New Hero Costumes

Ok I notice some characters have alternate costume options, such as Elastigirl and The Genie…

This begs the question, what other costume changes should be added? (If they haven’t already)

I think some of the obvious ones are:
Vanellope Von Schweetz - Princess Costume.
Scrooge McDuck - Alternate (original green or old red) Coloured Clothes.
Captain Barbossa - Skellington Curse Costume.
Peter Pan - Shadow Version.
DarkWing Duck - NegaDuck Costume.
Launchpad McQuack - DarkWing Duck Costume.

So that’s about all I have off the top of my head, I also have some “half an idea” about Woody having a Buzz costume and Buzz having a Woody costume just for silly friendzy funzies…
But what are your ideas, what other costumes could fit the charactors in the game?
Let me know :sunglasses:

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According to the devs, they are no longer making new costumes which is a bummer :disappointed_relieved:


Besides, i think Negaduck should be his own character.


Yes, Jack Skellington Cursed Barbosa. It Was Such A Good Plot Twist!


Devs might make new costumes again if there is enough demand for it :smirk:

As for NegaDuck as his own charactor :thinking: are we sure? I mean yes he is a great charactor on his own, but his appearance is exactly DarkWing Ducks style but in a villainous yellow colour. 🤷

Lastly if I spelt skeleton wrong then I blame my spellchecker software :joy: I have deslexia so I rely on it heavily hahaha

Any other costume ideas? :innocent:

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Oooh, Elsa 5th spirit should be one of the costumes to be added!!


Bo peeps original costume


These are all good ideas :thinking:
Although I have just come up with a brilliant (but mostly nonsense) idea!
Since Disney owns Marvel, but it would make no sense to actually add Marvel characters to this game…
The next best thing is costumes!

Please imagine for a moment that a bunch of “Marvel themed” costumes released…

For example, Wreck it Ralph could have a hulk costume.
Fix-it Felix can have a Captain America costume.
Buzz Lightyear (or Baymax) can have an Iron Man costume.
Miss Piggy as Captain Marvel.
The Incredibles can have Fantastic 4 suits.
Experiment 624 (Angel) can have a Black Widow Costume.
Sulley & Boo can have costumes like Groot & Rocket Raccoon.
Tigger can be Dr Strange, give him a cape.
Launchpad McQuack can have a Thor costume.
Sergeant Calhoun could have a Storm Trooper costume, because Disney owns Star Wars too so why not? Hahahaha


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Just no.

Anyway the costumes I would like to see (if the devs decide to do costumes again sometime in the future) would be:
Mulan - Ping
Li Shang - Captain uniform
Jack Sparrow - No coat OR Judge (from PotC: On Stranger Tides)
Mr.Incredible - Old suit “Hero Times”
Elastigirl (no.2) - Old suit “Hero Times”
Maximus - Khan (Mulan’s horse)
Hiro Hamada - Big Hero 6 suit
Davy Jones - Human form
Barbossa - PotC 4 or 5 attire
Baloo - TaleSpin attire
Judy Hopps - casual attire


There are five Incredibles So if they were to do that (which they aren’t) it wouldn’t make sense

How would he use claw counter?

They are two different horses from different franchises :neutral_face:

Costumes have to be canon :confused:

And anyways,

This means nothing in terms of characters coming to the game


Woody and Buzz in the Pizza Planet containers

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They would have to make a new animation anyway, so why just not counter with his sword in similar fashion to the claw?

And? They are both horses. Baloo from Jungle Book ain´t the Baloo from Talespin either.

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How would that work?

Yes, i’m positive. On a number of reasons

  1. He’s a breakout villain and highly requested character.
  2. He has a variety of weapons he can use such a tank and his signature chainsaw

Wait a second, you have dyslexia?

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They even didn’t give the one which we have already to complete it

We are unable to complete genie collection since ever

They need to remove it from collections maybe

@Grim_grinning_Ghost the name is misleading, the fantastic four (and the fantastic five) have had several members come and go. The total number of people who have been on the team is much higher than 4. But if you want a clear answer then make the Baby Incredible turn metal, wear a mask and look like Dr. Doom :rofl: hahaha

@Filadae_Djaq I never said I wanted Marvel charactors in this game. I said it would be brilliant (and nonsense) if they added costumes “Themed” on Marvel. And yeah the fact that Disney owns them does make it relevant to the conversation. Disney owns everything. All hail Disney.

@Disney-Fan I feel like the two different horses are different for sure… But they could totally just be alternate costumes for a horse in the game :thinking: right? Like 1 horse character is enough 🤷

@Mister_Toon ok you got me there. The image of NegaDuck with his Chainsaw sells it for me. He can be his own character. Yes I do have dyslexia, what I don’t have is good spell check software hahahah

Pb has said in the past that no Star Wars or marvel (heroes, badges, Easter eggs, costumes etc) would never come so hate to break it to you but neither of those would ever happen

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@Grim_grinning_Ghost so?
I am not fussed with what PB says and does.
If they mattered at all then Disney would own them.

Let’s all not forget that Disney for over 30 years strictly told anyone working on anything “Ducktales” related that they “can not write anything about Della Duck. Don’t mention her. Don’t draw her. Nothing” then in 2016 the higher forces of Disney suddenly said “tell Della Ducks story” so the point is…
Things change.
Things can change at any moment.
Things might change in 30 years.
Either way, you are stuck in the here and now (or what PB said in the past) and not looking at the vast potential of the future :sweat_smile:

If Disney decides tomorrow that they want PB to obey them, they will buy PB and then just own them. 🤷

In the future PB could get shut down but the game and source code migrates to another group and continues from there :joy: hahaha

Anything could happen, so why don’t dream big? :smirk:

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