New game mode!

This is a little bitty I call…

Players have to take down…

There are 10 levels…
The first round is 500 Itchy and Scratchy robots (250 Itchys and 250 Scratchys)
The second round is added 500 more robots! And next one, and the next one, and the…you get the idea.
Finish the 10 levels and get 100 diamonds! Refeashs weekly.

These are front line damages.
Itchy swings a :hocho:
Scratchy swings an axe
Sometimes they throw a :bomb: at the back line
They all have 1000hp
Sounds fair?
If they are blinded, they are automatically k.o.ed
Like this
Victory: nothing
If all your heroes are k.o.ed
you have to restart tomorrow

Now stop the robots! The fate of the world depends on you.

Dude, remember. They will not be in the game. Do you understand?


Do YOU understand that we can all be creative in this game?

Calm down…

How about, we replace those titles and characters to make it more Disney-themed, yeah?

Why are you mad? All I say is this is not going to be in the game

They are Disney.

They. Are. Fox.

Just because they’re own by Disney, doesn’t mean that they’re going to be in the game. Fox is unlikely to be in the game. Understand now?

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Disney. Owns. Fox.

But they can’t be in the game


Although Disney owns fox, star wars, marvel etc does not mean they are going to add them
They will add what is original disney and pixar content (except with the muppets but well) whether we like it or not but the truth is that the idea does not look bad could be some reference or something like that, we are on the internet according to wifi ralph se supposes that something like this could be possible if not because it can be assembled with infected “exclusive” for that game mode
(I don’t know if they understand me) (translated with google translator)


You got the point


Read point N#1 here.
That’s not me saying that, is Leaf one of the developers of this game.

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How was this flagged and the spam comments not?

(Fishy, I know)

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