Not easy being green (Requested by @grim_grinning_ghost)

(The following concept was requested by @Grim_grinning_Ghost)

Kermit the frog

1 star, backline support

“Life’s like a movie. Write your own ending.”

kermit plays some banjo tunes to heal his allies and hops out of the way when the pressure becomes too much


Entrance: a giant O appears as kermit peeks out of it (just like the intro of any of the muppet show episodes) then he hops out of the O with his banjo and onto a log before he then sits on the log (he will remain stationary on the log)

Victory: kermit waves both his arms in the air happily while a speech bubble appears saying “yaaaaay” appears

Defeat: kermit facepalms as he drops his banjo

Basic attack: see passive


White: A rainbow connection

Passive: kermit plays a tune on his banjo for his basic attack, granting himself X% energy and giving all allies near kermit a stack of “connection” which increases the amount of HP that allies can heal other allies for. Music notes then fly at the nearest enemy, dealing x damage.

Active: kermit sings and plays the banjo as a rainbow appears overhead which consumes all stacks of “connection” that each ally has in order to heal them all for x amount as well as cleansing 1 debuff from all allies.

Green: happy feet

Kermit jumps onto his log and does a little tap-dance which increases the movement speeds of allies that are near kermit when he performs the skill and also gives the allies 2 stacks of “connection”

Blue: if a frog couldn’t hop

When kermit is below a percentage of his max health, he hops off his log and hides behind it for 6 seconds which prevents him from being damaged for those 6 seconds, kermit also heals himself overtime for x amount while he is hidden behind the log. When kermit jumps back onto the log, he increases the attack speed of all allies for every stack of “connection” that all allies has gained.

Purple: good grief

“Happy feet” now increases allies armor by X% for each stack of “connection” they have gained.

Red: moving right along

Kermit is now immune to debuffs whenever he hops back onto his log at the end of “if a frog couldn’t hop”.

All stacks of “connection” given to allies now increases their crit immunity by X%.
+X skill power
+X movement speed
+2 more stacks of “connection” for basic attack


Kermit/Miss piggy
Star of the show
“a rainbow connection” gives hardy

miss piggy injures herself while fighting creeps. due to this, kermit and piggy holds auditions to find a replacement for the muppets upcoming show.

“A rainbow connection” now gives allies near kermit 3 stacks of hardy.

Power hour
Stronger heals and increased HP

kermit has booked powerline to be guest star for the muppet show. But powerline is stopped by creeps on his way to the theater…so kermit has to go and help him out

All healing done by allies are now increased by 30% per star. Kermit now gains X max HP from “if a frogs couldn’t hop”.

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