Invasion Team Building 101: Team Yellow

This is a guide to helping players across all levels and all servers build teams to tackle the 5-day Invasion challenge. This guide will attempt to help players form the most optimal teams to slay Mama Bots, or at the very least, build teams that can do a good enough attempt for the entire 5-day period with the limitations of their current hero pool. This guide acknowledges that not all players would necessarily have every resource available to them to invest on the very best characters. Nonetheless, this guide will highlight a variety of notable heroes and why they might excel during Invasion. Ultimately, your minimum goal is simply to survive as you continue to contribute what you can for your guild. Even some amount of participation will be rewarded, and that will always be true.

Characters will be categorized in the following:

Frontliner: A hero that excels at being at the forefront and surviving devastating hits to protect their team.

Damage Dealer: A hero that excels at dealing as much damage as quickly and/or effectively as possible.

Utility: A hero that provides extremely valuable effects that help a team’s performance such healing, damage boost, etc.

Characters are categorized this way because these functions can be covered by Heroes that can come from any role that’s traditionally laid out by the game (Tank, Damage, Support, Control).

When it comes to overall survivability, team Yellow is by far the most enduring of the three teams. Their main specialty for support is HEALING and there is a great abundance of powerful healers available to team Yellow. Most combinations of team Yellow are capable of recovering from overwhelming damage and continue fighting. While healing is never going to be an issue, there is a great lack of speed and the DPS tends to be a little low. To make up for this, Yellow is the leading team of scare and study users, among other specialties, to help amplify damage output. As a result, damage for Yellow teams tend to come in huge bursts rather than a sustained constant.


Notable Heroes

The Beast:
Thanks to Beast’s rage mode, he can easily stand between tough Bots and the rest of his team. He has high DPS and can continue applying pressure without ever tiring. He can be a bit inefficient in later Breaker Quests since he can’t wipe out mobs, but it’s really when he faces Bots where his skills shines the most. He’s a powerhouse with a straightforward design and a very worthwhile investment.

Chief Bogo:
Before there was Beast, there was Bogo. He still serves as one of team Yellow’s best damage sponges. His disk with Mr. Incredible should be well invested, as it is exactly how he’s able to pull off being an unbreakable wall. He is widely available and his amazing durability makes him reliable for any given situation.

Kida is not actually quite as self-sufficient as Beast or Bogo, but she still boasts a lot of durability with her Crystal form. She also tends to contribute a great deal of damage as well, being highly capable of dealing loads of damage with her versatile attacks. Since team Yellow has no shortage to reliable healers, Kida should easily be able to remain active even through the tougher challenges.

Li Shang:
Shang is incredibly diverse and provides a lot of excellent utilities thanks to his stances. In particular, his heal stance makes him a very reliable damage sponge. If he is backed up by Barbossa who can severely slow down bots for him, Shang can kick it to high gear by switching into his speed stance. He is one of the only speed boosters available to team Yellow, so he fills a rather important niche. Unfortunately, he might have to give up speed if he finds himself in need of healing.

Yes, Moana CAN do this and she does it very well! She functions almost identically to Bogo and Beast, as she can self-heal, self-shield, and can also maintain high DPS. The trick is to team her up with allies who will always prefer to stay behind her so that she takes the frontline position. Equip her with Mickey’s disk because the shield she grants to her ally will also give that ally the same ridiculous speed buff! Moana is a surpising but competent and fun option who is widely available and ready to use.


Notable Heroes

Finnick is a classic hero who should be very easy to unlock. He is a very powerful hero for Invasion with a skillset that abuses slows. Because his kit specializes in slows, he actually finds a lot success in Invasion week unlike the majority of Control Heroes. He should always be using Judy’s disk as it grants bonus damage against slowed enemies for the entire party. This synergizes extremely well with Yax, Barbossa, and the slow spells that can be bought from the Invasion shop (and frequently rewarded from completing Breaker Quests and Bot fights).

Hector Barbossa:
Barbossa is one of team Yellow’s premier Bot slayers, boasting remarkable DPS and relentless slows. His slows are the by far the most severe–they don’t last too long, but that can be patched up with Stitch’s disk. If Stitch’s disk is maxed out, he could keep a Bot perpetually slowed with almost no opportunity to ever retaliate. As he can also study, he will also be spamming regular attacks that will crit all the time. He is a great option for any combination of team Yellow.

Jack Sparrow:
Jack still has one of the best mob-cleaning Active Skills and also works extremely well against Bots too. He especially benefits from Barbossa’s slowing projectiles as it leaves Jack with plenty of opportunities to tack on lots of damage himself. In particular, Jack enjoys having his damage further modified from study, slow, and Armor shredding. This is especially devastating when he lands every single shot from Avast on a Bot.

