New Friend Land Ideas part 2

Hello everyone, Today I will show you Hal & Bubbles and CatDog, nothing to special, but like I said in Part 1, I want to begin with a new start.

A I have changed CatDog’s White and Blue Skill.

Hal & Bubbles

Glitch Creep

Meltus, let me tell ya Something, It not always easy having a very long beak, and Ya and the explosion

Role: Damage
Position: Mid
Trial Team: Blue
Entrance: They fall to the ground and Land then do a pose.
Victory: Plays Their instruments with joy
Defeat: Hal Falls down then looks down to the ground Sad and Lonely.

:fist:White Skill: Beak Hammer:
Passive: When Hal & Bubbles uses their Basic Attack, Hal Throws Random Fruit at an Enemy Depending how far they are.
Mango: at the Closest Enemy
Pineapple: at the Farest Enemy
Watermelon: In the Middle of Enemies Dealing Damage to all Enemies, Hal will only throw the Watermelon if their HP is at 20% of their Max HP

Active: Bubbles Flys Hal In the Middle of Enemies then Hal Slams his Beak, Dealing Damage and Stuns Them for 8.0 Seconds, if Enemies are already Stun they will increase the Stun

Stun and Increase Stun has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.

:sparkles:Green Skill: Burp-nado: Hal Throws Bubbles his Burping Candy, Which his burps at Enemies, Dealing Damage, Stuns them for 6.0 Seconds, and replying a Stack of Fatigue.

Stunning has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.

Blue Skill: Anger In Me: When Hal & Bubbles reach to 50% of their Max HP, Hal will get Angry and bangs his chest like a gorilla, make them invincible for 13.0 Seconds, and increase their Basic Damage, Skill Power and Attack Speed, they can only use this Skill once per wave.

:sparkles: Purple Skill: Oh Banana Peal: Hal pulls out a banana and squirts it that an Enemy, Dealing Damage, Then he throws the peal on the Battlefield, if Enemies step on it, they will slip, decreasing their Attack Speed and Movement Speed for 7.0 Seconds.

Red Skill: Birds Of The Feathers: Hal & Bubbles now throw the Watermelon if their HP is at 40% of their Max HP and Stuns Enemies for 6.0 seconds.

If an Ally get K.O. Hal & Bubbles will automatically activate Anger In Me and will target the Enemy at K.O. an Ally, if that Enemy is K.O Hal & Bubbles will target another Enemy.


Anne Boonchuy: Fall in Love at Flights: Hal Try to asks Anne out on a Date, But since his so nervous, Bubbles and the Others try to help him out.

Hal & Bubbles Knock back Enemies whenever they use Burp-nado, they will also get an Ally a Lollipop, Healing them for 6.0 Seconds.

Allies: Meltus, Coco & Poliwag, Melman

Slinky DogA Spring Day: Hal and Slinky Dog went to the park when they saw Melman running away from some Creeps.

If an Ally get hit by Burp-nado, Instead of taking Damage, Hal & Bubbles grants them a shield for 10.0 Seconds, if Enemies are close to the Ally, they will reduce Enemies HP.

Allies: Duck Hunt Duo, Banjo & Kazooie, Woody


Glitch Creep

Garbage Day! oh no Dog, Control yourself, How about a bone or a game of fetch
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Trial Team: Yellow
Entrance: CatDog bounce to their position, when done bouncing, they get dizzy then stand up on fours.
Victory: They hive five and celebrate.
Defeat: Dog get scared and cover his eyes while Cat gives himself a facepound.

:fist:White Skill: Tag Team: CatDog Punch left and right, not only this Skill deal Damage to nearby Enemies, but it also switch between Cat and Dog, their Basic Attack and Blue Skill changes depends who is taking the lead.

:fist:Green Skill: Garbage Chase: Whenever CatDog enter the next Wave, a Garbage truck comes through Enemies, Dealing Damage and Stuns Them for 7.0 Seconds.

Stunning has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.

:shield: Blue Skill: Heavy Punch/Little Punch: CatDog Dodges a Attack and whoever is in the lead, Throw a punch, Dealing Damage.
Dog: Heavy Punch: Dog’s Blue Skill is Slower but Powerful
Cat: Little Punch: Cat’s Little Punch is Weaker but Faster.

Purple Skill: Fight Cloud: whenever CatDog are using Tag Team, CatDog will instead fight each other, which they bounce to Enemies one by one, Dealing Damage and reducing their HP for 5.0 Seconds.

Red Skill: Hi Ho Diggity: after a short time, whoever is in the lead, Spits out something at Enemies.
Dog: Dog Spits out a Bone which Boomerangs back.
Cat: Cat Spits out a Hairball which Bounces though.

CatDog will also saps enemies for 8.0 seconds.

Whenever CatDog uses Tag Team, The remaining Cold Down of Heavy Punch/Little Punch is reduced to 0.

Sapping has a chance to fall if Enemies are higher than level X.


Duck Hunt Duo: Fighting Par: CatDog trys to enter the game for Duos, but have to be two people, and since everyone they know was busy, they went with Duck Hunt Duo.

Whenever CatDog is using Heavy Punch/Little Punch.
Dog: they gain Basic Damage for 5.0 seconds.
Cat: they gain Attack Speed for 5.0 seconds.

Fight Cloud will also Blind Enemies for 7.0 Seconds.

Allies: Hank & Dory, Chris & Pup, Chip & Dale

Coco & Poliwag: Party Animals: Coco & Poliwag invites CatDog to a Insane Crazy Wild Party.

Heavy Punch/Little Punch will also knock back near Enemies

Garbage Chase will also knock back Enemies, whenever CatDog pas through Enemies, They will silence them for 7.0 seconds

Allies: King Louie, Luna Loud, Banjo & Kazooie

That’s all folks, here link to part 1 if you want to see some changes I did with Anne Boonchuy
New Friend Land Ideas Part 1.
I will be back next week to make a another one about Coco & Poliwag, Boomerang, Oscar, & Blush, Meltus and Duck Hunt Duo

Coco & Poliwag and Duck Hunt Duo I will do, But I want to see if you want to see either Meltus or Boomerang, Oscar, & Bluish or any character I did before,For Example: Like Lucy Loud, Chris & Pup or Slianne.

Those are just Examples which Character do you in the next one.

  • Meltus
  • Boomerang, Oscar, & Bluish
  • Or Any Character I did before

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I will be back Wednesday to see how the poll,
The results will be on new week before I make Friend Land Ideas part 3. And I will see you later.
Goodbye :slightly_smiling_face:

You guys know that I don’t mind if you comment below, see what you think, especially about CatDog’s new moveset.

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