Beauty - Aurora, Maleficent

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Snow White, Evil Queen

Soul - 22

The Sword in the Stone - Merlin, Madam Mim

Tangled - Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Mother Gothel (DLC)

Toy Story - Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Hamm, Slinky, Mr. Potato Head (DLC), Jessie, Zurg

Treasure Planet - Jim Hawkins, John Silver, Captain Amelia

Tron - Tron, Quorra

Up - Carl, Russell and Kevin


Winnie the Pooh - Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore

Wreck-It Ralph - Ralph, Vanellope, Felix, Calhoun

Zootopia - Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Chief Bogo (DLC)

Much like Smash Bros., I wanted there to be characters who function like the Assist Trophies there, with these being the characters who fulfill that role.

101 Dalmatians - Horace and Jasper

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad - Mr. Toad and Cyril

Aladdin - Iago

Alice in Wonderland - Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Milo

Beauty and the Beast - Lumiere

A Bug’s Life - Tuck and Roll

Fun and Fancy Free - Golden Harp

A Goofy Movie - Powerline

The Great Mouse Detective - Fidget

Hercules - Megara

The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Phoebus

The Incredibles - Edna Mode

The Jungle Book - Kaa

Lilo and Stitch - Pleakley

The Little Mermaid - Flotsam and Jetsam

Mickey Mouse - Daisy Duck

Mulan - Shang

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Lock, Shock, and Barrel

Onward - Manticore

Pinocchio - Geppetto

Pirates of the Caribbean - Tia Dalma

Ratatouille - Chef Skinner

Robin Hood - Friar Tuck

Toy Story - Little Green Men

Treasure Planet - Scroop

Tron - Kevin Flynn


Winnie the Pooh - Rabbit

Zootopia - Flash

If anyone wants to know the moveset of any of the above mentioned characters, you can let me know and I’ll post it on here. One thing though I’m struggling with is coming up with ideas for icons for each of those franchises (much like how Mario has the Mushroom, Zelda has the Triforce, Kirby has the Warp Star, etc.). Some of them are easy (Genie’s lamp for Aladdin, the rose for Beauty and the Beast), but for some movies, like Fox and the Hound and Oliver and Company, I’m really struggling to think what their icons should be. If anyone has good ideas for these icons, feel free to let me know, and I would appreciate it very much.

Hopefully this idea sounds interesting, and I do have a lot of work put into it, but I’m curious to see what everyone thinks of this idea, and as I mentioned, if you want me to post some movesets on here, let me know who for and I can do so.

All Characters + Post Number Their Moveset is On


Aladdin - 41

Alice - 59


Anna - 46

Ariel - 48

Aurora - 80


Baloo - 50

Barley Lightfoot - 33

Basil - 64



Belle - 54

Ben Gates - 18


Bowler Hat Guy


Buzz Lightyear


Captain Amelia

Captain Hook - 71


Cheshire Cat - 27

Chicken Little

Chief Bogo

Cinderella - 59


Cruella De Vil - 89


Davy Jones

Dodger and Oliver

Donald Duck - 46

Dr. Facilier - 34

Dumbo and Timothy

Eeyore - 20


Elliott - 34

Elsa - 46

Esmeralda - 54


Evil Queen - 89

Fairy Godmother

Felix - 71

Flik - 71

Flynn Rider - 78

Frollo - 41

Frozone - 64


Genie - 18


Hades - 48


Hank and Dory

Hector Barbossa - 64

Heimlich - 71

Hercules - 48



Horned King - 8

Huey, Dewey, and Louie - 54

Ian Lightfoot

Ichabod Crane - 62

Jack Jack

Jack Skellington - 54

Jack Sparrow

Jafar - 76

Jasmine - 34


Jim Hawkins

John Silver - 50

Joy - 46


Jumba - 78

Kenai and Koda


King Louie

King Triton - 48



Kuzco - 41

Lilo - 20

Linguini and Remy

Little John

Mad Hatter - 59

Madam Mim - 76

Madame Medusa - 62

Maleficent - 89

Mama Odie - 76

Maui - 46


Merida - 80

Merlin - 76

Mickey Mouse - 50


Mike Wazowski

Minnie Mouse

Moana - 20


Mother Gothel

Mr. Incredible

Mr. Potato Head

Mulan - 80



Olaf - 59

Oogie Boogie - 33


Penny, Bernard, and Bianca - 62

Percival C. McLeach - 62

Pete - 76

Peter Pan



Pocahontas - 80

Prince Eric

Prince John

Quasimodo - 71

Queen of Hearts - 89



Ralph - 64


Rapunzel - 46

Ratigan - 27


Robin Hood


Russell and Kevin - 78



Scar - 89

Scrooge McDuck - 54

Shan Yu

Shere Khan

Sheriff of Nottingham

Simba and Nala

Slinky - 64

Snow White - 80

Stitch - 54


Sulley and Boo


Syndrome - 27

Tiana - 80

Tigger - 59

Timon and Pumbaa

Tod and Copper - 50


Ursula - 89

Vanellope - 46




Wendy - 18

Willie the Giant - 62

Winifred Sanderson

Winnie the Pooh - 59



Zeus - 48



I totally agree! a Disney game with a Super Smash Bros. style should be reality! Some suggestions for the icons you mentioned:
WALL-E - Plant in a boot
Winnie the Pooh - Honey jar
Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack-O-Lantern with a Santa hat
Little Mermaid - There are a couple of ways to go with this, but you could use Ursula’s shell necklace or Triton’s Trident
The Incredibles - Their symbol


This is incredible! I’d love for this to be a real!

This is perfection. (But we need Riley as a assist trophy)


I agree with you. Nickelodeon got two of them, Warner bros got one, so why not Disney? They have so many IPs, that they should do a crossover fighting game. If they did, I hope it’s going to be a big one with not just Disney and Pixar, but also marvel, Star Wars, Fox, etc.

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Glad to see this idea’s been getting positive reception so far. While I have no more intentions to add new characters or assist trophies, keep in mind that those who don’t make it will likely have representation in the game somewhere as a trophy. I also went ahead and brainstormed up ideas for series icons, and this is what I got.