Madam Mim:
Mim is at her absolute best during Invasion as she serves as one of team Yellow’s most powerful Bot slayers. Contrary to Barbossa, Mim is a lot more nuclear with her destructive methods. She identifies Mama Bots as “Tanks”, so she turns into an alligator to chomp down Bots with extreme prejudice. Her gator bites do some absolutely ridiculous damage, and she can quickly regain her Energy when her teammates spam their active skills too. She tends to be a little underrated everywhere else, but here, she is the undisputed queen of destruction.

With the help of Genie’s disk, Merlin can cleave through large chunks of Bot HP when he starts chucking out magical books. Since Merlin can be played manually, he shouldn’t be using Teacher’s Pet (most of the time) since Bots are immune. Pay close attention though! Merlin might try to turn a frontline ally invisible which causes Bots to attack more vulnerable allies! If you’re paying close enough attention, you can cancel the animation of his invisibility spell with Teacher’s Pet to bypass it. Even if Teacher’s Pet won’t affect Bots, this little trick can potentially save your team and Merlin will still be free to throw books that hit like boulders.

Mulan is essentially Jack Sparrow 2.0: stronger and better in most ways. Her nuking potential is greater and she can effortlessly wipe out most mobs all by herself. She’s less of a team player than captain Sparrow and her skills more so encourages teammates to build around her instead. She’s a great character to have, but she’s not as easy to invest in with her steep requirement costs for newer players.

Nick Wilde:
Nick is a classic hero who also happens to be one of team Yellow’s top tier members. His strength comes from his Lemming Rush, which continues to rise in power the more he uses it. With a maximum of 5 lemmings, Nick needs to start gaining momentum from early Breaker Quests and weak Bots. It’s important to note that his stacks of Lemmings count separately from Breaker Quests and Bots. Maintain maximum lemmings to the best of your ability–should he be KO’d, his lemming count will reset. If you choose to retry a failed Breaker Quest, he will not lose his lemmings.


Notable Heroes

Even with the addition of Shang, Anger is still the best speed booster available to team Yellow, and thus, he fills an extremely important niche. Zurg’s disk is the much more preferred Friendship Disk as it extends the duration of the speed boost. When it’s maxed out, Fired Up becomes the longest lasting speed boost of the game! He’s still a destructive Damage Hero too, wiping out mobs instantly with Boil Over. Anger’s speed boost alone makes him invaluable.

Jack Skellington:
Jack gets to flex as an excellent healer during Invasion week. As he spreads the scares and burns everywhere, Jack also provides a source of healing for allies that lack self-sustain. He is especially appreciated by Madam Mim, as not only can he provide healing, he also enhances her damage by giving her opportunities to score massive crits. He provides great value as he can compress the roles of a damage dealer and healer very effectively.

Joy is a passive but highly potent healer. She is the most defensive among her peers, as her focus besides healing is to provide emergency shields and lots and lots of stat boosts. If her Friendship Disk with Olaf is well invested in, she gives the team a massive boost to their defensive stats, allowing frailer allies to survive devastating hits that they otherwise shouldn’t.

Judy Hopps:
Judy is a unique Support Hero who can provide small bursts of speed, especially in the beginning of a fight. This may not seem like much, but this often makes a huge difference over the long run. On top of that, her amazing Friendship disk with Felix also provides a massive boost to Basic Damage which allows her team to steamroll through Breaker Quests, even the tougher ones! She is widely available and should be easy to unlock.

Linguini & Remy
Liguini and Remy act as a main healer, one of many available to team Yellow. To set themselves apart, they tend to be very proactive and can suppress negative status effects from affecting their party. They are especially useful in high-level Breaker Quests where they can keep allies from being tripped up thanks to their stacks of Hardy.

Miguel Rivera:
Miguel is arguably team Yellow’s best healer. Free from the restrictions of competitive modes, Miguel can liberally stack notes of various utilities to protect allies and disrupt enemies. He is the most flexible healer in the game when he is no longer bound by Auto-mode, and players should take full advantage of his wonderful skillset.

Rapunzel is a very proactive main healer who also does a lot of disruption along the way. She can snag a vulnerable backline target and group enemies together, which makes things easier for most damage dealers to wreck tougher mobs. Thanks to the fact that she can be played manually, she can more reliably heal her team without interrupting herself by automatically using her Active Skill.

Robin Hood:
Robin is sort of like a mirror of Jack Skellington’s utilities. Robin also compresses roles as healer and damage dealer except this time, he specializes on Normal damage, uses study instead of scare, and his healing and skills are highly focused on one target at a time. Robin is capable of high burst damage and does a ton of work supporting his allies and beating down Bots.

