Mister Toon's Hall of Friends (Friendship Campaign Collection)

Welcome to Mister Toon’s Hall of Friends. Here you can look at friendship campaigns that might be interesting to put into the game. Here are some of campaigns i have already made in the past:

Sea Food (Kaa/Moana)

Hide and Go Creeping (Wendy Darling/Winnie the Pooh)

The Search for the Red Flower (Ariel/King Louie)

Staying Awake (Aurora/Alice)

Winter Nightmare (Jack Skellington/Elsa)

Sleepless Beauty (Prince Phillip/Aurora)

A Ridiculous Quest (Cheshire Cat/Merida)

Friend Like Me (Raya/Genie)

The McGuffin (Namaari/Cheshire Cat)

Feel free to browse and ask any questions about the pairings or any of campaigns already made.

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So you’re making third friendships too :thinking:

Yeah, you know just for fun. I think they might be really good combinations

Update: Jack Skellington/Elsa friendship added

Hasn’t anyone noticed, that in most of these campaign. A new hero in the campaign gets in the game shortly after? Think about it:

Wendy/Pooh: Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore

King Louie/Ariel: King Louie

Aurora/Alice: The Cheshire Cat

Jack/Elsa: Lock, Shock, and Barrel

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Maybe it’s just a coincidence

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Yeah, maybe

Update: Prince Phillip/Aurora friendship added

Update: Cheshire Cat/Merida friendship added

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Update: Raya/Genie friendship added

Update: Namaari/Cheshire Cat friendship added.

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