My team for dhbm!

Jack skellington

Is this a good team to use or not???


I don’t know about Rex but if you have his Mike Disc equipped, it will make him viable and durable.

Okay…but what about darkwing and stitch???

Note that I only talked about Rex, meaning that your Team is good enough… you have:

  1. Slows and Stuns for Stitch
  2. Diving for Darkwing Duck
  3. Divers and Burst Damage for Moana
  4. Meta Tank for Goofy

I need another opinion here…

Rex is a mistake here.
Worst tank in game.

I got two tanks in my team one is rex and the other is good old goofy (because he can stay in battle for a long time)

Gosh, of course go for Goofy, one of best if not best tank in game.

While Rex isn’t that great, I’m sure he isn’t the worst tank in the game.




Felix definitely needs a buff…oh no…HAS to get a buff

Nice team! My biggest suggestion would be to put barbossa instead of rex. Double tank is usually a bad idea, since a tank killer can quickly kill them (Zurg{rex}, quorra and so on and so forth). Barbossa would charge stitch’s purple and the study along with goofy’s attack speed buff can be very powerful.

I replaced rex with scar…i know i know scar is a odd choice but i don,t have barbossa yet so i using scar in his place until i unlock him

Scar is MUCH MUCH MUCH better than worst tank in game, after Felix.
It’s good choice, not odd.

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Stitch is always good!

I don’t know why but I always use my highest support hero (Mickey) and Stitch but I always change the line up when I need to

Here is mines:

(This may change)

Added alice and timon/pumbaa to my team!!

Anger and wall.e are in my team now :blush:

I think that alice is a really good member of my team tbh

Merlin is now in my team

Dude, don’t change your entire team.

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