101 Dalmatians - A silhouette of a Dalmatian puppy

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad - The Headless Horseman’s pumpkin

Aladdin - Genie’s lamp

Alice in Wonderland - A mushroom

Atlantis: The Lost Empire - An Atlantean crystal

Beauty and the Beast - The enchanted rose

Big Hero 6 - Baymax’s head

The Black Cauldron - The black cauldron

Bolt - A lightning bolt

Brave - A bow and arrow

Brother Bear - A bear’s footprint

A Bug’s Life - A sunflower

Chicken Little - An acorn

Cinderella - A glass slipper

Coco - Miguel’s guitar

Dumbo - A feather

The Emperor’s New Groove - A llama drawing

Finding Nemo/Dory - A sea anemone

The Fox and the Hound - Copper and Chief’s barrels

Frozen - A snowflake

Fun and Fancy Free - The beanstalk

A Goofy Movie - The words “Hi Dad”

The Great Mouse Detective - A magnifying glass

Hercules - Hercules’ medallion

Hocus Pocus - Winifred’s spellbook

The Hunchback of Notre Dame - A bell

The Incredibles - The Parr family’s logo

Inside Out - A silhouette of Bing Bong

The Jungle Book - A banana

Lilo and Stitch - Scrump

The Lion King - Rafiki’s Simba drawing

The Little Mermaid - King Triton’s trident

Meet the Robinsons - The time machine

Mickey Mouse - A Hidden Mickey

Moana - Maui’s hook

Monsters Inc. - The company’s logo

Mulan - A Chinese dragon drawing

National Treasure - The exterior of the Lincoln Memorial

The Nightmare Before Christmas - A Christmas present

Oliver and Company - A link of sausages

Onward - Ian’s staff

Peter Pan - A silhouette of Tinker Bell

Pete’s Dragon - A lighthouse

Pinocchio - The Blue Fairy’s wand

Pirates of the Caribbean - A skull wearing a bandana

Pocahontas - Pocahontas’ necklace

The Princess and the Frog - Dr. Facilier’s talisman

Ratatouille - A pan

The Rescuers - The Devil’s Eye diamond

Robin Hood - King Richard’s crown

The Rocketeer - The Rocketeer’s helmet

Sleeping Beauty - A spinning wheel

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - The poisoned apple

Soul - A trombone

The Sword in the Stone - The sword in the stone

Tangled - The magic flower

Toy Story - Buzz’s Star Command logo

Treasure Planet - The map to Treasure Planet

Tron - An identity disc

Up - Carl’s house

WALL-E - A plant in a shoe

Winnie the Pooh - A honey pot

Wreck-It Ralph - A medal

Zootopia - A ZPD badge

Most of these choices I’m fine with, but a few of these franchises I’m not super crazy about what I picked, and if anyone has any better ideas on what to do for these franchises, feel free to let me know your thoughts.

101 Dalmatians

A Bug’s Life


The Fox and the Hound

Inside Out

The Jungle Book

Oliver and Company

Peter Pan


Tomorrow, I’ll probably post the list of stages in the game, and potentially a moveset of one of the characters to give you all an idea of what it’s like.


I feel like this should be the potion

A few core memories?


^ Thanks for the feedback. I actually did consider using the potion for Emperor’s New Groove but I was wondering if it would be too similar looking to the potion Hades uses to turn Hercules mortal, and thus there may be some confusion to what movie it was representing. The Inside Out choice is a better idea than what I had as well.

I’ve got two new interesting pieces of the game to share, with the first being the list of all 71 stages present in my game. All of these stages are present in the base game, though a number of them do need to be unlocked before they can be used for VS mode. Each franchise that has a playable character has at least one stage, with a few franchises having more than one. There are also two stages made solely for the game called Battlefield and Dark Realm, which are essentially this game’s equivalent of Smash Bro.’s Battlefield and Final Destination stages.

Action Highway – Bolt

Andy’s Room – Toy Story

Ant Island – A Bug’s Life

Atlantica – The Little Mermaid

Atlantis – Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Axiom – WALL-E


Beast’s Castle – Beauty and the Beast

Casey Jr. – Dumbo

Cave of Wonders – Aladdin

Classic Castle – Cinderella

Court of Miracles – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Dark Realm

Door Vault – Monsters Inc.

Dwarfs’ Forest – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Elsa’s Ice Palace – Frozen

Fix-It Felix Jr. – Wreck-It Ralph

Forbidden Mountain – Sleeping Beauty

Galactic Federation Headquarters – Lilo and Stitch

Giantland – Fun and Fancy Free

Great Before – Soul

Gusteau’s Kitchen – Ratatouille

Horned King’s Castle – The Black Cauldron

Hundred Acre Wood – Winnie the Pooh

Independence Hall – National Treasure

Indian Jungle – The Jungle Book

Isla de Muerta – Pirates of the Caribbean

Islands of Personality – Inside Out

Jamestown – Pocahontas

Jolly Roger – Peter Pan

Kuzco’s Palace – The Emperor’s New Groove

L.A. Concert – A Goofy Movie

Land of the Dead – Coco

Light-Cycle Run – Tron

London Toy Store – The Great Mouse Detective

Louisiana Bayou – The Princess and the Frog

Luxembourg – The Rocketeer

Medieval England – The Sword in the Stone

Medusa’s Riverboat – The Rescuers

Money Vault – DuckTales

Motunui – Moana

Mount Olympus – Hercules

Muntz’s Blimp – Up

Nottingham – Robin Hood

Oakey Oaks – Chicken Little

Oogie’s Lair – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Passamaquoddy Lighthouse – Pete’s Dragon

Pleasure Island – Pinocchio

Pride Rock – The Lion King

Raven’s Point – Onward

Regents’ Park – 101 Dalmatians

Robinsons’ Family House – Meet the Robinsons

Salmon Run – Brother Bear

San Fransokyo – Big Hero 6

Sandersons’ Cottage – Hocus Pocus

Scotland Tournament Grounds – Brave

Snowy Mountain – Mulan

Snuggly Duckling – Tangled

Sugar Rush – Wreck-It Ralph

Sydney Docks – Finding Nemo

Syndrome’s Island – The Incredibles

Times Square – Oliver and Company

Toontown – Mickey Mouse

Treasure Planet – Treasure Planet

Ursula’s Lair – The Little Mermaid

Wacky Wonderland – Alice in Wonderland

Wildlife Preserve – The Fox and the Hound

Woods of Sleepy Hollow – The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Yen Sid’s Tower – Fantasia

Zootopia Grand Tour – Zootopia

Zurg’s Planet – Toy Story 2

I also decided to go ahead and show an idea of what a fighter’s moveset is like. With 144 characters done, there’s a lot to choose from, but one of my favorites to design was the Horned King, so here’s what I’ve got for him.

