Next update, when? [Season 2]

No Bruce just trying to be cryptic about an upcoming feature.

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Suddenly it got very interesting here…

When will be a preview (early) for that, or all together with patch notes, in 3 weeks?

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I like that guy though. Hopefully he will come someday.

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Wouldn’t he be way too big as everything needs to scaled within the franchise…

He´d be hardly much bigger than Gerald so like eh?

Loving the franchise filters!!!


I was for a second confused who is from the movie ‘‘Wildcard’’ :joy:

Considering Patched Heroes is probably going to be Ascension from PQ we now kinda get the idea of how much time´s left here. :smirk:

Well played tho. Wonder if we get any more cap raises…

What do you mean?

Found it, nevermind

It’s not reused content from another game!

We will see about it.

I’m starting to collect references of that “another game” here for the community.

Once we have the information we will compare it with the one above this comment.

It’s not the same thing.

We hope that, ain´t sure yet.

Ahhh I was trying to figure out what you all thought it was reused from because I was so confused when Nugget mentioned it to me. It is not Ascension. Patched Heroes is more like another game mode


I hope so, but I kind of lack trust after so much time. So we will see I guess? :man_shrugging:

You’ll get more information next patch notes, but again it’s not Ascension. If it was we would tell you that, but as I’ve mentioned since we brought up Patched Heroes it’s more like another game mode. It will be connected to Trial Events.

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So wherever we get is temporal like “seasonal buffs” or it’s a permanent thing like “Seasons rewards” from another games?

I assume stage 8 only or 7 and 8. Haha yum.

One more question I have - will it raise power?

No, as said many times it’s more like a new game mode.

There have already been some adjustments ingame to certain Heroes that accidentally went in early which were tied to Patched Heroes.

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