No secrets are safe (World of mayham concept)



Stars: :star:
Position: mid-line
Role: Control
Trial team: Red


A self-taught hacker who hacks into the enemy team to steal their buffs while sabotaging them in the process


Entrance: a bunch of pop-ups appears in EGGH34D’s position then the pop-ups dissapear as EGGH34D is left standing

Victory: a pop-up displays a thumbs-up as EGGH34D straightens his glasses

Defeat: EGGH34D starts to glitch out as he then falls on his face and dissapears

Basic attack: EGGH34D sends a error message to the nearest enemy, dealing X damage


White: Hacker attack

EGGH34D hacks the enemy chosen by the player, the enemy inflicted with “Hacked” now increases the effects of all disables inflicted onto the enemy, stealing any buff that the enemy gains and putting on himself and increasing the amount of damage that EGGH34D deals against that enemy.

Green: DDos (True damage)

EGGH34D sends a DDos virus towards a “Hacked” enemy, Dealing X damage to the enemy, Stuns the enemy for 10 seconds and removing 30% energy from the enemy.

Blue: Firewall

When under 45% of his max HP, EGGH34D activates a firewall to protect himself, giving himself and any tank role ally a shield for X amount and also gives EGGH34D and the tank role ally 45% energy and X armor.

Purple: I’m in

The enemy that has been “hacked” loses 25% attack power and 25% defense.

The amount of attack power and defense lost is decreased when the enemy is above LV Z

Red: No secrets are safe

An enemy that has been “hacked” now decreases their evasion by 100%

“DDos” now decreases the attack speed and critical power of the target enemy by 50% for 15 seconds when their stun wears off.
+X damage to “DDos”
+X skill power
+X armor


Hacker defense
Shields damage enemies

Whenever an enemy tries to damage a shield given by EGGH34D or another ally, they are instead damaged for the same amount of damage that the enemy originally dealt to the shield.

Villainous virus
lifesteal against “hacked” enemy

EGGH34D and his allies now drains X HP whenever they damage a “hacked” enemy and gives the drained HP to themselves for double the amount of HP that was drained from the enemy.


Tweety Birds Cousin??

No…he is apparently one of the foils for foghorn leghorn during his cartoons

I know I was kidding

I like this,but it is extremely OP,in that case wouldn’t the shield never be destroyed?

Well, it can be blocked by DW (Ni)

But what are the chances that you fight DW(Ni)?

I mean that you should use DW (ni) in your team if you see that the other team has EGGH34D

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I more or less talking about Campaign, CW,Coli,Arena,Team Trial,etc. Yes it’s good to win,but you’d never lose at that point

Needs Variable

Also needs a variable unless the 3 buffs count.

I don’t know but do White Skills have to have a variable?

What kind of damage does this deal? (Normal,Fantastic,True?)

I know him, he Appears in Looney Tunes World of Mayhem.

It reminds me about Slianne, her white skill allow her to change her skill damage.

Er… if you don’t mind my asking, who?

It’s a variant of Anne from Annephibia that they made…

… Oh, I see.

Would you like to see a picture of her.

Well technically I made her.

… Not really…

Slianne, but of course I did made her.

Is it one of the 50 versions of her that you created?

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