Trophy Description:

An evil skeletal king who is determined to obtain the mythical black cauldron, which is capable of summoning an undead army that he plans to use in his scheme to conquer the world. Little does he anticipate what will happen to him and his army when a small furry creature named Gurgi sacrifices himself to the cauldron. The Horned King is one of the least mobile characters in the game, but makes up for it by having his powerful undead army assist him in battle.

General Information:

The Horned King is a heavyweight character, though not among the heavier half of the heavyweights, and his playstyle is one of the most unique in the game. In general, the Horned King is a character whose advantages and disadvantages are extreme ones. The Horned King has the slowest running speed in the game, with his air speed not faring much better, and he falls quickly. While his up special can allow him to move a little quicker, he still won’t be able to move as quickly as most characters when using it. On top of that, his up special is only about average as a recovery tool. The Horned King does have some powerful non-special moves, but he isn’t in the top tier of attack power without assistance. However, despite his major weaknesses, the Horned King does an amazing tool with him, though it does take some effort and time to pull off, and that is his ability to have the Cauldron Born fight for him. However, to get this to happen, the Horned King needs to plan ahead with his two most important moves, his standard and down specials. His down special summons the bones of a Cauldron Born soldier, and his standard special summons the black cauldron. The black cauldron periodically releases mist and smoke from it, which is needed to bring Cauldron Born to life, and when Cauldron Born are alive they will fight for the Horned King. Cauldron Born are powerful allies, and up to four of them can be active at a time, but the catch is they need mist and smoke to continually be spewing onto them to keep them alive. Therefore, the Horned King will need to periodically run to the cauldron to release more mist and smoke once it stops automatically doing so, and with his poor speed, he needs to be careful to keep his damage to a minimum to avoid losing a stock and having to go through the process of spawning Cauldron Born again. Overall, The Horned King is a very unique character to play as, and his playstyle is one that is quite different and won’t be for everyone. He is a character who is all about set-up and payoff, meaning he will likely get off to a slow start of trying to summon the Cauldron Born while minimizing damage he takes. However, those who can learn the best way to execute the ideal strategy for him will find him to be an incredibly powerful character, though he can be tough to consistently do well with.

Standard Special - Black Cauldron

The Horned King summons the black cauldron right in front of him, which will remain there until he loses a stock. Every ten seconds, mist and smoke emerge from the cauldron, stopping once a full minute has passed. The mist and smoke are helpful because they bring Cauldron Born to life, and it is also needed for the Cauldron Born to remain alive. If the move is activated again next to the cauldron after the mist and smoke stop emerging, the mist and smoke will start emerging again for thirty seconds. If the move is activated again away from the cauldron, the Horned King will growl, which will temporarily give the Cauldron Born a small speed increase.

Side Special - Sneaky Creeper

The Horned King summons Creeper, who roams around the stage and latches onto enemies he comes across, pummeling them and doing decent damage, but no knockback. Creeper stays out for about seven seconds and the Horned King has to wait a little bit after Creeper goes away before he can summon him again.

Up Special - Sinister Entrance

The Horned King vanishes and reappears a distance away in the direction the control stick was leaning towards when inputted. This is the quickest the Horned King can move, but it’s still not very fast, and the distance covered isn’t terrible, but nothing special either.

Down Special - Cauldron Born

The Horned King throws bones of deceased soldiers to the ground, which there can be up to four piles of out on the battlefield at a time. When the mist and smoke from the cauldron moves over the bones, the undead soldiers will come to life and roam around the battlefield, swinging their swords and performing lunge attacks. The Cauldron Born are quite powerful, and are more agile than the Horned King. However, if a soldier goes fifteen seconds without being exposed to the cauldron’s mist and smoke, they will disintegrate and die. This can be a tough task for the Horned King to keep going on, as the stage gets cluttered with his soldiers and he needs to hang out near the cauldron to keep creating mist and smoke. The Cauldron Born can be destroyed by opponents if enough damage is done to them, but they do have a good amount of health, so they aren’t particularly easy to kill. The Cauldron Born can’t hurt the Horned King.

Superstar Attack - Self-Destruct

Upon activation, the black cauldron will move to the Horned King’s location, or spawn there if the cauldron isn’t already on stage. The Horned King will then start to be torn apart by the cauldron and sucked into it, which will result in one stock being taken away from him. However, the cauldron emits very powerful winds that can easily sucks others towards it, and if a character does get sucked into the cauldron, they will instantly be KO’d. The following explosion that kills the Horned King afterwards is massive and sends powerful debris flying everywhere, and most importantly, for every character KO’d by being sucked into the cauldron, the Horned King will gain an additional stock. Fitting with the Horned King’s playstyle, this is one of the most high-risk, high-reward Superstar Attacks in the game, as the KO potential is great and the Horned King has the ability to come out of it with more stocks than he started with. However, if the attack fails to suck anyone into the cauldron, the Horned King will lose a stock.


Up Taunt - The Horned King says “Get up, you fools! KILL!”

Side Taunt - The Horned King says “Arise, my messengers of death!”

Down Taunt - The Horned King lets out a brief, but sinister cackle.

Victory/Losing Animations:

Victory Animation 1: The Horned King says “Oh yes, yes! Now you will worship ME!”, and raises his hand triumphantly in the air.

Victory Animation 2: The Horned King says “Oh, how I’ve longed to be a god among men…”

Victory Animation 3: The Horned King stands with the black cauldron in front of him, then strikes a pose as a huge spurt of smoke and mist spews out.