Sulley & Boo:
Sulley is actually one of the best heroes of team Yellow, especially when it comes to Breaker Quests. As long as he is using Woody’s disk, He can provide massive heals for the whole team. His healing is provided to the entire party occasionally throughout a fight, sure–but he will always heal at the end of every Breaker Quest. Yes, he essentially guarantees that the team enters subsequent Breaker Quests with full HP (assuming disk is maxed) and no other hero can do this kind of healing. This makes Sulley one of the most important heroes for Beaker Quest teams.

Yax is actually a very competent hero during Invasion week. Much like Judy, he also excels in enhancing the team’s momentum positively albeit by slowing down enemies instead. His instant but temporary slow synergizes extremely well with Finnick and gives slow attackers like Jack Skellington and Merlin an easier time catching up. Both of his disks are also useful–Finnick’s disk extends the slow time and Frozone’s helps Yax manage his Energy and healing. He is available to all players and if nothing else, a great option until someone better comes along.


How do you think about the ussage of Robin Hood? Since he is both healer and damage in a package i find him usefull for Invasion


You know, I forgot about him. Amazingly, I’ve even used him lots of times during Invasion. Super fun hero and I’ll definitely write about him.


There should be an “of” between “lot” and “durability”

There should be a “with” between “up” and “Stitch’s”

The d in “Yellow’d” should be an s.

There should a “the” between “still” and “best”

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And Aurora. I think you should add on that L&R (Mi) can be great for Boss Fights, as the stacks of Hardy will add on and never expire or decease, giving their team up to 150% attack speed.

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What do you think of Gaston for Invasion? I used him along with Kida, Anger, the Beast, and Joy to deal tons of damage to bosses.

@Filadae_Djaq I fixed those mistakes and then some. I specialize in leaving out entire words and mixing up letters, don’t cha know? :upside_down_face:

@Lucas1999 I added Robin, who is actually amazing for Invasion.

@Bruiser Gaston? He’s alright, and sure he can do respectable damage. However, his kit suffers a lot since he can’t stun/charm Bots and some Breaker Quests have disable wards that also block his stun/charm. It’s why he and also Maleficent are left out.


Yup. For me, he can even double as the tank for the team by using his Barbossa disk, the mama bot hits him, he gains full energy from the hit, then he triggers his white skill, healing himself to full, and the process repeats with him spamming his white skill.

A great damage output, and a self sustain feature. :grin:

Another excellent writeup, though I’d like to suggest Randall – for support. Why? His white ability scares the target, which can be extremely useful in prepping the bot for Nick’s potent triple-pawpsicle Shuriken Pops attack. (If you have someone else scaring the bot, then Randall’s damage ranks with Nick’s, so he could also be classified as damage; I just find it easier to use him properly if I think of him as support.)

Speaking of Nick, in addition to his Shuriken Pops green skill, it might be worth mentioning his red skill, which has him shredding armor and granting skill power to his allies, two more reasons he remains useful in invasion.

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These guides are great!

What do you think about Flynn Rider? He can pull off his white a lot and deal massive damage; he’s the star of my yellow team.

Excellent as per usual AV. What are your thoughts on Sally? She essentially becomes a damage form of Miguel with her Tia disk. Stacking poison indefinitely doing more and more damage along with being a decent tank especially combined with her Red skill which reduces damage by 80% if said damage would be >10% of her Max HP. I don’t know if the DPS from poison is amplified by scare teams but it could be a decent synergy with Jack Skellington if that is the case.

Wait, does this disk not work as intended? The description for me says that the speed is gained when they lose the stacks of Hardy, not when gained. Kida (Ja) can increase speed if high energy isn’t used I know, so it won’t be persistent unless it’s on heroes that work better without using theirs.

Hm… I see that I skipped some words…

Oh whatevs, mate. It doesn’t change the fact that L&R are still amazing to have.

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Sullivan’s summary should include Scream Power. He’ll quickly do silly damage (cf. Quorra, Pooh, Calhoun, Elsa) if he gets Skill Power mods and the +purple level chips, especially if Skellington(MH) is racking up the scares.

Don’t you mean Fantastic?

I do think by word ‘‘silly’’, Legio meant huge damage.


I did. I’ve seen Sullivan clear 500MM, and I’m not a whale.

Devil’s in the details, though; surviving that first Mama Bot laser is the challenge. After that, she may as well be throwing toothpicks at the big blue monster.

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Ah. The more correct term would be “ridiculous”, Legio

There is no more ‘correct’ term. They’re synonyms.

You probably just use ridiculous more often.

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