New Emerald FAQ!

We created an FAQ just for Emerald, highlighting some key points of the feature. We hope this answers any questions or concerns you may have about the new rarity. Check it out!


Idk if it’s good or not

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A Y30 hero could have 200% crit chance against an Emerald hero, which is then reduced to 0% chance upon promotion to Emerald.

If we subclass in crit chance then we may gain back… on a T5 hero like 15% if we’re lucky :grimacing:

It should not be possible for a hero promotion to make them significantly worse 🫣

It’s also impossible to gauge exactly how much worse our heroes are going to get by promoting them because you can’t see the subclass values until you do.

The point about the opponent heroes may be somewhat valid but players don’t care what heroes they may or may not come up against which are owned by other people. We care about the effectiveness of our own heroes only, which in the majority of cases seems to be severely reduced.

I’ve been making a list of heroes ‘safe’ to promote to E0 and it’s less than a third of my current Y30 roster :man_shrugging:

(Also, why do subclass stats take effect against heroes below Emerald? One of the key feedback points supposed to have been actioned was specifically to prevent this imbalance)

Correct me if I’m wrong but the key takeaway I’m getting from this FAQ is - “Yes, your heroes may be better at Y30 now, but we’re going to make the Emerald badges so absurdly strong that you’ll end up getting power crept if you don’t suck it up and promote”


Isn’t this what they said in previous post? :joy::joy::joy: They are really contradicting themselves :joy::joy::joy:

  1. Many of us can’t afford to craft those Emerald badges anyway so that threat is basically useless

  2. If it is too much, people would simply quit. Enough people have quit already and they don’t care. I’m not surprised if that happens once more and nothing changes​:joy::joy::joy:

So, no, for the time being, I won’t promote my hero to E0. And if they think trying to force people to do something they hate is the solution, then I think it is finally time to say goodbye

What I don’t really understand is why they don’t find a way to make players happy, yet they always intend to make most (if not all) of us frustrated :thinking::thinking::thinking:

And the way they take criticism has really been horrible lately. Many of my friends have been blocked on forum for saying the truth :joy::joy::joy:

The end is near, guys. And all thanks to the Emerald rank


I mean that’s cool

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The problem here is very simple.

We wanted the feature to be complementary (aka in addition to the working secondary stats) instead of supplementary (only subclass secondary stats and disk/red skill working) @Samm

That is a very crucial part of information for the team to figure out.
Also I guess it is a bug and E0 heroes against enemy Yellows use the second chances which are used against Emerald enemies.
Not to mention any hero with Tenacity/Evasion below Tier 1 simply die, since it´s not enough.

Basically the only worth heroes to get E0 for are those that had no secondary stats at all to begin with. All others are sadly not.


It really isn’t.


Oh ok cool gotcha :+1:t6:

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How long is Emerald going to be stretched? Are we going to have another 3 years wait before anything of value gets added?


Are we absolutely sure that there will be DHBM in late 2026 when right now 2024 and maybe early 2025 is planned? :thinking:


Do you really think the game will really last that long? It’s already on a downward spiral and it seems like the game won’t even last to the end of the year


Okay, let’s dissect this point by point.

Stats from Badges still matter a lot:
Yeah, and as more emerald ranks keep going that’ll become more and more true, but the problem is we lose too much for it to be worth it NOW.

For a lot of Heroes, Emerald is the best way to gain access to powerful Level Scaling Stats:
That is, at best, incorrect.
The best way to gain crit rate is through mods, which grant 50 crit rate when maxed. Therefore 4 guarantee super crits if there was ANY crit rate beforehand.
Evasion and Tenacity are best gained by allying with heroes who grant them with their disks, which can give over ONE THOUSAND.
Only one that DOESN’T have a way to get it outside of standard badges is Crit damage.

Long-term Maintenance:
Brought this up with the first point. We lose too much NOW for the “gain” of the subclasses to matter. Especially as most heroes don’t do as well at what they subclass into as they used to do naturally.

Ambition is a double edged sword:
And the side you point at the enemy is dull while the one facing you is sharper than ever. In the example you’ve given, the enemy would have to have subclassed that hero into something entirely different than what they were previously GOOD at. It’d be like me subclassing Dash into evasion and tenacity, I’m TECHNICALLY getting crit rate, damage, evasion and tenacity agaisnt Ys, but against other Emeralds I’m losing the aspects that a glass cannon like Dash NEEDS.

When all is said and done, the problem is simple. The subclasses do not offer a strong enough bonus to warrant the functional “back to zero” level state ambition creates.


Now that I’ve said this out loud, the solution seems obvious. Rather than a full blown “back to zero” state, ambition should make the level dependent stats a reasonable amount by default.

Crit rate, for instance, could be 50%. Then, if a Tier 1 subclasses into a crit rate, it becomes 50+90 = 140%.


30 yellow ranks… dang…!

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I mean I thought Red would be the end of it never mind 2 colors later.


They said as they released more Emerald rank and lv, the crit stat we have on Yellow would be outdated

But it won’t be as fast they want

Like my Calhoun, at Y30, she has 745 normal crit, which means, in order for her crit to be useless, her enemies need to be above lv 545 :joy::joy::joy:

We are at lv 390…155 lv more, equally 31 months :joy::joy::joy: will this game last that long?

Not to mention, if I put crit mods onto her…:joy::joy::joy:

So no, for the time being, I dont have to worry about her being useless at Y30. Unless they decide to give us 155 lv at once :joy::joy::joy:


If it’s that bad,then Y30 is fine for now until they fix emerald

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I’ve waited for few months to see how Emerald rank would do. But it’s just like another Yellow rank with megabits that I never paid attention to.

The game has no more fun. I just don’t know how to play or enjoy this game anymore. No more strategy required, it’s already broken.

The game is dead since Jake Long appeared, then Nega with unlimited reflect and else, Fear and Gogo instant kill, and now Pegasus green skill that does 400B damages in one shot, reflect, cleanse, remove buff, attack speed :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Talent Patch is fun and refreshing but it’s just too random.

I believe by the time more people will quit, including me :laughing:


With the most liked and best release of this year…?


The first of a trend where the new heroes are practically meta defining.
Jake, Abu, Nega, Pegasus, they’re all so powerful that they outclass almost every other hero. To a ridiculous degree, where it sometimes feels like we’re back to the Randall days where the only viable counter is to run the same hero but stronger.

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