Losing Animation: Creeper freaks out as he stands next to the Horned King, who proceeds to grab Creeper and start strangling him. (Most characters just applaud like in Smash Bros. for their losing animation, but a handful of characters, mainly villains or characters without proper hands may have different losing animations.)

Hopefully this moveset looks good, and if there’s more movesets people specifically want to see, let me know and I can post them. I’ll probably post more as the week goes on.


Maybe a skateboard?

I like the Tinker Bell silhouette idea!

Maybe a leaf?


I did a Smash clone for Disney as my senior project in high school. Well, a written version with a short stop motion preview but I digress. Anyway, I have some problems with your roster. I understand that this is your idea and I don’t mean to step on your toes, but I feel that some character such as the Horned King, Phil, Snow White and Cinderella are not really equipped to be in a game like this.

Now before anyone busts my chops, let me explain. I get the feeling that your thinking about this in the mindset of DHBM. While their skillsets may work in a game like DHBM, may not work in a Smash clone mechanic wise.

If you want to make a roster like that, you have to be realistic in your approach. What I mean is that you have to make extra sure that they have qualities of a fighter such as.

  • Do they have enough to make them into a fighter?
  • Will the character be interesting enough for players?
  • Can they be a fighter without looking awkward?
  • Lastly and most important, there is a matter of if a specific character can be a fighter against if they should be a fighter

You know stuff like that. Just a little food for thought. Hope this helps.


You forgot oswald >=<

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While I can understand where you’re coming from in saying certain characters don’t necessarily scream “fighter”, or seem like someone who would necessarily be in a fighting game, I’m not too against it as Smash Bros. also does similar things with its characters. For example, characters like Wii Fit Trainer or Piranha Plant don’t necessarily scream “fighter”, but they were able to get them to work by using their utilities to create an atypical, but still fun moveset, and I feel like I’ve done a good job in trying to keep that in mind with the characters here who don’t naturally fit into combat.

I’m also not putting everyone here on the same level of powers as they are in canon to make the game more balanced and for those without natural combat abilities to also be effective fighters too (TV Tropes has a trope about this called “Power Creep, Power Seep”). For example, someone like Eeyore or Lilo would never beat someone like Mr. Incredible or Maleficent if their skills and abilities were in canon, but with those atypical fighters, it got me to experiment more with their movesets to make them effective as well. Smash Bros. also has elements of this as well (for example, someone like the Ice Climbers or R.O.B., who have no powers or much moveset potential, can easily compete with the ranks of Palutena, a literal goddess), so I don’t see why that can’t be the case here as well.

I also tried to balance out characters with clear extreme advantages or disadvantages in power as well. For example, much like Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, characters from Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, and The Great Mouse Detective are all scaled up to human size to give them a fighting chance, and I also scaled down Willie from his usual giant size to still being big, but not giant, so he doesn’t have an unfair advantage (and unlike those aforementioned characters, this example is more feasible in canon since he has the ability to change his size). Characters like Zeus or Hades, who are immortal, also obviously need to be not impossible to KO, underwater characters need to be able to function on land (which I do by having them hover, much like King Triton does in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode), and Genie’s inability to hurt people also needs to be taken out so he can compete as well. Obviously, I get that not all these choices make sense logistically, but in a game that’s primarily made to be fun more than making logical sense (which in a world of magical characters and talking animals, not everything being 100% realistic is to be expected), I think this can easily be excused, especially since Smash Bros. does this as well (for example, Olimar is only supposed to be a few inches tall in his series, when he’s much bigger than that in Smash Bros., and Ridley was made much smaller from his usual size as well).

Overall, while I can understand where you’re coming from and I have no issue with you offering criticism, I feel like these things aren’t that big of issues in the long run, since I was able to make movesets for people who are atypical fighters, which is often accomplished by allowing them to utilize non-physical utilities or having allies fight with them in combat. Since Smash Bros. does invoke some of those elements as well, and since this is a game that is obviously never actually going to be made, I don’t see what the big issue is personally, but I respect your opinion.


Wow! No doubt you put a lot of thought into this idea! Good job!

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After seeing the Horned King. You got my attention.

Okay, do Mirabel next.


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And could I possible see Ben Gates?

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I haven’t made any concept for Mirabel (I started making the game in 2021, before Encanto was even released), and since I don’t have any intentions to add more characters for the time being, I’m afraid I won’t be able to do one for her at the moment, but any character listed on the first post minus most of the DLC characters is completely done (I do have Colette, Shere Khan, and Wendy done for the DLC characters, since I intend for them to be the first wave of them, and the others are still being worked on), and I can post if desired. Tomorrow, I’ll post my moveset for Ben and anyone else others may be curious about.

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Okay, then do Wendy. I’m not picky.

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Here are three more examples of movesets I made, with these being for two requested characters, Ben Gates and Wendy, and I added a third one on here for Genie, my favorite Disney character. Hopefully these ones also turned out good as well.

Ben Gates:

Trophy Description:

A man who is well-educated in the field of American history and believes a family legend that the Founding Fathers have buried a secret treasure, to which the location of the treasure is located on the back of the Declaration of Independence. As such, Ben devises a plan to steal the Declaration, whilst avoiding the attention of the FBI. A well-resourced character, Ben utilizes many tools in combat, all of which carry their distinct pros and cons.

General Information:

Ben Gates is mostly a well-rounded character who has a number of tools with him that he can use to his benefit. Ben is middle-of-the-pack when it comes to weight, being a middleweight fighter, and his agility stats are average, with average running speed, decent air speed, and high falling speed. Ben’s attacks generally do good damage without being too slow, and most of his special moves have more than one function they serve. His side special can be used to either deflect projectiles or be thrown as one, which is strong, albeit slow. His up special gives him decent vertical and horizontal distance by ascending a staircase, with each stair he steps on falling to the ground as a projectile that also works well as a meteor smash when used in the air. Ben’s down special, in which he pulls out a metal detector, is perhaps his most unique move, as it allows him to either use it as an attack, or as a tool to scan the ground to find items buried underneath the stage that he can uncover for his own use. In general, while Ben’s advantages aren’t amazing ones, he also doesn’t possess major weaknesses, with his primary attributes being above average at best and average at worst, making him a well-rounded character with a versatile moveset.

