Next update, when? [Season 2]

That’s right, treasure planet is 20th anniversary on that

on November 27, 2022 is 20th Anniversary of Treasure Planet

Whatever if this game add treasure planet collection. It’ll be fine too. :wink:

well is there 3 heroes, who are fourth heroes

Find out what happeneds

Well a couple of candidates are B.E.N, Dr. Doppler, Mr Arrow (wait, he was pushed into a black hole so he’s probably dead) and let not forget Scroop (wait, he floated off into space and is probably dead too)

So I guess it’s just B.E.N and Dr. Doppler.

Well, better not.

Any chance for a Special Invasion Feedback Topic since we haven´t seen it for almost 18 months @Nugget or @Loutre?

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I think that’s a great idea

Nice one. I think he’ll be friends with both Milo and Captain Amelia

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May I please pass a feedback to include some National Treasure franchising references in the game via badges? @Nugget
Well, if it is possible…

I would be very happy to see some of the scenes in DH’s artstyle.

When will The Mayor’s spotlight be ready? :slight_smile:


That sounds less like feedback and more like a request.

It’s both in fact. Feedback on badge designs and a request.

I did mention something in Discord DMs.

Excluding trial events and the recent special invasion (which we will likely not see for another year or so…) this Is me every time I think about DH in 2023 onward:

Screenshot_20221014-095347_Disney Heroes


The only good things about this special Invasion are upgrade and advance pieces. Other rewards are super outdated. I don’t think they update it before releasing

The rewards must be from 18 months ago :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Of course.

Anyway we will see some Patch Notes today @Nugget ?

Yeah unfortunately we will get cap rise today…

cough raise cough

Cap. Rise.

Cap rise. Rise of the stamina required.
Caaaappp riseeeeeee! :musical_note:

Yeah, it’s the cap rise time, so we should get patch notes today. Y20/335!
The question is… if any bug fixes will be included? There are plenty which requires ASAP fix.

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