No more zeus in surge!

Everywhere I go in Surge, Zeus is always there, and of course he just HAS to have the Hades disc! Give it a freakin’ rest, will ya?!


Surge teams are pulled from Arena and Coliseum teams. Blame players for being so unimaginative and boring.


Rather blame the creators for creating OP heroes and forcing people to use them over and over
If there was more balance for older heroes the meta would be more widespread


Arena is where I resent him most.
I know from personal (and painful) experience that if Zeus is in the line, don’t even bother attacking, since your team will be automatically defeated.
And every line has him now, so @Zelkiiro has a point.

For the record, I didn’t bother unlocking this zergy character and don’t use him at all.

He’s now on the list of characters I wish had not been added to the game. :rage: :no_entry_sign:

Nah in arena he’s fine
It’s just that surge has him in every single line that is annoying


Don’t get me wrong, I can handle facing him a couple times, but I’ve only got so many counters; which I can only use once each.

And today, there was a certain district, where he was teamed up with Mim, Mad Hatter, Drakken, and Kronk. I was barely able to nail Drakken with my Namarri, but other than that, I pretty much couldn’t touch them. Tron couldn’t disable Drakken’s reflect because of Mim, Mary couldn’t hex Zeus because of Hatter, even my own Zeus could barely scratch them after Drakken was down. And don’t get me started on that blasted lever Kronk kept pulling.

Drakken’s disk with Gizmoduck is a great counter if leveled btw, it takes away almost all of his skill power and gives your heroes a lot of reality too

Just to point, it was changed years ago that surge and CW chooses lines from Coliseum, not arena.

I thought so too but apparently that was only for city watch :man_shrugging:

Well, that’s not good.

Could be that changed, @Loutre? If CW could get this change, surge should as well.

Would be good to imply some lock to make the same hero to appear only 3-5 times in surge too.

As for now it’s definitely true, Zeus is everywhere, still has no direct counter to him, his red skill is broken and should be nerfed yet it wasn’t… it’s painful.

I still advocate 1 hero appearing in Surge only once. For god’s sake we have 177 (soon 178) heroes now. There are only 135 exclusive spots for heroes in Surge


Zeus must be removed from surge or be only in 4 places maximum, why he is everywhere?

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I’m down for only 1 instance of a hero per Surge, since they just repeat anyway once cleared, so seems more fair that way. Versus 10+ spots of the exact same OP hero that you don’t have a counter for.

That, or each player needs to get some special effects like Invasion that can be played before going into a battle to sub for sufficient counter options if they’re just going to run amok like it currently is. For instance, we each get 1 (or a different, fair number) of an enemy Hex, limited Invincibility/Shield/debuff block (or starting Hardy), Starting Energy, Armor Reality Buff/Debuff, etc. This could even be achieved/strengthened via Guild Perks if desired. 'Memba those PB?

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The only problem with that is Creep Surge lines are pulled from competing Arena teams. It probably wouldn’t be possible for the game to find high-level teams using 135 different heroes for the high-level guilds to fight. So PerBlue would either have to level up weaker Arena teams for those guilds, leading to Creep Surge having the same problems we see in City Watch with over-leveled heroes, or generate teams randomly for each district, in which case what even is the point of the fight?

I do think there needs to be a limit on how many times any hero can appear in one Creep Surge; I’ve suggested a limit of once per region before, although limiting a hero to 3-5 appearances total should have pretty much the same effect. I’d also like to see Creep Surge draw from a wider pool of potential teams, ideally choosing from all Coliseum, War, and Arena teams to maximize variety and somewhat reduce the number of teams that are built solely to prevent quick wins in Challenger leagues.

Unfortunately PerBlue is prioritizing City Watch for now, because players want to be able to just plug in their top 5 heroes and quickfight their way through Epic every day. I wouldn’t expect Creep Surge to get any attention until next year, at the earliest. :man_shrugging:

Why would there be no point for the fight?
Randomly generated lines are present in Invasion breaker fights and it works?

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For the past few days, we have had Zeus in ALMOST every single district in surge :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: he is such a pain in the…game :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

And this is not the first time this has happened. Every time there is a OP heroes, Surge takes a direct hit :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Why can’t they design heroes with good skill set and let players choose them on their own free will? Instead, they make heroes with horribly designed skill set and throw in tremendous stat and woala… OP heroes are born :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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this is already the case :man_shrugging: i really don’t know why CW warrants so much dev attention. Also, outside of contests it’s really barely ever necessary to actually battle it anyway, you can raid almost all the time

For the purpose of invasion breaker fights (making players do something in order to earn breakers to fight bots), they work well enough, but they’re so pointless that there’s a button to just quickfight up to ten in a row. If that’s all players want, why not just Auto Select and Raid in Creep Surge until they can’t raid anymore, and dump the rest of their heroes in HQ?

I face two extremes here.



I don´t mean to sound rude there, but neither of those are the way Surge should be. But as stated before Surge gets barely any attention (despite arguably being the best giver, considering I can do over 2B gold daily there).
Additionally, the biggest flaw of Surge is not its lines, but rather the way the lines are generated. Every single spot is dependable upon HIGHEST TEAM POWER of each guildmate. Let´s think about it for a nanosecond. What flaw it shows up? Having a smaller part of guildmates at the cap and a larger part of guildmates at (cap-60) or below team level results in the guild getting tier 100 easily.
HOWEVER, a top guild can never reach above tier 24 due to aforementioned reason. If you have all guildmates at cap, the teams surge generates are at the cap - which means you are unlikely to defeat many of those unless you have all heroes maxed (but trust me, even I can´t fight a lot in a top guild and hence I´m at more “broken” one).

Some feedback here for the team @Loutre. I´d personally (if it is possible) base off the individual surge districts upon the team power of Xth hero in the roster of all guildmates.

Say - there are 27 districts and 178 heroes (with Pacha) atm.
178/27 = roughly 6.6

So - district 1 would base its team power as 5-times the power of an average of top 6 heroes of every guildmate.
District 2 would do 7th-13th hero average of every guildmate x 5 etc.

The last district would have therefore the least power with 172nd-177th/178th hero average x 5. And as players are not meant to build up all heroes, in general it would be a weak and probably easy spot (but won´t give much).

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I don’t want to devalue your proposal, just wanted to say that the way the system currently works is actually extremely smart, making the game mode challenging for every player, from the lowest to the highest. And when people seek more/less challenge, they can move to higher/lower guilds. After all we play games to challenge ourselves :slight_smile:

Any system they choose can be abused, the one that you propose as well. I am in a guild like the one you describe (15 at cap, 15 mid way, 20 way below the cap) and we rarely push above 20 and our best has been 30. This is how most guilds look like. When in such guilds it might be easier for the top players but they lack the mercenary pool stronger guilds provide. At the end of the day I don’t think you care much about gold if you can get 2B per day, nor are Surge tokens your goal, so just enjoy the challenge you have :slight_smile:

I do agree there should be a cap of how often a hero should appear, and to solve passive teams maybe they can try drawing from successful attacks rather than defenses. Those changes should be sufficient to make surge a bit more diverse than it is.

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