Standard Special - Drill Away

Ben pulls out a drill and turns it on, doing pretty good damage with average knockback to those hit by it. The move is also pretty quick, but its disadvantage comes from the fact that the drill is small, and Ben needs to be very close to an opponent to hit them with it.

Side Special - Important Document

Ben pulls out the Declaration of Independence, kept secure in a cover. He can use the document as a tool to deflect projectiles, keeping them from hurting him, or he can throw the document a short distance in front of him, which does decent damage to those hit by it, and has KO potential at higher percentages.

Up Special - Rickety Staircase

A small staircase made of wooden steps spawns right in front of Ben, who climbs up it. Each step he takes causes a step to fall down, serving as a projectile for his opponents to dodge. The attack and recovery are both decent at their intended role, but nothing amazing.

Down Special - Metal Detector

Upon input, Ben pulls out a metal detector, which he can use either as an attack or as a tool to scan the ground for hidden items based on what special move input is done when the metal detector is out. If a side special input is used, Ben will swing the metal detector, doing decent damage and knockback to those hit. As he moves with the metal detector, if it detects an item underneath, it will start to beep. Inputting an up special when this happens will have Ben unearth the item underneath (which is random) and be allowed to use it. The metal detector will be put away if a down special is inputted again. Inputting a standard special does nothing.

Superstar Attack - It’s Gonna Blow!

Upon activation, many items such as TNT barrels and artifacts suddenly spawn on the stage. Ben escapes the battlefield temporarily through a trap door, just after he throws a match onto a TNT barrel. This creates a massive explosion that does serious damage to those caught in it, sending artifacts and debris raining down for the attack’s duration of 15 seconds. Those hit by the debris take good damage as well, but the greatest KO potential comes from the explosion, which activates on the TNT barrel Ben is closest to upon activation.


Up Taunt - Ben pulls out a campaign button and quickly looks at it.

Side Taunt - Ben says “We don’t need someone crazy.”

Down Taunt - Ben says “You really can’t shut your mouth, can you?”

Victory/Losing Animations:

Victory Animation 1: Ben says “Now I’ve won, you promise you won’t be any trouble?”

Victory Animation 2: Ben says “I’m just relieved that I’m not as crazy as everyone says.”

Victory Animation 3: Ben is shown looking through the ocular device, which he puts away and then stands triumphantly.

Losing Animation: Ben applauds.


Trophy Description:

The oldest of the three Darling children, Wendy is a firm believer in the magic of fantasy and hopes to remain a kid forever, which contrasts with her father’s desire for his kids to grow up and be more mature. Once she meets Peter Pan and goes to Neverland with him, Wendy learns that the desire to never grow up may not be as enjoyable as she thought. Having been enchanted with Tinker Bell’s pixie dust, Wendy is able to fly, giving her great recovery, and she uses firewood and needles as combat options.

General Information:

Wendy shares a lot in common with Peter Pan, with both characters being about the same weight-wise (lightweights on the cusp of being middleweights), having a very similar up special, and similar air agility in being very fast in the air and falling slowly, though Wendy has different advantages and disadvantages from him. Wendy is quite a bit slower than Peter Pan on the ground, only having average at best running speed, and her aerial attacks are noticeably weaker than his. However, Wendy’s grounded options tend to be more troublesome than Peter Pan’s, with her possessing several ranged attacks that allow her to fight from a distance and give her good stage-controlling tactics, such as a pair of needles that are thrown very quickly and a piece of firewood that has decent KO potential and Wendy can light on fire to create a high-damaging hazard for her foes to avoid. Wendy can also hit opponents with tonic that temporarily reduces their speed, and, thanks to being enchanted with Tinker Bell’s pixie dust, Wendy is able to fly and her recovery is quite exceptional, with her up special functioning very similar to Peter Pan’s, with hers having even greater horizontal gain at the cost of slightly less vertical gain and being weaker as an attack. All of Wendy’s smash attacks have her attacking with a seashell, which has good power but has less range than the average smash attack. In general, Wendy’s advantages and disadvantages tend to not be major ones (outside of her recovery being extremely good), with her biggest weakness being that she isn’t a character who’s loaded with power, with her short-ranged smash attacks and standard special being her only reliable KO options, but these tools will still get the job done. Overall, of the three Wave 1 DLC characters, Wendy is the most beginner-friendly out of her, Shere Khan, and Colette, and she can be used well by both beginners and more advanced players, but the other two are overall more powerful than her, albeit with bigger disadvantages as well.

Standard Special - Firewood Toss

Wendy throws a piece of firewood a short distance away from her, which does good damage and knockback to those it hits, having potential to score KOs on opponents with fairly high damage. The firewood will then land on the ground for a few seconds, and if Wendy inputs this move right next to it, she will pull out a candle and use it to set the wood on fire, which stays on the stage for about ten seconds and does good damage-over-time effects to anyone who makes contact with it. Up to three pieces of firewood can be on the stage at a time, though Wendy can be hurt by the fires she creates.

Side Special - Tricky Needles

Wendy throws two needles at once a distance away from her, which travel far and quickly. While they don’t do a ton of damage and do no knockback outside of flinching, it is quite quick to execute, making it fairly spammable, and gives Wendy a great tool to easily deal damage from a distance.

Up Special - Pixie Dust Flight

Aided by the magic of having Tinker Bell’s pixie dust sprinkled on her, Wendy hops into the air and is able to glide horizontally after reaching her vertical peak. This move functions very similarly to Peter Pan’s up special, with Wendy’s having even more horizontal gain due to her lower falling speed, but the vertical gain is slightly weaker (though still decent), and it’s weaker as an attack option.

Down Special - Nasty Tonic

Wendy pulls out a bottle with tonic inside, takes the lid off, and swings her arm in a circular motion in front of her, sending the tonic flying out a distance away from her. Those hit by the tonic take mild damage and have their movement and attack speed reduced for a brief period of time.

