Next update, when? [Season 2]

Epic basic attacks :grimacing:

Yeah, she also needs good care with badges.

All what these lovely ladies needs are…

and that +240 evasion badge.

Gadget also needs good tenacity, and there is one badge which gives 35 :woman_shrugging:t2:

Uh, increase her crit damage?

also, aren’t we going off-topic?

She basically can’t crit with her skills, so that won’t do anything, unless enemies are scared.

Stat bonuses, badges and so on are all parts of the updates :scream:

ls it almost ready?

Patience, my dear @Sra_Malevola


Patch notes are here!


@Loutre could I suggest some small (and I believe not very hard change) to the Hero Overlook? Could please the badges you can directly equip be blue instead of green and leave green color for crafting.

Mockup here:

The blue sign on Drakken would signify having that badge (say, from a badge crate) and thus you can distinguish it.


Nice request! Though the blue may become a little more bright if you’d ask me. Only after looking very intensively, I could see it and that is not really practical here.


Yeah I got the same feeling just after.

This might be better.
Or done vice-versa, blue for craft and green for direct equip. There needs to be some way to distinguish it easily.


Much better yes, directly a visible distinction between what you can craft and what you can directly equip!

Finally was able to update it since Fozzie.

That second blue is better than first choice.


Red could honestly substitute the current Yellow for “level-locked” badge.

… yes.

So only logical choice for craft is yellow. :boom:

uhm… should we mentioned the datamined characters by name here?

Edit: nvm, saw the known issues thread

No, datamined anything should not be mentioned.

Not datamined characters, since you can’t talk about them on the forums.

Nothing wrong with heroes that are in the game.

Though not sure how to treat heroes that were leaked in the game very shortly, to disappear soon after…


For the characters that are currently visible, but we will be removing them since this is an issue where they’re not approved and may not ever go into the game once they are removed from being visible I will have to remove mentions of them.


I understand it’s best not to talk about who we just saw in the game

What will happen if we already unlocked an avatar of one of the unreleased characters?


I am going to get a list of all the people who had the avatar and send cosmetic crates out. This may take until tomorrow to get the list.

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