Next update, when? [Season 2]

Patch notes are here!


Whenever a cap raise comes up, just ask PB if there will be new corrupted heroes appearing.

This GIF makes me sad. Since I’d like Mufasa to join the forces.


Now that we know from @Loutre that the stance of “You are not meant to raise every hero” is going kind-of away. :crossed_fingers:
I hope the stance of “not doing costumes anymore” can also be a past one as I´d really like to see some, like, say, TaleSpin Baloo.


That’s waste of time as it still will take as long as creating new hero. So better not.

Better add Don Karnage from TaleSpin :man_shrugging:


I thought Abu had come to this game because Aladdin had 30th anniversary. But it is disappointed. :pensive:

Fully gone. As I said last week, we want ALL heroes to be worthy of raising up.

This is not happening. No new costumes will be coming.


Now it’s exciting to see next stat refreshes! Sneak-peek? :smirk:
Please note just that for some heroes it isn’t enough and hero needs full refresh like Miguel which did wonders to him. (Woody definitely needs full refresh)

Full hero refreshes will be still released from time to time?

Thank you. There are more important things which need to be taken care of. :slight_smile:
Bugs :bug: :hammer:
And the amazing hero refreshes.
(Heist improvement, when?)

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Yes, this is not going away.


With Thanksgiving weekend this weekend, will we still get Patch Notes on Friday with shop rotations and possible bug fixes?

No, please see this post:

Hi Loutre
That is why I asked :slight_smile:
Previously the Patch notes were posted automatically or by someone else - so was just wondering if it is the same this time

I assume the shop rotations will be posted next week Monday/Tuesday then?

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Stay tune on December 2

Will it include that “bug” (?), regarding Bellwether’s Charm and Berserk, not getting a cooldown?


Shop Refresh notes are here!


Next PW hero on December 2nd (maybe :smirk:)!

That would be cool. I hope we can see a classic character like Bambi and Dumbo.

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@Nugget By the way, if I can ask is the State of the Game post set to be within 2 week of now or? :-).

Like the State of the Game post is supposed to be in December I know, so wondering what week of the month we could expect it.

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You can expect it in December!


Hopefully a Live Q and A someday after… or maybe January :thinking:

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