Superstar Attack - Nana’s Block Barrage

Upon activation, Wendy summons her family’s dog, Nana, and a bunch of blocks appear in towers across the stage. Nana will proceed to run around the stage and damage and launch those she runs into, with her being a pretty powerful hazard. Additionally, Nana will likely run into blocks, which will cause them to go flying in random directions as projectile attacks, which don’t do a ton of knockback, but do pretty solid damage. Blocks that are on the ground and not part of a tower can also be picked up by Wendy and thrown as a projectile, making the battlefield quite chaotic as this attack goes on and very easy to take a lot of damage or potentially be KO’d from. This attack lasts for 15 seconds and Wendy can’t be hurt by Nana or the blocks.


Up Taunt - Wendy says “Oh, for goodness sake.”

Side Taunt - Wendy says “If you think for one minute I’m going to put with this, you’re wrong.”

Down Taunt - Wendy curtsies.

Victory/Losing Animations:

Victory Animation 1: Wendy says “Oh, that was such a wonderful adventure.”

Victory Animation 2: Wendy slowly descends from flying and poses triumphantly once she lands.

Victory Animation 3: Nana runs up to Wendy, who proceeds to pet her.

Losing Animation: Wendy applauds.


Trophy Description:

An all-powerful being who lives in a magic lamp located in the Cave of Wonders for 10,000 years. Genie was released from his lamp by Aladdin and gave him three wishes, with Aladdin intending to use his third wish to free Genie. The street rat and the silly shapeshifter became great friends, and in the end, Genie was set free. Genie is a large and floaty character who contains a good recovery and specializes in powerful magic attacks. You ain’t never seen a fighter like him!

General Information:

Genie is a large character who clocks in on the lighter end of the heavyweight characters, and his variety of attributes are rather unique for a heavyweight. Genie has average running speed, fast air speed, and is quite floaty for a heavyweight character with slow falling speed. Genie’s recovery is mostly good, thanks to having good jumping power and a high-travelling up special, though his up special also sends him straight down at a high speed once he reaches his vertical peak, which can lead to self-destructs if not careful. For attack power, Genie is generally above average with powerful smash attacks such as his forward smash, where he shoots out a powerful magic orb from his hand, and his down smash has him spin a long list around him that is more powerful on the ends. Genie can also reflect projectiles with his standard special, and possesses a projectile attack with his side special that gains power if the control stick is tapped rather than tilted. In general, Genie is one of the more well-balanced heavyweight characters, having a variety of tools at his disposal to succeed, and while he may not be among the best in any one particular area, he doesn’t have any serious flaws and can hold his own against the rest of the cast.

Standard Special - Cosmic Casting

Genie displays a shield in front of him, reflecting all projectiles that touch it back at twice the original speed and strength.

Side Special - Energized Blasts

Genie shoots blasts of magic out of his fingers that travel a distance away from him horizontally. The move does mild damage normally, but if you tap the control stick to the side instead of tilt it, Genie will shoot out a stronger blast that travels a shorter distance, but does solid damage.

Up Special - Genie Dive

Genie jumps into the air and dives back down at a high speed once he reaches his vertical peak. The impact of Genie landing is a strong attack and has good KO potential, and the move does cover great vertical distance. However, horizontal distance is limited, and Genie suddenly falling back down can catch players not anticipating it off-guard and can lead to a self-destruct if not careful.

Down Special - Abracadabra!

Genie disappears, and the player can move him while invisible for a second or two to set up where he’ll reappear. Genie will reappear in a cloud of blue smoke that launches enemies upon spawning, and stays on the battlefield for five seconds, damaging anyone (except Genie) who touches it. This move can potentially KO at higher percentages, so this can be an effective way to close out an opponent’s stock.

Superstar Attack - Friend Like Me

Upon activation, Genie will start dancing where he is standing for around 10 seconds, becoming immobile, but invincible. Powerful attractive forces engulf the stage and try to move opponents towards Genie, where touching him does serious damage and knockback. To make matters worse, once an opponent gets caught in the attraction, their controls are reversed, meaning those not expecting it will likely run right into Genie! Genie’s Superstar Attack is quite powerful, especially against players unfamiliar with how it works. However, players who know that their controls get reversed and are not close to him upon activation have a good chance of avoiding Genie altogether.


Up Taunt - Genie briefly makes himself fat and says “Look at me from the side. Do I look different to you?”

Side Taunt - Genie says “Did you rub my lamp?” in an irritated way.

Down Taunt - Genie takes his head off his body, spins it around 360 degrees while screaming, and slams it back on his body.

Victory/Losing Animations:

Victory Animation 1: Genie, wearing a hat, dances while his body separates itself from his legs.

Victory Animation 2: Genie lays on the ground with an “Applause” sign blinking over his head.

Victory Animation 3: Genie says “Hail the conquering hero!”, then turns into a one-man band and celebrates.

Losing Animation: Genie applauds.

If there’s any other characters people specifically want me to post, feel free to go ahead and request (as long as it’s someone listed on my roster on the first post and is either a base-game character, Colette, or Shere Khan). If not, I’ll probably post more movesets periodically throughout the week, but only one post will be done a day unless I specifically get a request.


How about doing one of my favorite princess Moana please.

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For this series of three new movesets, I decided to showcase the requested Moana, and thinking about having stated on this thread how someone like Eeyore or Lilo wouldn’t be a character who naturally fits within a fighting game, I decided they seemed like good choices to show on here as well.


Trophy Description:

The daughter of Motunui’s chief, Tui, who has a fascination with exploring beyond her island, especially when she learns her people used to be voyagers until Maui stole the heart of Te Fiti and made the ocean unsafe. Teaming up with the demigod, Moana is determined to restore the heart of Te Fiti to bring her people back to their roots. Moana can receive assistance from the spirit of the ocean in battle, who can help her recover or drag opponents away.

