My suggestion of heroes

Surely an unpopular proposition, but I would love to see the characters from “The Brave Little Toaster” arrive.

And Ratso

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I would love to have them here.

The movie is very underrated.


It’s my favorite movie from my childhood. A little love in DH would make me really happy.

Never seen it lol, is it any good?

One of the best.

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Searches The Brave Little Toaster

Dear developers! please add Bolt, the super dog, to the list of heroes!!! he is my biggest favorite and I was a little disappointed to learn that he is not on the list of heroes. I think a lot of people would like to see him in the team. I’d appreciate it. And I would also be happy to see Balto, who saved Nome from diphtheria, on the list of heroes!

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Balto is not a Disney movie, actually

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Yes, yes, I know that. but I just really want to see it too

Oh! I would LOVE to have Brave Little Toaster characters in this game!

I wish there was anna and cruella devil

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Luckily, it’s more likely that Anna and Cruella will arrive in the game. Unlike The Brave Little Toaster …

But I’m happy to see that The Brave Little Toaster still has badges in the game. It shows that PerBlue thinks a bit about this movie. All they need is a little more love for these characters by putting one in the game and I would be in for a treat.

Not so much, Toaster and Lampy are better.

But… adding Cruella won’t be bad, she just had her movie released.

And that would be the first non regular Disney movie character :grin:

Since you’re talking about underrated Disney movies, I wish PB had more love for movies like Brother Bear, Dinosaur and Atlantis :pleading_face: (Yeah Ik someday they’re going to appear)

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We already have Kida. :question:

Too big…

That’s the problem just Kida.

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Indeed, we have Kida, but only Kida
Emperor’s New Groove already have Yzma and Kronk
Treasure Planet has 3 characters on game

(Also talking about Dinosaur, that’s why we don’t have Tiny, the MtR’s pet dinosaur on game? Lol)

Oh yes for Brother Bear. I love so much Koda and Rutt & Tuke.
Dinosaur why not. And Atlantis I want Milo ^^

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