New Player QoL Feedback

Hello everyone! We’d love to hear from some new players on what the pain points in the game might be for those just starting out. We’re looking into quality of life changes and we’d love to hear that feedback from anyone who is just starting out in Disney Heroes.

I know our regulars will want to comment, but for this we would like to keep this feedback to newer players!


Hi. Can we get more skill points pls? I feel like it takes forever leveling up my heroes

Also, I don’t like watching ad and so is there a way to turn off video crates notification? I don’t like watching it and I don’t want to watch it


On new heroes we get, the required difficulty levels for friendships are way too high. I have many heroes that I would like to unlock disks for, but friendship difficulties are too high to do so. For example, Agent P has level difficulty of 250 and 242 for friendships with Bolt and Kim Possible. I’m a level 74 casual player and know it will be a very long time before ever unlocking those disks.


I see that we have a lot of campaigns to do. Is there a way for us to quick fight or raid it? For free players pls, don’t put them in VIP benefits.


I feel the same. The difficulty is insane and there is really no way for me to have them :frowning: and I don’t think I can wait until I have them or pay money to do so :frowning: I’m a free players to the bone


I’m a veteran and I still have the same issues. Specially when the enemies are Yellow Rank.

Trust me you aren’t alone in that one. I have a LOT of friendships that I can’t finish because I need to rank up my heroes to even have a chance to progress. Friendship boosts? Nah they are a joke.

P.s. I buy energy from here and there when there’s a good deal.


There are daily video crates that award free raid tickets. Sometimes you get free raid tickets after winning a fight.

It is possible to get the option to easily Raid Campaign stages by going to the airship where it says Video, from there going to Daily Videos and then watch the 3 videos there.

After having watched those 3 videos you can raid as much as you want very easily :-).
(Just to say, you don’t actually have to watch the videos and can instead multitask by getting some water or doing some other quick things).

If this is something that new players miss noticing, I think this should be better included in the tutorial if it isn’t included already. But yeah, thought I explain in case some new players hadn’t noticed this :-).

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Why are some of my favorite Disney characters much weaker than others? Like some of the main characters from Disney: Mickey, Goofy, Woody, and Ralph have way lower stats and their skills are not that good compared to some much more unknown characters from Disney (Milo, Underminer, Duff Killigan, etc.). It’s almost not even comparable!

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New first-time player. Joined 32 days ago.

Things I find annoying


  • You cannot see who is “off duty” in the war summary info pages. You can only see them once at the initial splash screen (a day before battle begins) and see them by scrolling to the far right when you build your attack teams. If you’ve already used your attacks, there’s no way to see who’s off duty. It would be helpful to list “off duty” characters somewhere, so if your assisting guild members with teams, you can more easily remember/identify “off duty” attackers.
  • The chests for winning/losing are a bit confusing. After 7 wins and you get into Legendary tier, you don’t get any chests until the end of season. I feel you should get something for victories - even if it’s a few war tokens or gold. After the 8th win, it confuses everyone because there’s no chests when we had chests after the first 7 wins.


  • The reset times are confusing. For the Perry event, the event resets at 10am, but my quest events reset at 5am, so there’s 5 hours where I can’t get event credit for doing my daily quests.
  • The “0 refreshes” on last day (like today) is confusing. Why are there 0 refreshes and a timer? Shouldn’t we have a chance to get hero quest tokens until the timer runs out?


  • Fortify the Network Contest - This contest is just too boring. You need to spend a lot (around 145,000 stamina excluding diamonds, which is about 2,500 stamina packs). That’s just plain crazy for new players and makes this event only for whales or require spending 5,000-10,000 diamonds. Someone can literally do nothing other than spend daily free stamina and still be in the top 5%. How’s that possible, if players are treating this like a contest?

Surge - I like this quite a bit.

Invasion - I actually like this a bit. However, the ‘power ups’ should only present randomized characters of the selected color and this should be a color event, like with red/blue/yellow trials. You should be able to purchase mods or mod-related items in the shop as well. What good is having tens of thousands of invasion tokens at the end of the event because you’ve purchased everything in the shop every day and still have tokens that are disposed?

