Namaari/Cheshire Cat Friendship Campaign

The McGuffin

Namaari/Cheshire Cat



Cheshire Cat: What’s this? A new arrival to the city? My, my what a big cat she has too.

Namaari: Huh?

Cheshire Cat: (disappears)

Namaari: Hmm, i could have sworn i saw something

Cheshire Cat: (slowely appears) Oh. But you did see something, you just need to look hard enough. Tell me, what do you call yourself?

Namaari: Namaari, the princess of Fang. And who or what might you be? Some kind of spirit?

Cheshire Cat: I could be. Then again, maybe i could not be. That is something for you to figure out. But for now, you can call me the Cheshire Cat.

Episode 1

The Informant

Virana: Namaari, my little morning mist, your just in time.

Namaari: Just in time for what, mother?

Viranna: General Atitaya has gotten reports of a weapon that will help us defeat these monsters and get us back home. This came from a source that asked for you personally.

Namaari: Me?

Viranna: Yes, he said to meet him in a place called the Tulgey Wood for futher details. But i must warn you, the general also said our informant is highly… strange.

Namaari: Don’t worry mother, i’ll be ready for anything. I won’t let you down.

1: Namaari made her way to the Tulgey Wood.

2: When she entered the wood, she saw all sorts of eccentric and unusual characters. Namaari got to work approaching the wonderlandians.

3: The White Rabbit was too much in a hurry to answer any questions. The Dodo was busy with a caucus race after an afternoon at the city pool. And the Caterpillar merely blew smoke in her face.

4: Night began to fall and Namaari was no where close to her informant.

5: Just than, the cresent moon began to decend toward Namaari. It turns out to be the smile of the Cheshire Cat.

Namaari: Is the moon… humming?

Cheshire Cat (hums as he appears) :musical_note:and the mome raths outgrabe :musical_note:Ah, there you are, i knew you would come.

Namaari: Cheshire Cat? Your the informant?

Cheshire Cat: Why of course. The city is quite buggy, can’t you tell?

Namaari: Your telling me, these creeps are everywhere threaten the lives of so many. And i thought the Druun were bad.

Cheshire Cat: Yes, what a pity this is, the creeps causing all this druun, gloom, and doom. Perhaps the McGuffin will send them a runnin’. (Vanish)

Namaari: The what? Cheshire! Wait! Come back!

Episode 2

Hide and Seek

1: Before Namaari can get any further answers, the cat vanishes leaving the princess with an enigma.

2: She hears his laughter everywhere, but she dosen’t see him anywhere.

3: Highly strange was putting it lightly. This cat was nuts.

4: Namaari follows the sound of the cat’s voice so as to not lose him.

5: Finally, the Cheshire Cat’s head suddenly appears before Namaari.

Cheshire Cat: Peek-a-boo.

Namaari: Wait. What is the McGuffin? I have never heard of such a weapon.

Cheshire Cat: Well, the McGuffin is rather hard to explain. Words are useless for all words are made-up. Which is why i shall show it to you. That is why you are here.

Namaari: You would do that?

Cheshire Cat: Why of course. Would why ever lie to you? Come, let’s find the McGuffin together and all of this will be forgotten. Or is it that it will be remembered.

Episode 3

Prepared for Anything

1: Namaari follows the cat as they travel deep in the forest.

2: Namaari knows that the Cheshire Cat is crafty as he is mad and often times his tricks can lead others into trouble.

3: So she is prepared for any tricks that the cat might have up his sleeve.

4: Suddenly, the cat vanishes again leaving only his eyes and mouth visible

5: Namaari ducks behind some bushes, swords at the ready.

Namaari: What is it?

Cheshire Cat: It would be appear we have some company.

Namaari: Raya and Sisu? What are they doing here?

Sisu: Come on Raya, i could have sworn he went this way.

Raya: I can not believe you talked me into chasing a rabbit.

Sisu: But it wasn’t just any rabbit. He had clothes on and a big pocket watch. He looked like he was in a rush to get somewhere I just want to know what he’s late for. Wow, now i know how Alice feels.

Raya: Sisu, have you noticed that most of the animals here have clothes on. Besides, we were supposed to meet our informant here.

Namaari: Informant?

Cheshire Cat: It would appear they are searching for the McGuffin as well. What an unexpected development.

Episode 4

A Diverting Distraction

1: Once Namaari figured out they Raya and Sisu were also searching for the McGuffin. Namaari had to get them out of the way.

2: But she was not too keen on tricking Raya and Sisu.

3: But the Cheshire Cat had other ideas. He decided to do the tricking for her.

4: Despite Namaari’s objections, the cat vanished before she can grab him.

5: The cat reappears in front of Raya and Sisu, startling the both of them

Cheshire Cat: Why hello there. Lost your way have you?

Sisu: Oh hey Ches, i forgot you lived here. Well, we were looking for a white rabbit and we were wondering…

Raya: What she is trying to say is we were supposed to meet our informant here. We were wondering where he might be.

