New Disable Idea - Confuse

Hey everyone! I thought of an idea for a new disable they could put into the game called Confuse. Feel free to comment on this thread what you think this disable would be able to do. Here is what I think it should do:

One of the heroes confuses the enemy through one of their skills. It is not a status effect and would work like any other disable (such as a stun or freeze). The disable would last a certain number of seconds.

While “confused” the enemy would not know who their allies and enemies are. They are unable to use all skills and can only use basic attacks. Basically they are partly stunned, but also do something else:

The enemy or enemies that are “confused” randomly use their basic attacks on both their allies and enemies, dealing damage towards both sides of the battlefield.

It is also possible that an additional skill the hero has would also have their basic damage reduced, so that it deals less damage to your lineup.

Now that I have presented my idea for what “Confuse” would look like, it is your turn. Also, if you really liked this idea, feel free to use it in concepts (but do credit the forumer’s idea that you used) so that PerBlue is more likely to add something like this!

Hope you enjoyed :smile:


I did! :grinning:
Irrer Minnie😘

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So… basically this is just worse version of charm.


Not necessarily. And if you have an idea to make the disable better, feel free to share.

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I agree with Musketeer. It’s basically a worse charm that comes with a silence

Again I am going to repeat what I said earlier:

So in which ways is our description of the disable wrong?

We’ve got all the disables we need. Their purposes are very basic.

You’re essentially saying that the idea is just a worse charm, and you’re not suggesting anything to improve it.

I think Imagineer is trying to get some suggestions on how to improve the disable.


Yes @Hallows-EVE is correct. So @Kimtastic and @The_Death_Note if you have suggestions on how to make the disable stronger and better let me know.

No, we just don’t need new disables. 5 is enough, and anyway only 2 of them are mainly used.

And this is just same thing as charm, pointless.

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It never had to be pointless, we’re trying to improve it so that it isn’t pointless.

It can cause the enemy to damage itself whenever it attempts to use a skill or basic attack at random, on top of having the status effects (like stun or armor reduction) apply to them and them only during the confusion.


I never said that it needs to come into the game, it is just an idea that I’ve been thinking about and trying to see what can make it better. All you and Djaq have been doing is criticizing the idea in a kind of rude way. I’m just trying to be creative and see if I can come up with some ideas for disables. Now if you don’t have any ways that the idea can become better please don’t say anything more.


Nice thinking u got, Imagineer. No wonder they don’t call u that for nothing. After all, u have many ideas. Lol


I’d rather just charm and it’s hard to add a new disable when perblue has to make more characters who would be suitable to use it unless it’s just special to a specific character.

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What if Confused makes them have a chance to hurt themselves with their skills?


I am only going to say this one more time:
Please stop criticizing and saying it is unlikely. I understand that it is not likely that this may not happen. It is just an idea. Unless you have a different idea or a way to improve mine, don’t say anything.


They are saying it’s unlikely because it’s like combining silence with a semi-charm.

Also people criticize to tell you how to fix things so you need it.

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That is kind of the point, isn’t it?

We’re gonna criticize because it’s a idea, we are of course gonna give feedback.

We’re not just gonna follow this, it’s a new idea and feedback is needed, no need to get riled up… :upside_down_face:


What I am trying to say is that instead of just saying what is ‘wrong’ with it, say what I can do to fix it. The point of feedback is to yes say what is wrong, but when you do it in the way you have been, it puts people down and discourages people. I was not getting riled up and more so frustrated and annoyed that you cannot seem to be nice or say what I can do to change it.

Sometimes to do something right you gotta know what is wrong.

We’re telling you what is wrong, that way you can be a bit more certain on what is right

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