Neeed a suggestion for a Yellow invasion team

Hii, I all ready have my red and blue invasion teams but I still don’t have a yellow invasion team.

Can some of y’all suggest some yellow invasion teams?(only using heroes from team yellow)

One of my guild mates uses.

Joy (HL&D) Beast (ME) Randell (OO) Rapunzel (FR) Anger (JO)

I have never used it. But they say it works well.

Randall doesn’t have an (Oo) disk, but Oogie dies have a (Ra) disk

Anyways, I suggest looking at this guide for assistance

Tnx for suggesting that guide I’ve all ready read it but haven’t found a team that works well.

My team for the past few yellow invasions has been Stitch(Ma), Nick(Ju), Finnick(Ju), Mim, and Randall(Ga). And I know Stitch isn’t from the yellow team, but he slows down the bot just as well regardless of which team is in invasion.

The Beast is great and I like Merlin and Oogie Boogie too.

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