General Information:

Moana is somewhere between a well-rounded fighter and a “glass cannon” type of fighter, as her advantages and disadvantages are a little more pronounced than the average all-around character, but her offensive and defensive tactics aren’t quite as polarizing as those in the “glass cannon” archetype. Moana is on the lighter end of the middleweights, has above average agility, with solid running speed, decent air speed, and average falling speed, and possesses a healthy number of tools to help rack up damage and score KOs. Moana’s standard and side specials give her good tools to help attack from a distance and keep opponents away from her, with the former being a good tool for scoring KOs and the latter having the ability to cause opponents to trip. Moana can also reflect projectiles with her down special, and her up special covers good vertical and horizontal distance and is a great recovery tool when utilized properly. Moana’s jab combo and aerial attacks do good damage, and her smash attacks have good strength. Moana’s biggest weaknesses are that her defensive abilities aren’t as strong as her offensive abilities, as her weight is lower than average and her recovery, while good, makes her travel very far and can unintentionally lead to a self-destruct if she isn’t careful with where she uses it. Overall, Moana is a solid fighter who can easily perform well under the right hands, and her lesser traits aren’t too punishing to make her difficult to use.

Standard Special - Wild Waves

Moana summons the spirit of the ocean, which travels on both sides of her a distance away from her, dragging opponents it touches along with it and launching them once it completes its travel. The move does decent damage and possesses some KO potential at higher percentages.

Side Special - Coconut Crazy

Moana spills a bowl of four coconuts onto the ground, where the coconuts roll around the stage and cause anyone except her who walks over one to trip and be stunned briefly. Coconuts on the ground can be picked up and thrown, which do decent damage and knockback.

Up Special - Watery Assist

The spirit of the ocean raises Moana into the air and throws her, with the water knocking opponents out of the way and doing mild damage. Moana being thrown makes for a powerful projectile but can be risky to use on the stage at the wrong locations as it can potentially throw her off and lead to a self-destruct.

Down Special - Oar Reflect

Moana spins her oar around in a circular motion, doing good damage to those who touch it and reflecting any projectiles that hit it.

Superstar Attack - Mystical Manta

Upon activation, the spirit of Gramma Tala, a mystical oceanic manta ray, slowly descends across the stage, trapping any opponent she touches and dragging them along with her while doing repeated damage. After reaching the end of the stage, the manta ray launches its opponents into the air, possessing great KO potential. Its damage output if caught early is very high, but the manta ray does move slow, so it’s best for Moana to try and knock her opponents into it for maximum effectiveness. Moana can’t be harmed by the manta ray.


Up Taunt - Moana holds the heart of Te Fiti and says “What’s the matter? You’re afraid of it?”

Side Taunt - Moana holds her arms out in frustration as she says “Um… what?!?”

Down Taunt - Moana says “All right. Break time’s over.”

Victory/Losing Animations:

Victory Animation 1: Moana spins her oar around and cocks it behind her triumphantly.

Victory Animation 2: Pua runs into Moana’s hands, and she picks him up as he nuzzles her.

Victory Animation 3: Moana says “We’re alive! We’re alive!”

Losing Animation: Moana applauds.


Trophy Description:

A stuffed donkey toy who lives in the Hundred Acre Wood with his friends. Eeyore’s defining characteristic is his gloomy pessimistic nature, always assuming the worst whenever a problem pops up and always seeming depressed. Eeyore can attach various objects to his behind of varying strength and range, and can summon rain clouds to move around the stage and damage opponents caught in the rain.

General Information:

You probably wouldn’t expect the low-energy Eeyore to pose a threat in a fight, but despite his personality, Eeyore can definitely hold his own in battle. Much like his friends, Eeyore is a lightweight character, though his defense is better than Pooh and Tigger’s as he is both the heaviest and shortest of the three, allowing him to take more punishment and being harder to hit. However, due to his low-energy type of personality, Eeyore’s agility is also poor, having low running, air, and falling speed, granting him poor agility stats that are more fitting for a heavyweight than a lightweight. In general, Eeyore’s attacks do decent damage, and while he doesn’t have a proper projectile attack, he does have a tool to fight at a distance with his rain clouds, which he can either send outwards, or having him hover above him to make it harder for foes to approach him. Thanks to the help of Owl, Eeyore’s recovery is pretty strong, and it can potentially become stronger yet with the help of his main mechanic, which is his ability to attach one of three objects behind him where his tail would normally be. Eeyore can attach either a ping-pong ball on a paddle, a balloon, or a cuckoo clock behind him, with the paddle having the greatest range and being fairly powerful, the balloon sacrificing power for increased recovery and giving Eeyore tremendous air speed, and the cuckoo clock being his most powerful tool and having great KO potential, though also reducing his speed and recovery. All three of them have notable advantages and disadvantages, so Eeyore’s best strategy is to constantly mix-up what is behind him to keep his opponents on their toes, as suddenly switching from travelling quickly in the air to the powerful cuckoo clock can easily catch one off-guard. In general, Eeyore may be one of the trickier characters to do well with considering his speed and weight issues, but those who are able to be versatile in his attacks and surprise opponents have the potential to do quite well with him.

Standard Special - Attack From Behind

Eeyore uses whatever item is attached to his behind. The paddle can hit people a reasonable distance in front of Eeyore and can be charged for a more powerful attack that hits behind Eeyore. The balloon does no damage but decreases Eeyore’s falling speed and allows him to jump higher. The cuckoo clock has a wooden bird pop out after a short input delay, doing great damage and knockback, but the clock’s weight decreases Eeyore’s movement speed and increases his falling speed. Owl also can’t carry him as far if the cuckoo clock is being used. Eeyore’s tail is only behind him at the start of the battle and this move will do nothing if it’s out.

Side Special - Gloomy Rain

Eeyore summons a rain cloud, which he can either send forward, or have hover over him. Rain clouds deal mild damage to anyone who is in the rain and do knockback to anyone who physically touches the cloud. Both types of rain clouds do the same amount of damage, but Eeyore can take damage from ones not directly above and moving with him, whereas the ones above him don’t damage him.

Up Special - Feathered Friend

Owl appears and carries Eeyore for three seconds before dropping him and flying off-screen. Owl automatically flies upwards and you can control where he moves from a horizontal standpoint. Owl’s wings can damage opponents, but it’s not that strong, and the recovery is overall very solid in all directions.

Down Special - Is That My Tail?

