New Friend Land Ideas Part 1

Hello everyone, first, I want to apologize for how I was in the past, I promise I will never be like I was.:sweat:

And whenever I feel like making a Character I go here: New Friend Land Ideas
And here:
Future Characters for my Friend Land ideas🌌

And I’ve been making Icon Pictures, like one I made for Ren and Stimpy.

I also make new Designs for Characters I made up, for example, this is a picture of Boomerang, Oscar, & Bluish when I first made them

And here’s a picture of them when I thought it need more Designs:

For the new Designs you can really tell the difference between the two.

So let get to Business, The first characters that to start with is my favorite Disney Character, Anne Boonchuy.

I know I already did one of her, but I want to start At a new beginning.

Anne Boonchuy

Glitch Creep

Role: Damage

Position: Front

Trial Team: Blue

Quote: I think the reason I don’t want a new look is because I’m finally happy with who I see in the mirror right now. So, whatever I put on, I just want to be able to see the same me looking back.”

Entrance: Simply Walks into the Battlefield.
Victory: Rises Her arm proud.
Defeat: Falls down feeling dizzy.

:shield:White Skill: Calamity Powers: Anne uses her Calamity Powers to Kick the closest Enemies, Dealing Damage and Stuns Them for 7.0 Seconds, this Skil will also deal a little bit of damage to her.

Stunning has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.

:sparkles:Green Skill: Sowrd Slash: Anne Dodges an up Coming Attack and Counter Attacks by Slashing them with her Sowrd, Dealing Damage and Stuns Them for 5.0 Seconds

Stunning has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X


:fist:Blue Skill: Tennis Swing: Anne Pulls out her Tennis racket and a ball then swings it to the farest Enemy, Dealing Damage and Stuns it for 9.0 seconds, if Enemies are close to her while performing this skill, she will knock them back and Stuns Them for 8.0 seconds.

Stunning has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.

Purple Skill: Town Protector: After she performs Calamity Powers she grains Allies Shield for 10.0 seconds, If an Alliy no longer has that Shield, she increase their Basic Damage for 5.0 seconds.

Red Skill: It No Big Deal: Whenever Anne uses Calamity Powers she will be immune to Bad effects for 4.0 seconds, whenever she stunned, the remaining cold down of Sowrd Slash is reduced to 0.

Tennis Swing also deal damage to enemies at are close to her and the Stun also last 2 seconds longer.

Stunning has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.


Vanellope: Girl Heroes: Officer Hopps Calls Anne and Vanellope to help her to fight some strong Creeps.

Allies: Hal & Bubbles, Coco & Poliwag, Ralph.

Sprig, Polly, & Hop Pop: Hopping Family:
Anne and the Planter went to the mall to pick up some stuff.

Allies: Slinky Dog, Nick, CatDog.

That it, I will be back next week to make one about Hal & Bubbles and CatDog, hopefully I did my best and I will try to make were you can click on one of my Friend Land Ideas instead of searching it, that might take a while, but like I said, hopefully I did my best and I will be back next week. Goodbye :slightly_smiling_face:


You guys know that I don’t mind if you comment below, see what you think about it?

Is there a need to do a creep version of her
Otherwise, it’s good

Thank you, and we’ll no, but it wouldn’t hurt to try add a Creep Version.

That is good that you can make a creep version of her

Yes, indeed, but what do you think about the two Designs of Boomerang, Oscar, & Bluish?

Very good look

I’m glad to hear, but I bet you like the second one better?

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