New Hero - Servers 21&22

New Hero for servers 21&22 - Animal will only be available in Diamond Crates starting now! :tada:



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I suppose this kind of fixes the Party Heroes Problem, I say “Kind of” since i dunno if we can train him for the invasion in such a short time.

You broke chat on 21

…This has to be a joke right? Literally releasing a hero seconds before a week long invasion featuring that very same hero? I honestly don’t know how to react to this.

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The joke is even bigger, in the idea that it is a release to the diamond crate. If PerBlue really wanted everyone acces they shouldn’t have done this. Only by luck, or a lot of diamonds, would you be able to get him.


I’m not on these servers but @Polaris might I suggest you do what you did when Goofy was released last year?

When goofy was released there was an immediate contest afterward requiring him, so Perblue made it up by giving everyone free goofy chips, gold,skill point refreshers and stam packs to build him in the mailbox. I think that would be the right course of action for these servers.


Yay! Thanks :smiley: even if we can’t use him for this invasion it was a need for our servers.
Now we just need Miss Piggy


10,000,000 diamonds should do it.


No. I Think 100 Can.

I don’t think you can buy crates with 100 diamonds.

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An!!! i!!! mal!!! Animal!!!

And there is no update for it!

Thank you Perblue!


can you guys at the very least make his disks available? its not like Animal is the newest hero in the game with no friendships… @Polaris


No. Only Server 21 & 22 Don’t Have His Friendships. :expressionless:

Cool cool. Party team for invasion can be complete then now :slight_smile:

Thank you for adding him, and hopefully he’s able to be improved upon as the week goes on to make him just as effective as he is on the servers he was on before this.

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When is server 21 going to get Randall Boggs? He is an older chatlfacter on older servers yet server 21 keeps getting new heros vit still hasn’t gotten some of the older ones that the other servers have like animal in this scenario.

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