Norrisville's 9th Grade Ninja! Randy Cunningham Character Concept (#2)

Welcome to my second character concept! I don’t think I’m very good at this so any constructive criticism would be welcome. I will not tolerate jerks. Let’s all be civil and enjoy. Alright? Alright.
Why not check out my first concept? I promise it won’t hurt :wink: It's Gonna Get Weird! Bill Cipher Character Concept (#1)

• Randy Cunningham from Disney’s Randy
Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja!

Description: Smoke bomb! Make way for the Norrisville Ninja! Armed with the brucest ninja arsenal, Randy Cunningham will slice and dice enemies who dare stand in his way.

Quote: “I was chosen to protect my school from the forces of evil. I am the Ninja. I am Randy Cunningham!”

Stars: :star:

Role: Damage

Position: Front

Trials Team: Red

Basic Attack: Randy throws his ninja disks at enemies, dealing X damage.



Entrance: Randy appears out of a smoke bomb


Victory: Randy jumps and strikes a pose with an accompanying guitar riff


Defeat: Randy looks disappointed and "smoke bomb"s out of the battlefield


White Skill: “Ninja Scarf”

Randy uses his scarf as a lasso, pulling the furthest enemy on the battlefield towards him. He then whips the enemy with his scarf, dealing X Normal Damage, stunning them for 7 seconds and knocking them back.

Stunned or knocked back enemies will receive 4 stacks of fatique.

Green Skill: “Ninja Sword”

Randy slices nearby enemies with his sword, dealing X Normal Damage as well as sapping them for 8 seconds. While performing this skill, Randy becomes invulnerable to damage as well as dodges each attack and counter.

Sapped enemies gain 2 stacks of weakness and deal 75% less damage for 6 seconds.

Blue Skill: “Ninja Rage”

Randy enters the Ninja Rage Mode and cleanses himself. He then generates Tengu Fireball and throws the destructive ball of red flames at enemies which explodes on impact, dealing X Fantastic Damage over 10 seconds to all enemies on the battlefield.

For each enemy hit, Randy and his allies gain 100% Armor and Reality for 10 seconds alongside 5 stacks of hardy.

Purple Skill: “NinjaNomicon”

When Randy reaches 0 HP, he opens the Nomicon to seek advice from it and goes into a trance state AKA shloomp. A short time later, Randy snaps out of the shloomp state and revives himself for 100% of his Max HP, becomes invisible and studies all enemies for 10 seconds. Randy also deals 80% more damage to sapped enemies.

Randy can only cast this skill once per wave.

Study has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Red Skill: “9th Grade Ninja”

Each time Randy uses a stack of Hardy, he deals X True Damage to the enemy with the highest percent of their Max HP.

Whenever Randy stuns an enemy, Randy and his allies gain an increase in movement and attack speed by 75% for 6 seconds.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • X Skill Power
  • X Basic Damage
  • X Damage from “Ninja Scarf”


  1. Randy Cunningham and Rose
    Untitled (4)

Disk name: Ninja Buds
Disk effect: “Ninja Scarf” Slows

When an enemy is stunned by “Ninja Scarf”, their attack speed is reduced by 20% for 12 seconds.

Heal X HP whenever an enemy is stunned

  • X Skill Power
  • X Max HP

Campaign: Randy and Rose relate to each other as they talk about how they had to balance their normal life as well as their responsibilities as the Ninja and Hunstgirl. Rose introduces Randy to Jake since they vibed with each other so well. Too bad they can’t talk much now since there are creeps coming in their way.

Allies: Jake Long, Ron Stoppable, Minnie Mouse

  1. Randy Cunningham and Mulan

Disk name: Sword Fighters
Disk effect: True Damage on “Ninja Sword” VS Tank and Damage Enemies

“Ninja Sword” deals 50% of it’s damage as bonus True Damage when hitting Tank or Damage enemies. KO’ing Tank or Damage with this skill allows Randy to reuse it immediately.

  • X Skill Power
  • X Damage from “Ninja Sword”

Campaign: Randy’s been slicing and dicing creeps everywhere but it never feels satisfying enough for him since it’s never a bruce fight like back home but he knows he has to defeat the forces of evil as it’s his duty as the Ninja. He tries looking for other heroes he could have a friendly but exciting sword fight with… and he just so happens to find Mulan fending off creeps with her sword.

Allies: Jack Sparrow, Luz Noceda, Rafiki

Well that’s it! Hope this is a good enough concept. Again, any constructive criticism is welcome. I want to improve! =)

Here’s some W.I.P for the arts I made (the Nomicon is the only thing I did not draw, I think it is official art though)


I love it! :heart:



I am so in love with your concept making style!

Your CMS is better than mine


This is amazing


I absolutely love your artwork!! It looks so true to the game!! Also I really need to see this show. He seems like a dope character and a unique hero being a ninja and all!! He would definitely stand out from the rest of Disney’s lineup! Great concept!


You should! It’s really underrated. I see people comparing it to Miraculous Ladybug because of the similar tropes but I find Randy Cunningham to be doing them better.


Woah! I did a quick check and this is literally the Jhonen Vasquez style of character design! He really feels like an Invader Zim character lol. That makes me wanna watch it even more lol

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