Next update, when? [Season 2]

All right, all right. You got me there

The same can be said for Disney, Pixar, and Muppets.

For a long time, characters from different IP were not allowed to interact with each other (with the exceptions of Mickey and Friends, Disney Princesses, and Disney Villains). Even in heavy hitting crossovers such as House of Mouse, Kingdom Hearts, and Disney Infinty, interaction between different IPs ranged from minimal to none apart from those i mentioned before.

The way I see it, DHBM and Once Upon a Studio are the only two true blue crossovers that Disney ever made where different IPs weren’t in their own little bubbles.

Plus, a 70 year old World War II super soldier, a genetically engineered racoon, and a space knight with a laser sword wouldn’t be too out a place in crowd of heroes consisting of sentient toys, a nature spirit with powers over ice and snow and a billionaire adventurer who just so happens to be a duck among other things, wouldn’t it?


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And how exactly would you know that if you only joined the forums 10 days ago? They’ve not said anything in your time here until NOW. Very curious…


Anything tomorrow? @TheGrillFather

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Patch notes are today or tomorrow? @TheGrillFather

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Anything today? @TheGrillFather


No hero fixes right now… Maybe the next client update?

Need to clear this part up.

Tarzan has not been used in any Disney game since 2002 in the first Kingdom Hearts. Tarzan is not in Disney Emoji Blitz. In fact, the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs the original Author of the Tarzan book series and other connected book series, has a VERY BAD relationship with Disney.

So no. The same cannot be said of Tarzan.

However it is worth noting that 21 years after cutting ties with Disney, Tarzan was allowed to make an appearance in Once Upon a Studio, just last year, so maybe Disney and the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs are trying to work together again. Or maybe it was just a one time thing for 100th anniversary of Disney.

You see, there is a conflict of interest in putting Star Wars and Marvel into a Disney mobile fighting game. Star Wars and Marvel both have independent mobile fighting games. But suddenly if one or both were in a mobile fighting game alongside other beloved characters, it would become a marketing conflict. Suddenly one game would become inherently more appealing. It would (potentially) cause a non-negligible dip in earnings on the Star Wars/Marvel game and not earn back the difference on DHBM. I didn’t come up with this explanation.

MCOC (Marvel Contest of Champions) players and SWGOH (Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes) players use this explained as well.

There is no Star Wars or Marvel equivalent to Disney Emoji Blitz, Disney Tsum Tsum, or Disney Magic Kingdom. The only Disney games I know of that pulled off getting Star Wars (and Marvel in Disney Tsum Tsum).

I don’t know why we couldn’t get Indiana Jones though.

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You’re imagining things from Disneyland. Why not go and wait for another client update? I mean it’s only until next Friday that the next season comes. Hocus Pocus is included in the next season, so Sarah’s bug needs to be fixed! That’s why they need a third phase of balancing, which is fixing any bug they find.

Fixing bugs is easier said than done.


Starting with Season 18.

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It’s obvious we won’t except anything today and I know the anniversary hero is next month I know I don’t work at Perblue but if I could guess who it’ll be for the 6th anniversary, then I’ll have to say Asha, we’ll there’s only one way to find out because I know I’m wrong but whoever it is I’ll be glad. 1st it was Goody, 2nd it was Minnie, 3rd it was Fozzie, 4th it was Daisy, 5th it was Tiana, 6th we’ll never know until May so we’ll see what happens

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I really like the new costumes idea but I think that they should bring costumes that they existed in each character’s history and not just changing their colour. I am pointing this because I just saw the costumes for Jake long and it wasn’t good.

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They should put costume threads in the wish crates because it’ll be a lot easier than doing the challenges and opening crates also I still don’t have Mayer Bellwether’s costume unlocked and I’m down if they gave Elsa that outfit she last wore in Frozen 2 and Anna that outfit she wore in the Frozen 2 books, however I’m expecting to see if they’re able to give Bo peep her regular outfit before Toy Story 4 and Kim Possible her season 4 outfit

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Looks like. I don’t see any new patch notes today. Maybe they’ll release more hero bug fixes next week.


Tsk tsk tsk… You should know that PB decides on that, and mastery skins will follow after that!!


Well I know that I’m just saying it’s better that way than the hard way

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Let’s hope the next patch notes gives us some more hero bug fixes. These patch notes are the next season.

@TheGrillFather Any new updates this Friday?

Well, I would be predicting that there will be season 18, so we’ll just have to wait and see, but the question is: “Any hero bug fixes this Friday?”

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