City Watch - I like this as well, but the randomness of opposing teams are strange. Sometimes, I get 2 battles vs teams of 1 million power points that have white rank, level 1 characters . Othertimes, it’s well balanced. Then other times, there’s a team that’s 3x my most powerful team (hard mode) that I can’t get past (and I have competitive arena and coliseum teams, plat 4s).

Heist - I like this as well.

Collections - I really like this.


  • Normal and Elite - This is okay, but the placement of characters feels off… meaning there’s high tier (Shank, Darkwing) that’s accessible early (good), but mostly low level characters that (read next)
  • Friendships - Low, weak characters that you get early in the game should be ‘easy’ friendships. Finishing a friendship for a low tier, weak, starter character should be somewhat easy under level 50 using another low tier, weak character. There should be a few ‘starter’ friendships that are more accessible eariler in the game.

Arena, Coliseum

  • The “successful defense” type of messages should show “X” over the characters who were defeated – like how it does for war. Showing the teams who fought is near useless since I don’t know if all 5 of my team survived or only 1 and same for opposing team.

Trials and Port - These are okay


  • There should be a way to “demote” a hero to remove skill ranks, levels, and/or badges.

How strong a character is base wise in terms of power/damage is determined by when they were originally released, so the the newer the character are release wise the better they are.

That said, a character can become good again through Refreshes, however the oldest characters like Mickey, Goofy, Woody and Ralph probably need a proper Refresh and not just a Stat Refresh.

Refreshes are what can make old characters useable again, proper Refreshes are where the skillsets are changed like adding new effects, extending duration and of course increased damage potential.
Stat Refreshes are just increases in the stats like more HP and more damage power for example, however may not necessarily make them be able to compete with the newest characters, however Stat Refreshes do in general still make characters more usable like from going from a C rank to A rank tier list wise, even if not S rank as in becoming meta.

From what Loutre/Nugget has said proper Refreshes should more so come back soon, so characters like Mickey, Goofy and Woody could get a proper Refresh :-). Unfortunately Ralph is a starter character, so he isn’t likely to get a Refresh from what we understand.

Hope this explanation help you some MisterDavid :-).
(Hope you Loutre/Nugget don’t mind me explaining, but yeah like to help if I can).


I believe this is more related to new players having to do the campaigns one by one, and realistically if they have the prize wall hero unlocked and leveled a little this is really easy and just takes time, which is annoying

Ah I see what you mean yeah if that’s the case, newer players having to clear stage they are at to progress to the next stage.

I know some games have special Skip Tickets and similar that allow them to skip a stage if they want to.
An idea for Disney Heroes if wanting I suppose, like to avoid stuck on a stage really badly for too long.

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Stamina cost for badges is getting really ridiculous. Events feel stale. More trial challenges like the Lilo and Stitch would be appreciated instead of having one each quarter of the year. A “tower climb” game mode would be fun.


I’m not sure what this means can you be more specific?

Our tower climber event is the Invasion.
Just renamed.


Do you play Looney Tunes World of Mayhem or Disney Sorcerer’s Arena? Those are examples of Tower Climbing events.

But as I explained here we call it Invasion.

I came back after a long break about a month ago, and started fresh on server 1.

Main things for me -

  1. Skill points make powering up toons a pain and feel completely not needed - I’d run out of gold long before I maxed everyone
  2. Catching up mods is basically impossible, which means months until I can really compete. I’d happily buy a mod deal, if one existed!
  3. Red skills are a crazy grind 1-205. Again, it’s going to be many months until I can compete, and I spend in game. F2P stand very little chance.
  4. The stamina to get one char to yellow 19 is about 20,000 stam packs, which is about a £9 spend. This means a spend of ~200 to get close to ready for end game, or 6+ months of grinding. This feels excessive, as end game are crying out for more players. Make early badges cost very little stamina to farm, or change some badge costs.

Lots of things are better now, however. I’m really enjoying the prize wall!


This is for us to get QoL Feedback on the game not a place for you to harass or ask for our staff to be fired. If this continues you will receive a silence as we do not accept this behavior towards our hardworking staff.

That’s not really the same thing.
Invasion is our Guild Raid mode.

Trial event is closer to it, but it’s not permanent, it appears very rarely, and here it’s very minimalized.

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