Cheshire Cat: Well, that depends on who your searching for. For all you know, the White Rabbit could be the informant. But perhaps if i were you, i would ask the Mad Hatter and the March Hare.

Sisu: Oh, we never been the Hatter’s before.

Cheshire Cat: You haven’t? YOU HAVEN’T!? Oh, but you must. They’ll be mad about you. Simply mad! (Laughs and vanishes) :musical_note:And the mome raths outgrabe :musical_note:

Sisu: Well all right, let’s go visit the Hatter.

Raya: Hold on, don’t forget this is the Cheshire Cat, a notorious trickster, we’re talking about. How do we know we can trust him.

Cheshire Cat: (reappears) To trust or not to trust, it all depends on your prespective. (Vanishes again)

Episode 5

A Distracting Diversion

1: With Raya and Sisu out of the way (for now at least), the duo can continue their search.

2: Namaari was rather impressed on how the cat handled the situation.

3: Just than, creeps came out from the bushes in a surpise attack.

4: Namaari pulled out her swords and sliced through them while the cat vanishes causes some of them to smack into trees.

5: Namaari noticed some of the creeps were heading in the direction Raya and Sisu were heading.

Namaari: Oh no, there heading for Raya and Sisu.

Cheshire Cat: Than you better act fast if you want to save them. Or we can continue our search for the McGuffin. Choose either you like, their both really important.

Namarri: The McGuffin will have to wait. We need to the Mad Hatter’s quickly.

Episode 6

To The Mad Hatter’s We Go

1: Namaari and the Cheshire Cat head for the Mad Hatter’s house before the creeps do.

2: Namaari knew full well that by doing this, she would give up the McGuffin.

3: But, she remembers how her actions unintentionally broke Kumandra. She was not about to make the same mistake twice.

4: The duo made it to the Mad Hatter’s with time to warn Raya and Sisu.

5: They found them having a tea party. Apparently it was Sisu’s unbirthday.

The Mad Hatter: Oh, look. More guests! How delightful.

Sisu: Hi Namaari. Guess what? It’s my Unbirthday. And i didn’t even know it was a real holiday until now.

Raya: After they explained that there are three-hundred and sixty-four of them. What are you doing here anyway? And with the Cheshire Cat?

Namaari: Sorry to break up the party but there are creeps heading this way.

March Hare: Creeps are heading this way? If we would have known that, we would set more places at the table.

Raya: Never mind that. We need to get this boarded before…


Sisu: Too late, i think it maybe time to dance.

The Mad Hatter: No, i don’t think so my dear. I think we need to beat these creeps. I’ll dance with you later though.

Episode 7

Party Crashers

1: Before they had time to react. Creeps busted through the gate.

2: Not abiding to their rudness, the March Hare charged into the fray wacking creeps with his mallet.

3: Raya and Namaari joined in slashing creep left and right with their swords.

4: At the table, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, and Sisu threw tea cups, tea pots, and saucers at any creeps that got to the table.

5: The March Hare lit the Unbirthday cake, which launched the remaining creeps out of the garden.

March Hare: And stay out!

Raya: Now that that’s out of the way, why are you really here Namaari?

Namaari: My mother heard there was a weapon that can defeat the creeps.

Sisu: Hey, small world. Cheif Benja also heard about a weapon that can defeat the creeps. Right Raya?

Raya: Yeah, we were supposed to meet our informant here in the Tulgey Wood. Ba also warned us that the informant was…

Namaari: Highly strange?

Raya: Exactly. Wait a minute. You don’t think that…?

Namaari: I do.

Cheshire Cat: Surprise.

Episode 8

Method to Madness

1: Once Raya and Namaari realize that the Cheshire Cat was the informant for both of them. They both wanted an explanation.

2: And the Cheshire Cat gave it to them, there really was no weapon.

3: The McGuffin was actually a test for Namaari.

4: The real McGuffin was inside them all along.

5: Both Raya and Namaari shared a confused look. Having no idea what that even meant. But Sisu on the other hand…

Sisu: Oh! I get it!

Raya: You do?

Namaari: You do?

Sisu: Isn’t it obvious, what Ches is saying that as long as we have each others backs, we can take these creeps down, fix this city, and bring everyone back home.

Cheshire Cat: Precisely. The McGuffin was test of friendship, and Namaari you passed. For you see, you were willing to give up something something that would get you back home to save your friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed after all.

The Mad Hatter: This calls for a celebration. You must have a cup of tea.

March Hare: Ah yes indeed, the tea. You must have a cup of tea.

Namaari: I guess i can stay for a bit. After all, it is Sisu’s Unbirthday.

Cheshire Cat: Ah yes, there is also that.

Friendship Campaign Complete

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This is great! As a huge fan of Namaari as a character you captured her personality so well! I also love how you utilized the theme of trust which was a big part of Raya into the world of Wonderland. That’s incredibly ingenious! And the dialogue was really funny too! The only thing I would recommend changing is a few grammatical errors, but other than that, this was awesome!

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