No update for Amazon users

The update isn’t working for me. This has happened multiple times this year. Can loutre help me?

Is this an “Oh, Amazon must approve update” problem?

Should be.


I think they did approve it. But it still isn’t working.

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Have you heard from Amazon yet if approved?

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It has not been approved yet.

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I have an Amazon Fire Tablet and when Per Blue does a big update it takes well over a week before I’m able to update. Even small updates take me a couple days to get. Its absolutely ridiculous. It needs to be addressed, because you lose a lot of ground just not being able to play for a week or so. I’ve been playing for years, but if this keeps happening I’m calling it quits.

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It’s a problem on Amazon’s side. :confused:

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I figured as much. I just don’t understand the problem. I get irritated because I have put so much into this game.

We are very sorry about this issue and we do not know why they have been taking so long with our update approvals.


Is it possible to have them approved prior to release?

We send the update to iOS, Google and Amazon at the same time.


C’est vraiment long et désagréable! Comment ça peu arrivé aussi souvent?

Any Progress?

It was approved! You should see the update around 2pm CST


Yesss Thank you!!!

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Thank yoy, Loutre! I know this must be frustrating for you also.

Me every time I get told it’s finally approved


Ughh thanks Loutre now that’s going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day :joy:

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Can you please consider compensation for the two days us Amazon players were locked out? Then maybe I can sing that sing too, lol. :blush:

Compensation was sent out to Amazon players yesterday.

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