Next update, when? [Season 2]

Jake Long’s mastery costumes is just the skin. Pretty soon every hero will get a mastery skin, but what about the Copper, Legendary, Bronze, and Silver skins? Even the Legendary needs to be added in the Arena and the Coliseum.

Patch notes and hero bug fixes today @TheGrillFather?

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Bro they are not GrillFather, why did you reply to Musketeer

I was just following up to check for any patch notes, and hero bug fixes today. When are the patch notes?

You replyed to musketeer

There are patch notes today

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Right here.

Update 6.0-A Patch Notes

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What? I thought that Sarah’s bug was supposed to be fixed in the posted update.

Oh sorry. You must be new to the discourse, right?

I have been here since Jan 21st, but became active 10 days ago, so yeah, I would say I am new

They never said anything about Data-mined….

Hmm. It’s always secret to post any new heroes. Although, I’m strongly concerned about too many hero bug fixes in the game.

I have no idea what you’re talking about

The heroes have visual issues that are very annoying to go through. PB has fixed them in the past years, so they need to keep fixing hero bugs for us users including visual ones, like how Woody was only shown as just a lasso.

No, if Perblue accidentally reveals them it’s ok. It’s only datamined information you don’t talk about.

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At least they will reveal them when the time comes. I think if the off duty heroes for guild war have been turned on again, the new hero cadence would increase and get back to normal.

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New code guys “earthday 2024”

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I already got it @Ozi_swag
@AgentJake, I want you to give us a Sarah GIF for the next time you tell PB about anything new on Friday, got it?

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They don’t work at perblue

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You mean Sarah Sanderson from Hocus Pocus? Despite I don’t work for Perblue.

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The anniversary’s right around the corner any predictions who it’ll be?

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