Eeyore starts out the battle with his tail behind him (which does nothing). This move allows him to change what is behind him, with the order it goes through being a ping-pong ball on a paddle, a balloon, and a cuckoo clock. The item chosen will be used in his standard special, with each item having different advantages and disadvantages.

Superstar Attack - Blustery Wind

Upon activation, a very powerful wind engulfs the entire stage and greatly affects the mobility of everyone minus Eeyore. Various objects like Pooh’s honey pots and sticks from Eeyore’s house go flying across the stage and can damage and launch opponents, culminating with Owl’s treehouse falling onto the battlefield. The treehouse can KO most of the cast at damages as low as 15%, and the remaining objects do solid knockback as well, making it one of the tougher Superstar Attacks to avoid with the powerful wind constantly pushing you back.


Up Taunt - Eeyore lets out a bored sounding yawn.

Side Taunt - Eeyore says “Thanks for noticing me.”

Down Taunt - Eeyore says “I’m sure I’ll still find some way to lose.”

Victory/Losing Animations:

Victory Animation 1: Eeyore tries to wave his tail around, but trips and falls down in the process.

Victory Animation 2: Eeyore puts the finishing touches on his stick house, and develops a small, but noticeable smile.

Victory Animation 3: Eeyore says “I can’t believe I won, but I feel something bad is going to come of it.”

Losing Animation: Eeyore slowly nods his head up and down.


Trophy Description:

A little girl who lives in Hawaii with her older sister, Nani, who has also become her primary guardian after the unfortunate death of their parents. Lilo is a rather quirky and rambunctious kid, and can be a bit of a handful, but she does have a kind heart and generally means well. Due to her age and size, Lilo’s physical attacks are weak, but her non-physical special moves such as an exploding Scrump, camera stun, and voodoo hexes have surprising strength.

General Information:

You probably wouldn’t expect someone like Lilo to pose much of a threat, but despite her having weak physical attacks and being among the ten lightest characters in the game, Lilo’s special attacks, which are non-physical moves, are powerful tools that can easily allow her to defeat her opponents if played correctly and carefully. Lilo possesses decent agility stats, with above average running speed, high air speed, and low falling speed, and her unique mechanic as a fighter is her down special, which allows her to randomly hex one of her opponents, making it so her attacks are noticeably more powerful towards them. While there’s no way to guarantee a certain opponent will be hexed (outside of a 2-player match where Lilo is only against one other character and therefore it has to be them), this is a great tool to make things harder for the unfortunate victim. Lilo’s most powerful attack is her side special, in which she sends out a roller skate with Scrump on it that will explode three seconds after it is out, which is quite powerful, and on hexed opponents, can potentially KO at very low percentages. However, since this move isn’t the hardest to avoid, Lilo has another tool she can use to stun an opponent in place for three seconds, which is her standard special. While this move’s range is quite small, the stun is effective, and gives Lilo a much easier time hurting someone with her side special’s explosion. Lilo also has great horizontal recovery with her up special, which is also reasonably powerful as an attack. As mentioned earlier, Lilo’s non-special moves aren’t the greatest, and she is quite light, though her small size can also make her harder to hit than the average character. Lilo’s vertical recovery isn’t that good as well, as her up special prioritizes horizontal recovery. In spite of these flaws, Lilo can be quite an effective combatant if her special moves are synergized well with each other to make herself deceptively dangerous to her opponents, especially if they happen to hexed and will take additional punishment.

Standard Special - That’s a Snap

Lilo pulls out a camera and takes a picture, stunning anyone right next to her who gets caught in the flash for three seconds.

Side Special - Explosive Scrump

Lilo rolls a skate out that contains her doll, Scrump, on it, but is secretly loaded with gas and will explode three seconds after it is put out, creating a damaging explosion that possesses great KO power, and is Lilo’s most powerful attack. This is best used in combination with foes stunned by her standard special to increase the chances a specific foe you want get hurt gets hit by it, and it’s especially powerful against hexed opponents.

Up Special - Amplifier Blast

A large amplifier spawns right behind Lilo and releases soundwaves that blow her into the air and damage others. The horizontal recovery is pretty good, though its vertical lift is fairly weak, and it does solid damage with decent knockback.

Down Special - Voodoo Punishment

Lilo will hex one of her opponents (chosen at random) by putting a voodoo spoon with their icon on it in a pickle jar and shaking it. Hexed opponents take more damage from Lilo’s attacks than they normally would, and the hex lasts for 30 seconds. In a match with three or more fighters, Lilo can use this move again once the opponent who is currently hexed is unhexed again, in which another character (who can potentially be the same fighter again) will be hexed for the next use. In a 2-player match (Lilo against one other character), she must wait 15 seconds after the opponent’s hex ends before she can use it again, which is to help make up for the fact that this move will always hex the exact same opponent in this scenario.

Superstar Attack - Weather-Controlling Fish

Lilo becomes invincible as she pulls out a fishbowl containing Pudge, a fish she believes can control the weather, and at the same time, a thunderstorm engulfs the stage for 15 seconds, which she believes Pudge is causing even though it’s just a big coincidence. The thunderstorm brings heavy rain that reduces opponents’ traction, and the primary threat is the lightning that can suddenly appear from the sky that will strike random parts of the stage. The lightning possesses high damage and KO potential, and its unpredictability as to where it will strike makes this among the more powerful Superstar Attacks.


Up Taunt - Lilo sticks her tongue out tauntingly.

Side Taunt - Lilo says “No more caffeine for you.”

Down Taunt - Lilo says “Do you know what tuna is?”

Victory/Losing Animations:

Victory Animation 1: Lilo eats a snow clone while wearing sunglasses.

Victory Animation 2: Lilo dances on top of a large amplifier.

Victory Animation 3: Lilo lies on the ground listening to Elvis on a record player.

Losing Animation: Lilo applauds.

If anyone has more specific requests, feel free to let me know and I’ll be happy to post them. I finished my movesets for Heimlich and Sykes today, so those two are currently open as viewable. Also, if anyone wants to see the menu screen I made for the game (in which I used Ultimate’s menu design and used the icons of characters already in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode since they look very good and made new icons of characters not in that game), I’ll be happy to post it.


I would like to see the menu

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