Not some Minor Miner

Some of you should know where the quote comes from…


“Creeper?..Aw man.”

Steve is the main player of Minecraft, an open world where you can build anything and survive the night. With a lot of tools and a great amount of experience, he crafts his way to victory.

Stars: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Trial Team: Yellow
Entrance: Enters via a mine cart
Victory: Places a firework down and lights it
Defeat: Same as dying in Minecraft
Attack: Swings a sword

White Skill: Redstone Rush (Fantastic Damage)
Passive: At the beginning of the battle, Steve will select one of the 3 kinds of swords he will use for battle. Each sword can be used for basic attacks 5 times before it breaks and he pulls out a new one. If all 3 swords break, then he starts to craft them again with his crafting table, dodging all attacks and debuffs for 4 seconds while he crafts his swords.

Each sword has a different effect:

•	Gold: allows Steve to deal Y bonus damage
•	Diamond: removes X armor from the enemy he damages
•	Enchanted: Grants Steve 50% more Normal & Fantastic Crit

While on auto, Steve will choose Gold and the swords cycle through that order. The type of sword Steve uses and the amount of times it can still be used carries between waves.

Active: Steve sets off TNT and throws it into the enemy lines, dealing X damage to all enemies.

Green Skill: Arrow Shot (Normal Damage)
Steve shoots 3 arrows at 3 random enemies, dealing X damage per arrow and applying 1 random effect:

Arrow of Slowness: Reduces the attack and movement speed by 40% for 6 seconds.
Arrow of Poison: Deals X damage per second for 12 seconds.
Arrow of Weakness: Applies 2 stacks of Weakness for 7 seconds.

Blue Skill: Fiery Furnace (Fantastic Damage)
After Steve selects his sword, he places a furnace down next to him. It has X HP and it grants Steve 100 Tenacity. When it’s destroyed, it explodes, dealing X initial damage to nearby enemies, X damage per second for 12 seconds, and blinding them for 10 seconds.

Purple Skill: Survive The Night
Every 3 times Steve crits, he gains Z Basic Damage. He retains 75% of this buff when carried from wave to wave.

Red Skill: Crafting Boost
When an enemy revives a DoT effect, Steve’s next basic attack blinds them for 7 seconds. The Active skill from “Redstone Rush” also blinds debuffed enemies for 9 seconds.

Every 2 times an enemy is blinded, Steve’s attack speed is increased by 15% for the rest of the battle, up to 150% more.

The attack speed has a chance to fail when blinding enemies above level Z.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Basic Damage
+Z Skill Power
+Z Max HP

Friendship Disks:

Fixer Upper
Attack Faster After Crafting
+Z Max HP to Steve and Frontline Allies
+When Steve crafts his swords, he and his allies gain X Skill Power for the rest of the wave.

•	When Steve crafts his swords, he and his allies gain 20% (+20 per star level) attack speed for 7 seconds.
•	Steve grants his allies 20% (+20 per star level) of his Tenacity. This does not effect allies with tenacity higher than him.

Steve-Croissant Cookie
Getting Scrappy
Damage Over Time Effects Sap Enemies
+Z Basic Damage

•	Each time an enemy revives a DoT effect, Steve heals Z HP.
•	Enemies with a DoT effect are also sapped.
•	Disables on Sapped enemies last 20% (+20 per start level) longer.

Requirement to Charge: 10 seconds has elapsed
Stat Buff: +Z Basic Damage
Lineup Based Buff: +Z Armor per Damage role ally
Effect Buff: Team Heal Over Time

X=Skill Power
Y=Basic Damage
Z=Level Dependent



So I’ve been holding on concept requests as usual… don’t ask why.

I decided to replace Si & Am with Sirius Black since I know he’s @Disney-Fan’s favorite Harry Potter Character (and mine as well!) and I’m still doing forky.

I decided NOT to participate in Rino’s Friendship Contest anymore since I’d rather not have the stress of completing a friendship campaign in such little time. The TM/SP, which would’ve been my submission, will still eventually be released.

I’m hoping to finish Forky, and possibly start on Ariel and Green Shadow…

So we back in the mine…

ok I’m kidding, but great concept

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