Next update, when? [Season 2]

You’ll get all your answers with the 4.4.10 Patch Notes.

So like 3 weeks ahead. OK.

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Man. With all these collections, PB needs to add weekly challenges that can be completed only using heroes in the collections like City watch, Surge battles, Breaker battles, Invasion Bosses, Campaign fights, winning battles, and mercenaries.

Is there a cap raise this Friday

What is not understandable here? It was official stance, not my own.

Okey, but PB does stuff, not you. You can “inspire” them, but I don´t think the situation changed and they will suddenly give more challenges… is all I said.

It should be around Nov 15

Definitely not. Is PB putting up the cap raise this Friday?

Cap raises have been adjusted to after “week two” of challengers weeks because of the delay that one time, not “week four” anymore unless pb decides to adjust it again (very unlikely but who are we to say, but can still beg for six weeks figuring it would help everyone lol)

Is there going to be a cap raise this Friday @Loutre, and @Nugget?


Cap rise is every 4 weeks, it’s not next week…

So when you say that “others” believe the cap raise will be announced in patch notes today, what you mean is that you believe the cap raise will be announced in the patch notes today.

And by “We”, you apparently mean you, since Nugget has already said PerBlue won’t be doing that:

So once we do not have a cap raise this Tuesday, will you admit PerBlue isn’t trying to make one happen a week early, or will you continue to make that claim just to be proven wrong every four weeks?

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The guy literally tries to make the truth out of like every claim they have. :man_shrugging:

Yeah, just wondering if maybe they’ll stop doing this one every four weeks. Probably not, but I figured it was worth a shot.

Would be nice if with more features (or higher costs) it had been a 6 week schedule tbh.

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So here I did an elaboration of what I think will happen after Patched Heroes are released:

Red Skills at R0… Megabits at Y0… Patched Heroes at Y20/21

Coincidence? I think not.


Just going to put this here so there isn’t any confusion on the assumptions made about the unreleased Patched Heroes feature.


I think we had enough laughs already. Let’s save some for the actual release. insert a clown meme

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