No Sora! ☹

After receiving many complaints that there are too many swordfighters in Smash. Sakurai has announced that there will be no more swordfighters in Ultimate from here on out. Which means no Kratos, no Dante, and worsed of all

NO SORA!!! :cry::cry::sob:

Yep, our favorite keyblade weilder will not joining smash anytime soon.

Buts that’s okay, i am sure that we all have any alternatives than Sora or any other swordfighter you had in mind.

Sorry for any Kingdom Hearts fans out there. Maybe next time.

Tis a shame. No Sora in Smash or in DHBM. Hopefully soon, Kingdom Hearts will have a comeback like how it did in 2019. Maybe a fourth game or in the next Smash game?

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Too many, you meant, right?

Where did Sakurai say this? I’m actually sad if true since the main character I want is a sword user. But I just want Tales rep in general. It doesn’t have to be Lloyd.

Don’t worry, there’s just two empty spots left so Sora still has chance to be in Smash…

Relax, guys, this isn’t true. The “announcement” about there not being any more sword fighters in Smash is from this GameInformer article which was published on April 1st as a parody article. There’s still hope for all the sword fighters out there!


Thanks for the confirmation. I tried looking it up but was unsuccessful so I assumed it was fake.

Then that means Nintendo would have to create a new game console

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Does anyone know that there’s just two empty spots left till Smash Ultimate is done?

(Unless Sakurai adds a bonus fighter like Piranha Plant or make a 3rd Fighters Pass)

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Let’s hope Sora is one of them but the bonus side he in Smash Flash except we want to see him in ultimate

Wait, you mean to tell me that was just an april fools joke this whole time?


Yes. And a very believable one at that.

Oh yeah people got so annoyed when they released another sword character. There’s way too many characters with swords in that game.

But to be fair, a sword is a very generic video game weapon.

Well, there are hints that there are making a 3rd fighters pass.

The end of the article kinda gives it away as being a joke, though. At that point, the article says that Sakurai ended his “announcement” by setting fire to a picture of Waluigi that was photoshopped to have him holding the Excalibur, which is a jab at how Nintendo doesn’t seem to want to add Waluigi as a playable character despite Smash Ultimate having the tagline “Everyone is Here!”

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I really want rayman in smash bros! #raymanforsmash

And I really wanna see Tails in smash bros

Okay, i guess were doing this.

Apart from Sora, i also want Crash Bandicoot and Shantae.



Same here it’ll be lit

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